Wednesday, July 22, 2015

*** Review of Spotting His Leopard (Shifters, Inc., #5) by Georgette St. Clair ****


Oh how I love Georgette St. Clair's books. She is wickedly talented
 when it comes to telling a story. she Grabs you and holds your 
attention til the end. This book was no exception. It was wicked
 funny, full of suspense. and of course Hot sexy moments. I have
 loved the shifters Inc. series but this one is by far my favorite. 
Finally Tyler finds his mate. His sneaky mother blackmails him 
into taking a vacation, but being a security agent he can not help 
himself. He looks into the security at the museum and that is when 
across the room the most beautiful woman he has ever seen walks 
in and when her sent hits him. he knows she is his. Unfortunately 
shes a thief and he resigns himself to the fact that he has to turn her 
in, but can he do that? Can he live without his mate. You will just 
have to read the book and find out. I hope you enjoy this book as 
much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving 
a review. The Authors really like it when you do, they value your opinions too.

 Wolf shifter Tyler Witlocke, who’s taking a most unusual 
vacation, just slapped a copper collar and a pair of handcuffs 
on his fated mate – right after meeting her. 

Unfortunately, it’s not for fun and games – Gwenneth is 
a ruthless criminal who’s left a trail of bodies behind her, and 
he’s got no choice but to take her in. However, everything is
 not as it appears on the Fertility Island. Is Tyler’s fated mate
 a vicious killer, or is she a pawn in a dark, far reaching 
conspiracy? Their answers lie in the temple of a fertility 
goddess, deep in a lush, tropical jungle. But after a lifetime
 on the run, can Gwenneth trust Tyler enough to let him past 
her defenses before it’s too late? 
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  Amazon,    Goodreads
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