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★★★ Review & Giveaway For When Lightning Strikes By Kathleen Rovner ★★★

When Lightning Strikes (Lightning #1)

Published May 7th 2015 by Willabby Press

The island hides a mysterious secret…
Julie Marin has it all: supportive parents, incredible talent, 
and the almost-realized dream of becoming a professional 
dancer. When she's attacked leaving practice one night, 
her seeming perfection comes crashing down.
Without notice, her parents pack up the house and move 
Julie and her brother to a remote island. As she realizes her 
dreams may not come true after all, Julie starts to expect 
that everyone around her is hiding a secret. Meanwhile, 
she finds herself drawn to the disturbingly alluring Lucas 
and the arrogant but handsome Rory.
With her thoughts clouded by love and a strange island 
phenomenon, Julie learns that if she's going to have any 
chance at the life she wants, she'll need to solve the mystery 
before it's too late.
When Lightning Strikes is the first book in a series of 
suspenseful young adult fantasy novels with a touch of 
romance. If you like captivating stories, strong female 
characters, and mysterious paranormal twists, then you'll 
love Kathleen Rovner's first book in a compelling series.

This was a wonderful book. This is a young adult book, 
I know that you're used to me reviewing romance books. 
But this book was suggested for me to read. And I am so 
glad I read it. The story was extremely engaging, Heartfelt,
 with a love story as well in it. 
Julie is so confused her family is keeping secrets from her.
 Even her twin brother is keeping things from her. And he has
 never kept a secret from her before. Then Luke saves her 
from a gunman trying to kidnap her. All of a sudden she feels 
inexplicably drawn to him. But for some reason he makes her
 forget everything. Then her family up and leaves strange 
Island where she cannot leave. Somehow she keeps loosing
 pieces of time. As she time passes she learns to control her
 memory loss. She figured out what was triggering it. She 
also begins to figure out what is going on. While walking 
around the island, she tries to stay away from the other kids 
living on the island. She sees something in the water. It is 
a young boy drowning; she immediately jumps in to save 
him. But there is a small problem that arises, when this boy 
is drawn to her as much so as Luke was. Rory tells her he
 loves her and he wants to be with her. But he can't tell 
anyone else, and makes her promise to keep it secret as 
well. Her brother Jamie does not like Rory, and is trying to 
make him stay away from his sister. Then when something 
truly unforeseen happens, Julie has to stop Rory and Jamie 
from killing each other.  As she is trying to stop them she 
ends up hurt.  As soon as Luke find out something has 
happened to Julie he races to the Island. As she is his mate
 and when he touches her, it all floods back. He tells her he
 thought she would be safe here, but unfortunately now she's
 caught to between two men she has a connection too and 
that is when all hell breaks loose. I cannot wait to read 
the second book. To see what happens next.
Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too.

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~*~*~ What’s Coming Next By The Author ~*~*~

Coming Soon: Touched by Lightning (a companion novella)

Touched by Lightning will be coming out. This novella was

created by popular request form fans who wanted to know a bit

more detail about a specific characters side story in the Lightning

Series. So I was happy to write it J. Currently I am working on the

next trilogy in the series that will include some characters from

this first series, but the main character is a secret surprise.

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