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*** Review & Giveaway For The Hidden Alpha Cara Wylde ***

 The Hidden Alpha:
Complete Addition
Cara Wylde

*****This book contains explicit language and sizzling hot
 scenes that might set your Kindle on fire. Intended for
 readers 18+.******

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ARC kindly provided by Cara Wylde in exchange for a honest review.

Wow I thought Sold to the Alpha was great but this one was so much better. 
I love Amelia, she is determined to make the best of her situation. Even if that
 means marrying a man she does not love and have to watch the man she 
loves from afar. I felt so bad for Seth having to bring Amelia home for Blake 
and not himself. Man talk about a twist of fate, but Blake has a secret as well 
and man it is a big one. I was floored, but it may the best thing that ever happened to Amelia and Seth. I cannot say much more from her as to not spoil the 
story. Sulfides to say this is one Phenomenal story and I can not eait to see 
what Care comes up with next. I will leave off here so I can go grab another of
 her books. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this 
book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do;
 they value your opinions too.

This complete edition contains all 3 books of The 
Hidden Alpha. It’s the full story of Amelia, raised and 
educated to become a shifter bride, and her hot 
fox-shifter, Seth. No cliffhangers! The Hidden Alpha 
is a sequel to Sold to the Alpha (BBW Wolf-Shifter 
Romance). Although it can be read as a standalone,
 it is highly recommended that you start with Sold to the 
 Alpha to get familiar with the universe. You can find links below.

Sexy, sassy and intelligent, Amelia is one of the few 

shifter-brides who have nothing against the peace treaty 
that was signed a century ago between humans and shape-
shifters. She was in an orphanage when the headmistress of
 the Alma Venus Boarding School decided to take her in and
 prepare her to become the bride of a fox-shifter. The year 
she turned 18, Amelia became eligible to be sold to the 
highest bidder, and there was nothing she wanted more.

Seth of Clan Sylfur is in search of a bride for his future Alpha.

 Roman Sylfur, the Alpha of the most powerful fox clan in the 
world, is dying and his son, Blake, will soon take his place.
 The second he sees Amelia, Seth knows she is the perfect 
woman… for him, not for Blake.

Amelia is torn between her feelings for the hot, hunky Seth 

and her responsibility as a shifter-bride. But how could she 
stay away from the Beta fox when her mysterious husband 
won’t even bother to see her and welcome her to her new 
home? How could she possibly be faithful to a stranger? 
Her husband is hiding something from her, and that makes 
Amelia run to Seth. What they’re doing is dangerous, 
but she feels safe in his arms. 

“So… how was it?”
Seth’s voice startled Amelia. Her hand flew to her chest and she exhaled softly. The corridor was sunken in darkness, and she had been too lost in her own thoughts to notice Seth leaning against the door frame.
“It was great. What are you doing here?”
He didn’t move, and Amelia crossed her arms under her breasts. He was blocking her way.
“You were in there for so long. I didn’t expect you to have more than a quick dinner with him.”
“We talked about many things after dinner and went through the text he’s studying. What’s up with you?” Seth was acting weird and she didn’t know what to make of it. Why did he care about how much time she spent with Blake? It was ridiculous.
The Beta didn’t speak for a long minute. He was looking past Amelia’s shoulder, his gaze fixed on an indefinite spot on the wall. She switched her weight on her left foot, feeling a bit uncomfortable in her high heels. She still couldn’t look at his face, and because he was so much taller than her, her eyes had a nice view of his strong chest.
“You were in the woods yesterday,” he said softly.
Amelia’s heart started beating faster.
“You sneaked behind the shed. Did you think I wouldn’t hear you…”
“I don’t know what you’re…” But the words died on her lips. She felt as if he had just hit her in the stomach.
“… sense you… smell you?” His eyes finally searched hers, but she wouldn’t hold his gaze. He gently grabbed her chin and tilted her head back, forcing her to meet his eyes. “Look at me, Amelia.”
“What do you want from me? I’m sorry, okay? It was stupid, so stupid of me… I don’t know why I did it. Please don’t tell Blake, please…”
“I know why you did it.”
He was so close now she could feel his warm breath on her lips. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach and her knees were threatening to give in, melt under her and let her body fall into his arms. Would he catch her?
“You did it for the same reason you’re not fighting me now.” He leaned in further and his nose touched the wide curls covering her ear. “Your scent… You’re wet, so wet… I can smell your juices and it’s driving me insane.” He growled low in his throat, letting her know he was barely containing the fox inside him. “I could smell you yesterday. So ripe and intoxicating, so ready for me…”
Amelia struggled to find her voice. She couldn’t pull away, but she could at least tell him how wrong this was. “What are you doing?” She felt his lips press a tentative kiss right under her ear and she almost let out a moan. But if she could control the sounds she made, she had no control over the way her body responded to his touches. Her pussy clenched and her nipples turned into hard pebbles under the lace of her bra. “Seth, you can’t… Blake…”
“Don’t worry about Blake.” He became bolder. His hand sneaked to the back of her head while his other arm circled her waist and pulled her close to his body. “I tried to stay away from you. I tried.”
Now she couldn’t look away from his purple eyes and luscious lips. She lost all resolve when she felt his erection against her belly. She couldn’t believe this man was so hard for her.
“I was handling it well enough, but then you decided to sneak up on me and torture my senses with the scent of your arousal.”
“Seth…” She parted her lips and he immediately took advantage of her small gesture. His tongue sought entrance the moment their lips met, and Amelia happily let it explore her mouth. Her hands flew to his messy blond hair and her fingers pulled at the strands when he rubbed his hard cock against her body. His left hand went to squeeze her butt, and Amelia decided the angle gave her the perfect opportunity to hook her leg over his hip. She was so soaked that her hot juices had ruined the thin lace of her panties and were now making their way down her inner thigh. Seth probably smelled her abundant wetness. A deep growl rumbled in his chest as his tongue swirled around hers. He caught the tip of her tongue between his lips and sucked it lightly, letting her know what he’d do to her clit when he’d get down there.
Amelia was completely helpless in his arms, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way. She rubbed her leg up and down his thigh and tousled his hair. Her brain had turned to mush, and she couldn’t even fathom the idea of pulling away even though she knew what they were doing was wrong. What she truly wanted right now was to push Seth into her room, throw him on her bed, climb on top of him and ride his cock until they both reached sweet, mind-blowing release.
“I want you,” she whispered against his lips when they broke the kiss.
“Amelia…” He licked her lips.
“I wanted you to fuck me the second I stepped into the office at Alma Venus.”
“And I wanted to fuck you the second I laid eyes on you.”
She attacked his lips again, and they kissed for a long minute until Seth finally pulled away and tried to unhook her leg from around his hip. “We need to stop.”
“Yes, yes… I know…” She pressed another forceful kiss to his mouth and he responded eagerly, then pulled away again. It was so hard to let go, but she knew she had to. Her foot connected with the wooden floor and she disentangled her fingers from his blond locks. She took a step back, and when his arms let go of her body she felt cold and empty.
“I… I have to go,” he said.
He threw her one last glance, and Amelia was taken aback by the lust she saw in his eyes. She squeezed her hands into fists, her sharp nails digging painfully into her palms. He stepped away from the door then almost ran down the stairs. She stared after him for a long while before she found the strength to enter her room.

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