Tuesday, October 27, 2015

*** Review of Waiting for Wolves (Shifter Grove Brides Book 5) By Anya Nowlan ***

 I love this series. And it just keeps geting better with every
 book. I stumbled onto this series and started with book 
three. Which is fine as they are stand alone books. But 
I went back to read the others. so if this is your first 
I suggest you get them all, as you will want to read the 
rest too. This book is about Claire, Argo and Cooper. 
Argo is not new to Shifter Grove. He grew up there till he 
lost his brother, his twin what a horrible thing to happen 
at such a young age. I will not say how to not spoil the story,
 but then he finds Cooper and he has that bond back. Now 
ready to complete their triad they need Claire. our cute little 
Georgia peach. The changes she brings to them makes them
 all better. I loved how she rounded them out, and brought 
a kind of peace to the relationship. Now before I ruin this
for you I will leave off here.  I hope you enjoy this book 
as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider
 leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do,  
they value your opinions too.

One shy Georgia peach + Two hard, driven werewolves
 + Heated pack trouble = Shifter Grove mail-order 
bride romance at its finest!

Claire Delane has lived her whole life for everyone else. In 
a secluded little Georgia town, she watched life pass her by.
 Now, it's time to take charge. First stop? Finding a love worth
 fighting for!

Argo Longbrook and Cooper Greymane are both Alphas 
without their twins. They have both lost their brothers, but
 that doesn't have to be the end. Circumstances have 
brought them to Shifter Grove, and Cooper is determined 
to complete their Alpha triad with a mate meant just for them.
 But there's trouble lurking in Idaho and Argo hasn't revealed
 all his cards. Can his mates deal with that?

And if an old villain is back searching for trouble, it's going 
to take everything they have to come out on top...

Each book in the Shifter Grove Brides series can be read
 as a standalone and has a guaranteed HEA
no cliffhanger!

 Anya Nowlan loves sex and writing about it. The sexier 
and naughtier the better. She mostly writes paranormal 
and fantasy erotic shorts, focusing on shifters and their 
lucky mates.
Her stories are bite-sized, just what you need to soothe 
that craving for brave women and growly alphas with 
a big side-order of smutty sex.

Anya lives in Boston with her boyfriend and several dogs 
of varying sizes and levels of mischief. She can’t go through
 a day without chocolate and has an unhealthy addiction 
to purses, but every girl is allowed her little vices, right?

If you have enjoyed her shorts or want to just shoot the
 breeze a little, don’t hesitate to contact Anya.
e-mail: anya.nowlan@gmail.com
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