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Coming Home to You
Publication Date: 24 May 2015

Blitz: Coming Home to You by Barbara Lohr 

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In this heartwarming beach romance, duty calls Kate 
Kennedy back to Gull Harbor. She doesn’t plan on seeing 
Cole Campbell again. Doesn’t know he’s now a single father.
 Ten years shift the balance between the valedictorian and 
her high school crush, president of her Debate Club. Kate 
discovers Cole’s daughter Natalie in the stacks of the local 
library and she’s smitten. Prissy, Cole’s Great Dane, is 
equally engaging and needy. Always helpful, Cole shows up
 on Kate’s doorstep way too often. But she can’t give in to the
 SOS her heart is sending since the handsome contractor is
 taking her beloved Gull Harbor in an alarming direction. If 
there’s one thing Kate can’t stand, it’s change.

Encouraged by her fun-loving girlfriends, Kate extends her 
visit and opens a flower stand. She pairs Natalie up with her
 recovering mother for summer support and companionship.
 With summer kisses on their minds and sand between their
 toes, Kate and Cole discover what might have been ten 
years ago, but she has lots of distractions. Her sister 
Mercedes is determined to sell Breezy Point, the family 
home. Kate’s life feels as choppy as the waves on Lake 
Michigan as her summer unfolds.

Can a woman and man heal past mistakes in the summer
 moonlight? Can Kate’s man from yesterday be more than just a memory?

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~*~*~ Barbara Lohr ~*~*~


Barbara Lohr writes contemporary romance, adult as well as
 New Adult, often with a humorous twist. Her early career
 included teaching writing and lit, while writing theater and 
book reviews for the local newspaper. When her career 
broadened to advertising and marketing, her love of literature 
and writing remained. Eventually, national magazines 
published more than two hundred of her short stories. Today 
she concentrates on novels and novellas with feisty women 
who take on hunky heroes and life’s issues. Barbara lives in 
the Midwest with her husband and their cat, who insists he 
was Heathcliff in another life. In addition to travel, her 
interests include outwitting the deer that insist on sharing her 
beloved garden. Her Windy City Romances series present 
Vanessa, Amy and McKenna and the men who are a match 
for these three high school friends.

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