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*** Review & Giveaway For Blood and Hunger (The Vanessa Kensley Series Book 1) By Stephanie Marks ***

Title: Blood and Hunger
Author:  Stephanie Marks
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: September 9, 2015
Publisher: Red Dagger

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This was one phenomenal book. I loved the story and or 
main Character  Vanessa. She is tough, smart and funny. 
The banter with he coworkers is cute. But when she meets
 William and he has no idea what she is, and she is just as
 clueless about him. That is when all the action begins. And
 with all the weird presents a sicko is leaving for her she is
 unsure what to do. I have to say this was one good mystery
 and when i thought I had it figured out, then it would take 
a left turn and I was wondering what was gong on. I had 
a hard time putting this book down. so be prepared it is 
addictive. I am so ready for book two. Now before I ruin 
this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you enjoy this book 
as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider 
leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do, 
 they value your opinions too.

Something sinister is hunting the streets of Silverlake City 
and no one is safe, especially when the police don't have 
a single lead. But Vanessa Kensley doesn't have time to
 worry about serial killers. Being a Succubus means she 
has her own problems to deal with. At least she did, until 
it started to look like she could be the killer's next target.
Now, drawn deep into the shadows of Silverlake City she
 finds herself in a world where she no longer has to hide 
what she is and the vampires become the family that she
 never thought she would have. But a twisted force threatens
 to expose their world with a need for death and power, 
tearing apart the family that she only just found. Now it's
up to her and the Silverlake Coven to put an end to all of 
the savage killings going on in the city before the darkness
 closing in around them can claim her first.

William lay on the couch in his living room, and I propped a pillow under his head. I removed his shirt
and discovered a dark purple bruise that marred the milkiness of his pale skin, almost as if someone
had upended an inkwell on his side.
"I think your ribs are broken," I told him before biting my lip. I smoothed the hair back from his
"I can tell you with confidence that they are definitely, without a doubt, broken, pet," William
replied as he smiled up at me, thereby reopening the split in his lip.
"What can I do for you? It's not like I can take you to a hospital. Why aren't you healing? Shouldn't
you be healed by now?"
"He was stronger than he looked. Don't worry about me, I just need to feed."
"Oh, you just need to feed; no big deal then. I'll just call 1-800-Dial-a-Snack and ask them to bring
someone right over then." I rubbed my forehead and paced back and forth. "Shit, shit, shit." I knelt
down by the couch and gathered all of my hair up, sweeping it to one side over my shoulder before
bending forward over him. "Do it."
"Vanessa, don't," William turned his head to the side to avoid looking at my neck.
"Look, just shut up, and do it. You need blood and I can't just drag someone up here off the street!
That leaves us with only one option, all right? So just do it before I freak out and change my mind."
"This is a very bad idea."
"Of course, it is. When is offering a vampire your exposed neck not a bad idea? Now just do it
"I need you to come a little closer."
"Crap, crap crap!" I shuffled closer and leaned in until I could feel the softness of his lips pressing
against my neck. A moment later, I felt his tongue sliding slowly up and down my skin, and the
rhythmic movement excited me even as I squeezed my eyes shut in anticipation of the pain I knew was
soon to follow. "Jesus Christ, William! Weren't you ever taught not to play with your food? Stop
messing about and get on with it already, or I swear to God, I'll punch you in the face."
I cried out as the sharp pain penetrated my neck, and his extended fangs pierced my skin. Oh, God,
what was I thinking? This had to be the stupidest idea I ever came up with in my whole life. I tried to
focus on breathing through the pain, instead of the horrible, creepy suction I felt at my throat; but it was
hard to do. I heard every time he swallowed my blood.
"So, um… any time you're finished there," I said as I moved to pull away. He wrapped his arm
around me and held me closer to him, preventing my escape. "Uh, William?" I was starting to get
lightheaded as he continued to drink from me. "William, I think that's enough for now." I tried to move
again, but he simply held me tighter and increased the pressure on my neck. I tried not to panic when
my vision began to go blurry. "Stop, William, stop!" I hit him on the leg, but from my awkward angle, I
couldn’t put much force behind it. "William, you have to stop," I pleaded before everything went black.

second book in the Vanessa Kensley series 
coming out early 2016

After years of messy adventure I decided that it was time to
 pick up my pen and explore my original passion of writing,
 pulling inspiration from the people I met and scrapes that 
I got into as a reckless wanderer and then adding a dash 
of paranormal fun.

“No power in the ‘verse can stop me.” – Summer, Firefly
I love strong women. That along with my lifelong fascination
 of all things magic, spooky and otherworldly, is probably 
the main reason why I love writing Urban Fantasy and 
Paranormal Romance. Because I can take a strong, capable
 woman and make her completely unstoppable. Everyone 
 else will just have to either keep up or get out of the way. 
Writing also allows an outlet for me to be extremely bossy-
pants, giving me entire worlds to control and sexy alpha
 males to push around and make bow to my every whim,
 moahahahaha… *cough* ahem. To learn more about me be
 sure to follow me on twitter to enjoy the inner workings of my
 gummy bear sugar high addled mind.

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