Monday, May 11, 2015

****** Review of Eternal Flame By Chrissy Peebles ****

Eternal Flame 
By Chrissy Peebles
 Book 6 of the Ruby Ring Saga

I fell in love with this series years ago and have been hooked 
ever since. unfortunately it is coming to an end and as of the 
next book. ( book 7 ) will be the last. In this book Sarah has 
had her son and Sh and Victor are eternally happy that is till 
she has to repay Jackson by opening the box. to help cure 
his people. but their are two parts to find and of course she is 
the only one who can help. Then their are the ones who do 
not want this box opened and will stop at nothing to stop her,
 even kidnapping her child. I was so caught up in this book 
that I loss track of time and found it was 4am and I had not 
got a wink of sleep. That is till I finished it. Word of advise if 
you have not read any of these books  get them all It is one 
hell of a series, and a great story of love. Now I off to wait for 
book 7 to see how Victor and Sarah's story ends.
I hope you enjoy this book as Much as I did.
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Sarah continues to fight for the people she loves. She lives in 
hiding from the Blue Ring Immortals who wish to use her 
DNA to cure the virus that some immortals are inflicted with.
 Jackson comes up with a plan to throw the immortals out of
 power and rid the world of them once and for all. But he 
can't do it without Sarah's help. With everything crashing 
down around Sarah, can she save her family she loves so 
much? Can love conquer all?





 ~*~*~ Chrissy Peebles ~*~*~

 Chrissy Peebles, a practicing nurse, has always loved 
reading and writing fantasy from the earliest age she can
 remember. She plotted every single twist she could think of 
 during bedtime stories for her children. When her little ones
 begged for more adventures, she felt confident enough to let 
her overeager imagination and sense of humor spill out into
 her first novel. She lives in Ohio with her husband, two 
young kids, one hamster, three dwarf hamsters and cat. 
When she's not taking the kids to Little League soccer, 
basketball, or baseball, she loves to snap photos as her favorite hobby.

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