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**** Review & Blog Tour For Sloth (Sinful Secrets 1) By Ella James ****

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Sloth (Sinful Secrets 1)
By Ella James
Release June 22, 2015

Sloth Cover

Wow this is an amazing story. Ella was not lying about it
 being dark. And an very long story. Much more so than she 
normally writes. But this book was so worth the wait. She 
keeps you entranced form the first pages, while you try to 
figure out what the gift is that sloth gives R. As they send 
letters back and for to each other. I promise it will not be what
 you are thinking. I was totally shocked. I started to suspect 
when Chloe gets a call from a particular place, 
( I wont say who the cal is from, as it will ruin the story for you) 
But omg I was floored by the revelation. When Chloe puts it
 all together, it is a real eye opener. Then all they have to go 
through. Let's just say he needs her, he just dose not know 
how much they need each other.
This may be a dark story, 
but there is a love story behind it all. 
Kellen needs Cloe more than she knows.
  I am stopping here as this is were it gets real for them,
and if i say much more i will ruin the story.
Let's just hope she can save him one more time.
I hope you enjoy this book I know I did.

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Ella James Note

She writes me back.
I didn’t expect that.

Tells me she’s a lover of chicken pizza and videogames, a 
hot sorority girl with the nickname Sloth. She wants to know 
something about me in return. She says I owe her.

This is how she saves my life. She doesn’t even know it. 
We’ve never even seen each other. But I need a reason. 
Just one reason to continue. She becomes mine.

The anonymity is good. She doesn’t need to know me, but 
I need her kindness. We both live our lives: a letter here, 
a post card there. For three years, I escape my demons. 
And then one day I’m pulled back in.

I’ve resigned myself to what I know is coming. Until the girl 
I’m spanking gives her safe word: 

And then the lie I’m living starts to unravel.


Sloth is an erotic romance. It’s a dark mystery, so if you’re 
sad, go read another book. This one is real, and hard. Not 
that kind of hard. (That kind of hard, too). 
Consider yourself warned.

P.S. The book ends on a beach. That’s all I’m saying. 
As for an HEA, you’ll have to read and see.

P.S.S. Sloth is long as hell—about 500 pages. It was 
supposed to be short and quick. Instead it’s a behemoth that 
consumed its author for six months. As such, the price is 
going from $2.99 to $4.99 shortly after release.

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Sloth Teaser 2

“What do you need?” He’s deadly serious. If I wasn’t already
 on edge, I would be now. My skin tingles. My heart pounds. 
My clit throbs.

I leave my shirt on the bed—a necessary sacrifice, I’ve 
decided—and slide off the mattress. I close the distance
 between the two of us with one stride and press my palms 
against his chest. 
“I want to suck your dick first, Kellan. Feel you in my mouth. 
That’s how I’ll really know if this is worth it for me.”

I can see the surprise on his face. The arousal in his eyes.
 He nods once. “Come with me.”

He pulls me over to the wing-backed chair and sinks down
 into it. He unfastens his pants and tugs them down, revealing
 an enormous, straining cock. I give myself a minute to behold
 its perfect shape and thick, outlandish size. 
To appreciate the nice, big balls that hang beneath it.

I think, if I liked him, I would definitely enjoy getting him off.

“Kneel,” he orders.

With a hungry smile, I do.

“Put your mouth around me, and I’ll tell you how I like it 
done.” So bossy. I kind of like that, given what I’m setting up 
here. Boss me around, baby. You just tell me how you like it.

I decide to tease him a little first. I try to wrap my fingers
 around him, and of course, he’s too thick. I encircle his shaft,
 just under the plump head, and feel him jerk a little. Damn,
 that’s hot. I run my hands up and down him, heady at the
 softness of his warm skin over the stiff erection.

I can feel him take a deep breath as I explore him with my 
hands. The trick here is to be gentle: a light touch as I roam 
under his balls—he makes a delicious, throaty sound—and 
travel up his shaft, where I rub my thumb under the rim of his
 head, right there where it meets the underside of his shaft. 
I don’t know what this little hot spot is called, but when 
I stroke it softly, guys go crazy.

Like right now. I feel his thighs tense as he blows his breath 
out. His hands tighten on my shoulders as I trace my fingertip 
around the rim of his head. I grip him with my other hand and 
start to pump… He grunts, hands clenching.


I pump his shaft and lick him there—one soft, slow lap at that
 sweet little indention on the underside of his head. 
He moans, and it’s too soon to give him more. Instead I trail 
around the rim again, exquisitely soft and light…a tease, 
designed to make him brainless.

And it works. He lifts his hips. “Oh fuckkk.” He squeezes my 
shoulders hard enough to hurt. I twirl my tongue under his 
head…and open wide…and close my lips around him. Fuck,
 he’s big. I-can-barely-fit-my-lips-around-him big.

I don’t have room to twirl my tongue around him, so instead 
I use my lips—rubbing them just underneath the rim of his 
head, which is pushed against my tongue.

I feel him inhale. Exhale. His legs are shaking. “More.” He
 shifts a little, and I’m surprised to find he’s holding back. He
 wants to slam that big dick down my throat—I know he 
does—but he’s trying to be polite. The effort costs him, 
clearly. One big hand tunnels into my hair and tightens,
 pulling harshly as I stroke his shaft and suction my mouth 
around his head.

He groans. My eyes flick to his face, finding it rapt and tense.

“Your throat,” he moans. “Suck me…down into your throat.”

I cup one hand under his balls and keep pumping his cock. 
I’m gripping harder now, stroking faster. As I roll his full sac in
 my hand, his hips tremble. I hum a little, just to be a tease.

His eyes flip open. He looks wasted. Drugged. “Deeper,” 
he growls.

I suck my cheeks in around him, easing him carefully deeper 
as he wraps his hand around my head. My eyes begin to 
water. He’s so big and thick. I’ve got his head completely in 
my mouth now, and I can feel the pressure at the back of my tongue. 
To truly take him in, 
I’ll have to open wide and gobble down his cock.

I take him deeper, looking up at him as saliva floods my 
mouth. His eyes are heavy-lidded…almost shut, long lashes
 tipped down. I can see some color in his cheeks that wasn’t
 there before. His perfect lips are slightly parted.

I take still of him and feel his legs spread wider. Fuck, they’re
 muscular. I stroke my fingers over his sac, and his cock
 rewards me with a soft throb I can feel against my cheeks.

Oh yeah. He really wants this.

Deeper and I’m almost gagging. I taste something salty. 
His fingers stroke my scalp.

He moans and shudders. I’m deep-throating him. Go me!

I shut my eyes and focus on relaxing my throat, while one of 
my hands grips his hard hip. The other strokes his balls,
 which pull taut as he settles deep in my throat. Tears slide
 down my cheeks as I swallow against his length and suck my
 mouth tightly around his base, until he’s thrusting those 
granite-carved hips; making me gag around his huge girth; 
rocking into my throat as he pants and flexes his legs and
 I suck air in through my nose.

I look up at him once more. He’s beautiful. Perfection, really,
 even more so as he comes undone. His cock is so 
responsive. Swelling when I suction my cheeks around the
 base of him, leaking salty precum when I suck and swallow deeper.

His fingers quiver in my hair and he starts snarling…talking 
dirty. Calling me his fucking whore, his cock-tease, slut, even
 as he slumps back in the chair, more swollen-cock-that-
needs-to-come than guy.

His body trembles as I give the best blow job I’ve ever given.
 “’M…gonna make that pussy…pay for this,” he pants. 
He grasps my breast and pushes further down my throat.

So aroused… I’m surprised to find that even I feel hot and bothered.

So it’s a shame what I’m going to do. What I must do, to 
ensure my safe departure, and also to get some insurance: 
a way to invalidate his story if he tries to set me up.

I swallow one more time against his thick head—something
 all men seem to love—and focus my mouth around the base
 of him. I taste another drip of pre-cum. His hands, now
 threaded through my hair, curl into fists as he thrusts into my
 throat. He groans loudly. Grunts. I feel a flash of sheer lust,
 imagining his huge dick in my pussy. 
Damn, he’s close.  
I’m close.
 I realize with a bolt of shock that I am wet and 
throbbing too.

And then, as I suck my cheeks in hard and grasp his sac, his 
hips buck; he spurts like a fountain down my throat. His body 
shudders mightily, and I marvel at the moisture that’s pooled
 in between my thighs. I’ve never enjoyed giving blow jobs, 
but this was something else.

I stare down at him as I stand up. His eyes are closed, his 
head leaned back against the chair.

But his legs are wide open—cock still mostly hard, his balls 
hanging without a care.

His eyes peek open too, right then, confirming my hunch that
 Kellan Walsh is not someone who relaxes for long. His gaze
 connects with mine. I grin.

And then, before he or I can speak, before another 
proposition can be made or another kinky phrase exchanged,
 I ram my knee between his legs.

I hear him grunt, but I am on the move, grabbing my shirt 
shoes and darting out the door, dashing down the hall and 
down the stairs. Down the stairs and to my car. I hit the 
driver’s side so hard it hurts my ribs. I hoist myself over the 
door and fumble with my keys. I’m cranking the car before 
I catch my breath, gassing it as my head spins.

I glance behind me, half expecting to see his Sexcalade 
bouncing down the dirt drive after me. 
Half expecting to see him in my back seat.


Nothing as I leave his dirt road.

Nothing as I pull over to put my shirt and shoes on.

Nothing on the drive home.

Nothing as I contemplate if he was really what he said. If he 
really wanted what he said, or if he was simply playing me.

Nothing as I shower, study, slip into my bed.

And then my phone lights up.

Ella James is a USA Today bestselling author who writes 
teen and adult romance. She is happily married to a man 
who knows how to wield a red pen, and together they are 
raising a feisty two-year-old who will probably grow up 
believing everyone's parents go to war over the placement of a comma.
Ella's books have been listed on numerous Amazon 
bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the 
Amazon Top 100; two were listed among Amazon's Top 100 
Young Adult Ebooks of 2012.

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