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You have to read this book!! It is amazing,funny,heartbreaking (at times so have the tissues handy) and is full of hot and steamy fun. I have to admit I had never heard of the author, but now that I know who she is I will be reading more of her books just keep an eye out for her books. She's writes one hell of a book.

Now a little about the book:
When Sarah Sullivan is a bright, intelligent, and sassy girl. She's thirty-one, Sarah has the Perfect job, perfect boyfriend, perfect best friend and perfect life. At least she thought so.
She just finished a perfect job and was going to go celebrate. But that's where it whent all wrong. Now suddenly when she thought she had it all, That's when it's all taken away from her, she is left heartbroken and angry and desperate enough to let her life swallow her whole…for a while. And doing the only thing she can think to do she goes home to mom and Dad. Out on an errand for her mom, things get worse she crashes into a truck and the jerk is so mad he throws her phone into traffic destroying it little dose she know this is the same man shes been sent to meet for her mom. The same arrogant new employee her parents have hired to work on an addition to their home. Enter Jack Calloway, the handsome, charming, lickable foreman with an insatiable effect on Sarah’s girly parts. But Sarah has sworn off love and happiness and she vows to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. She creates a list of goals for herself—starting with a much needed shower—and constructs a plan to dig herself out of her rut. What she doesn’t plan for is Jack. He accepts the job, but gets more than he bargained for. Every time he's in the same room as Sarah all he wants to do is kiss her. Unable to ignore his racing hormones—and calm his temper—over the obnoxious woman who clouds his judgment, After reading her list he decides to help her with her list so what if he gets what he wants to. He steals a little piece of her heart until she finally surrenders. But is he up for the challenge of picking up the pieces of Sarah’s broken heart? Can he carry her out of her rut?


that’s not what I meant,” he says. “Look at me.” He holds my wrist firmly in
his grip, waiting for me to stop fighting his hold and make eye contact with
him. This just isn’t happening to me. “Sarah, look at me,” he says again, and
at the sound of my name leaving his lips I turn and look. I see scorching gold
eyes burning right into mine. Intense emotions drain out of his eyes and pour
into mine. “I didn’t kiss you because I felt sorry for you. I kissed you
because I haven’t stopped thinking about kissing you since I first saw you on
the street. Then the second chance I got after you walked into my office all
bent out of hell to drive me insane. I haven’t slept a good fuckin’ night since
I slammed my mouth on yours two weeks ago. What I’m sorry about is that I took
advantage of you in a vulnerable moment. It was wrong of me.
About the Author:

J.D.Hollyfield is a creative designer and first author. When she's not cooking,event planning,or playing around with her husband,son and three doxies,she's relaxing with her nose in a book.With her live for romance,and her head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life. Life in a Rut,love not included is her first novel. Holly field lives in the Midwest,and is
currently at work on he second book. 
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