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*** Review & Book Tour For Wedding Night with the Earl The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels by Amelia Grey ***

Wedding Night with the Earl
The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels
by Amelia Grey 
Genre: Historical Romance 


Adam thinks love is not worth the pain...
Well what a wonderful book. I loved both our hero and
 heroine. Adam blames himself for the loss of both his wife
 and child during childbirth. He carries so much guilt with him.
 So much so he has vowed to never marry or have any 
children again. Being a large man and which made for a 
large baby, only makes him feel more responsible. He left 
London right after their death with no plan to return, then two 
years later that all changes. Now with his inherited a title, 
money and a five year old cousin to watch over. He returns 
to London to groom his cousin for the title as he will not remarry.

Katherine is not sure she will marry...
Katherine Is a wonderful young woman. But she has lost all 
of her family in terrible coaching accident. That also left her 
with a leg injury, now she needs to with a cane. But that 
does not stop her; she is so strong willed, she won’t let that 
stop her. She just has not found anyone she wants to marry.
 She lives with her Aunt and Uncle's. Katherine has endured 
so much heartache, she just does not want to hurt anymore.
 But she keeps it hidden from her family. Sometimes 
she feels smothered by her family, but knows they do it 
because they love her. 

Then they meet....
Katherine's Uncle is throws dinner party and that is when she
 meets Adam. Adam see's Katherine across the dance floor
 and is immediately drawn to her. He is so focused on her 
when he asks her to dance; he does not notice her cane she 
had in the folds of her dress. What happens next is where all
 the fun begins. Adam is determined to help Katherine dance
 as well as walk without the cane. Now he just has to not fall 
in love or marry her. You will have to read to see what 
happens next and man it is so worth it.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too.


Adam Greyhawke is through with marriage. After losing his 

wife at a young age, he’s more interested in carousing and 
gambling at the Heirs’ Club than taking another trip to the 
altar. When his obligations as the Earl of Greyhawke thrust 
him into the heart of Society, he dreads the boredom that 
only a London ballroom can inspire in a roguish scoundrel.
 That is, until he meets a bewitching young woman who 
captures his curiosity—and reminds him just how delicious 
desire can be.

Miss Katharine Wright is accustomed to men interested only 
in her generous dowry. Adam’s attraction is far more 
powerful—he tests her wits and her courage at every turn, 
until she finds herself longing to fulfill an everlasting passion 
she never imagined was possible. But the breathtakingly 
handsome nobleman is as stubborn as he is scandalous, 
and Katharine must be the one to convince him that real 
love is worth any risk…in  

Wedding Night with the Earl  

by New York Times bestselling author Amelia Grey.








New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Amelia 

Grey read her first romance book when she was thirteen. 

She's been a devoted reader of love stories ever since.

Amelia has been happily married to her high school 

sweetheart for over thirty-five years and she lives on the 

beautiful gulf coast of Northwest Florida.

With more than twenty-five books published, she is a 

two-time winner of the prestigious Booksellers Best Award.

 She's also won the Aspen Gold, and the Golden Quill 

Awards. Writing as Gloria Dale Skinner, she won the coveted 
Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter and the 

Maggie Award. Amelia's books have been published in 

Europe, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and Japan.

Several of her books have been featured in Doubleday 

and Rhapsody Book Clubs.


You can follow Amelia on Facebook | Website

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