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Review for Seven dirty sins
Morgan Black, Tara Brown,
Clarissa Wild, Ella Jamema,
Melissa Andrea, Skylar Cross,
And Roxie Elms
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Everybody has a dirty little secret, everybody sins. What’s yours? Sinful pleasures find their way into your bedroom through seven bestselling authors including USA Today bestsellers, LP Dover and Ella James in this sizzling anthology. Whatever your sin may be you’ll find incredible love and lust between the pages of Seven Dirty Sins meeting all of your sinful needs. After reading Seven Dirty Sins you’re going to have to go to church ladies.

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Review for each individual Book 
Sloth- Ella James
Well Ella has done it again just a short story but a wopper of a story it was and her and her freaking cliffhangers she says at the end of the story she's turning it into a novel and I can not wait a little about the story
Cleopatra Whatley, is a sority girl but she's there on a scholarship she's really smart in high school, she was so poor I couldn’t even afford clothes from Goodwill. But now in college she needs to look the part of rich girl so she sells pot just one problem she's selling on someone else turff Kellan Walsh, has been watching Cleo This is my turf, and doesn't share with anybody. What will happen next we have to wait till Ella is done with it 

Misconception- Morgan Black
Wow this was a short book but man was it a hot one this is book one the author will be continuing this series and I can not wait  Lena loves Blake and he's even the first person she runs to see on her Christmas break from collage but when things blow up at home her whole world falls apart she tries to find Blake but can't so she goes to a place to be alone but Slade shows up When things get too hot for her to handle, she does the only thing she can do to protect herself... she runs away.  Three years later, Lena is back in town for her father's wedding. She prays she can avoid her past, hoping nobody remembers her parents’ messy divorce or how she disappeared. However, as soon as she arrives, she finds she can't run from her past anymore.There's no escaping the Finnegan brothers. Not this time. And who knows what will happen now that Blake knows

The End of You – Tara Brown
Wow just wow I loved this book I'm so greatful to Ella James teaming up wit these writers I may have never had the pleasure of reading this book I downloaded the two books that are out for this series The Single Lady Spy are out and three is soon to be
Evie Evans is a spy—but she ius also a mom wirth duties that have softened her in all the wrong places. But being thrust back into the spy world and forced to join an elite team of assassins has hardened her up in a hurry. the team is sent to Dubai to stop a slave trafficking ring, but Sariavo has other plans he wants Evie but she is with coop but she isn’t sure she can stomach the life she is being forced to live.
Of course the affection from the sexy man in her life, Coop, her younger superior officer, should make it all just a little bit more bearable.But Evie isn’t a girl anymore.
She’s a woman who’s smart enough to know her own heart. She just isn’t sure about the decisions it has been making as of late. One in particular. Sariavo may be her undoing

Lust- Melissa Andrea Author
Well that was smoking hot  it sure shows what can happen when lust is involved I truely hope there is a follow up book to this story as a lot was left unsaid now about the book
Meela has had a love hate relationship with counsler Tate but one night after winning a case against him and out celebrating all it takes is One bottle and one dare Just have fun. It seemed simple and when looking into those persuading green eyes and not feeling that insta spark of annoyance for once, it was easy to give in. One night and then she ran but will he let her

Tattered Angel- Skylar Cross
Well I'm on the fence on this one I did not like the ending the book was going good I was loving the characters then the story took a left turn and had me sobbing and I mean heart reaching acke I don't know why this ended the way it did but there is a set of book by the author called cage sessions so I hope the answers are in their I don't lknow how to tell you without spoilers so I'm leaving the description
Damien Cage fucks whoever he wants. As frontman for Platinum-selling band Eon Sphinx, girls throw themselves at him night after night. Concert after concert.
But Damien is tired of groupies after one wopper of first Keating
Marcellina Montero she has it all. Brains. Drive. And an But that drives Damien wild. A former adult film star who's recovered from porn and heroin addiction, she now wants to be a serious actor. She even convinces Damien to fund the movie she's written.
Nights of throbbing delight. Days of sunny bliss. Fucking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Life is good. Too good.
Because when Marcellina's troubled past comes barreling back, even rock star Damien Cage may not be enough to save her.

Filthy- Clarissa Wild
This was one sexy ass book man I can not wait to read the other books in this series
I have to say Clarissa Wild has a way with words this book held me on the edge all the way through it and oh how I loved how the bad guy got his in the end  now a little about the book
Take what you want. Jaret Paxon has no pride. Money women nice cars and a different grip every night Except it’s all a lie. Wealth. Love. A family. Education. None of it is real. Jaret’s life is broken sleeping around makes him forget. There was only one thing jaret ever wanted and it was taken from him
Lin, the only girl who understood him, stumbles back into his life. One kiss rekindles the sparks from long ago. Jaret wants her back, but she's in trouble she went to the wrong guy for help and now Jaret’s in the middle, someone’s out for blood. Lies turn into shame. Shame becomes pride. And when Jaret’s proud of something, he won’t let go without a fight. Lin ius back in his life and all be famed if he will give her up again.

Volatile – Roxie Elms
Wow what a book can not wait till  the next book in the series is out this was wonderfully written and very intriguing she held me on edge till the end now a little about the story
Hannah’s life as a pole dancer at the local strip club is as routine as it gets.
She may have a slight drinking problem which she won't admit the one morning a man from her past comes to see her Grant Thomas is a handsome man but Hannah has no idea who he is and he has a brother and they want her but her dark past has found her again, her world is jolted out of place. Grant and Thomas Sully know more about Hannah than she cares to admit or remember.
Will they be the end of life as she knows it or the start of a brand new one? This is one road that might take her down a darker, more sinister path of hidden motives and forgotten lies she’s worked so hard to bury.

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