Friday, May 29, 2015

****** Review Of Forbearance 2 By Claudia M. Farwell ******

Wow this just keeps getting better. I do not know how I am going to
 review this without ruining the story for you. suffice to say it is 
one dam good book and I love the new take on wear-Bears. Mary 
being the first ever female is unique. In this book we get to meet 
another small clan of bear shifters. along with a old friend of 
Jacksons. Which is quite a comical meeting as they meet in bear
 form and have to shift to human ( naked Human form at that) boy
 was he in for a surprise. when she transformed, it was quite funny.
 This book was funny engaging and quite a good read. If you have 
not read book one you need to get it first.
I hope you enjoy this book as Much as I did.
If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review.
  The Authors really like it when you do,
they value your opinions too

Part 2 of a multipart serial. 

Bouts of rage and wild lust are hard to handle – especially 
when you’re a brand new bear shifter!

Mary’s having a tough time gaining control of her 
newly-emerged inner bear. Once she shifts, her bear takes over 
and causes trouble – like the time nearly the whole clan got 
caught on tape because of her. 

With the video all over the news, Mary’s security and safety
 can’t be guaranteed. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an old 
associate of Jackson’s rudely shows up unannounced on 
their doorstep – with his own erratic set of shifters. 

Is Mary’s secret out for good? Can Jackson protect Mary 
amidst all the chaos?

Warning! This book contains steamy romance scenes 
between a curvy woman and her protective, hunky bear 
shifter. It also contains scenes of violence

ForBearAnce 1

Claudia M. Farwell loves to write – especially sexy romance. 
  Her favorite writing pastimes include creating sweet, sexy 
  guys with a secret furry side, and the girls who adore them.
  She has a special preference for cats, but is willing to 
 out and explore all kinds of shifter styles. 
She loves reading paranormal books, as well! Her Kindle is 
her best friend. Claudia enjoys hot tea, watching the rain fall, 
and shopping for boots.


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