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★★★ Review For Eternal Hunger By Ainsley Evans ★★★

Eternal Hunger By Ainsley Evans
Published October 28th 2016 by May Books

A desire that won’t be denied…

London, 1860. It’s the night of the Masked Ball, one of the

 most elegant events among London society and a chance
 for Emily Adams to pretend she’s someone else. Someone
 who isn’t penniless and hailing from a scandalized family. 
Someone who hasn’t been told by doctors she has less than 
a year to live. Behind the mask, Emily can put painful 
recollections aside and focus on her mission: 
to find a man to give her a first kiss.

A hunger that can’t be tamed . . .

Malcolm MacRoyce is on a different kind of hunt, one he

 knows all too well. A ball among English aristocracy is the 
last place the immortal Highlander would expect to find 
himself, but tonight he’s in pursuit of one of his kind who’s 
been terrorizing London—leaving a trail of bloody murders in
 his wake. Since Malcolm was cursed centuries ago, he has
 lived by a strict code and has sworn vengeance on those 
responsible for his transformation, a vengeance that has 
gone unsatisfied ---until he meets what he has waited 
centuries for: the reincarnation of the woman he’d once 
loved…the same woman who damned him.

After a chance meeting in a shadowy garden, Emily can’t 

deny the attraction between her and the mysterious 
Scotsman. But can she trust this stranger who looks at her 
as if he knows her very soul? Or shake the sense that Fate 
is playing a game with them both.

Some desires last a lifetime—this one is eternal.

I love finding new Authors, even more so when they find me
 for my opinion. She asked me to take a look at her book. 
And when I finished it I could not wait to tell you about her 
first book. This book is so well written you will never tell it is 
from a new Author. She has a completely new take on how 
vampires came to be as well.

This is Malcolm Emily and Nora’s tale.  Emily is a very ill 
woman and only wants to do one thing before she passes 
away, get her first kiss. When she see Malcolm across the 
ball room she cannot help but stare. But before she can do 
anything she must run outside before anyone see her in a fit.
 Malcolm is over 500 years old. Dammed to be this way by 
a mysterious woman and a her well. While he was off at war.
 When he returns home he finds his clan and his wife all 
gone or dead. Doomed to live his years without he. But while
 hunting a killer at a masked ball he runs into the last person
 he ever thought he would see again, his Nora. So he does 
the only thing he can think so do he kisses her. Only she has
 no memory of him and her name is not Nora but Emily. 
Convinced she is his Nora, he’d know those eyes anywhere. 
Now he just has to convince her to go with him. 
Even if he has to kidnap her. 

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too.

A tremor ran through her, but it wasn’t from fear. The cruelty of his words contrasted with the excitement of his closeness, leaving her feeling as if she’d been spun around and turned upside down.

“Are you threatening me?” she asked softly. He was far too close. She had to tilt her head up to speak to him. She kept her eyes on the wall, unable to meet that intense gaze.

“How will you stop me?” His mouth lowered slightly, his voice almost a whisper now.

“I—” She wet her lips. “I could scream.”

She could feel the heat of him. His mouth drew ever nearer to hers, until it hovered only inches away.

“But you won’t.”

His mouth seized hers, fierce and immediate. She started at first. Then she grabbed his shoulders, pulling

Eternal Hunger 81

him closer. His muscles felt as strong as rocks beneath her curling fingertips. His mouth slanted over hers. Deep, and hard, and fast. His tongue entered as it had last night, caressing her from the inside. Her head tilted back, and his arms supported her, making her feel weightless. His skin seemed to sear her through her clothes. She felt his hard length press against her—the most shocking of all, but also the most exciting.

From somewhere inside her, the voice of reason called out. She couldn’t do this. She squirmed in his arms, trying to pull away.

He broke the kiss, his gray eyes blazing. “Don’t. Think.”

So she didn’t. He took her lips again, and all that was important was his mouth over hers.

Ainsley Evans was born and raised in the greater New York
 City area, but her wanderlust led her to live and work as far
 away as Hawaii, Thailand, Cambodia, and New Zealand,
before returning to her original ambition of writing the great 
American smut novel. She currently lives in Brooklyn. 
This is her first book.

She would love to hear from readers. 

Please connect with her on social media.

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