Tuesday, October 13, 2015

*** Review Smokejumpers Werebear 7 by Kim Fox ***

Smokejumpers Werebear 7
BBW, Paranormal Romance
by Kim Fox

Published October 6th 2015

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 I so loved this freakin series!!! But even as I reach the end, 
I can not help being a little sad too. Kim Fox has had me 
hooked on these stories form book one.  I loved that Sander 
finally found his Mate, But even though she was bonded by
 two bears. You will be so surprised were this goes. I know 
it though me when I read one little line. I wont say which one,
 but you will know when you find it. This story is all heading 
up to the great finale. I was so upset toward the end when 
one of our bears made the ultimate sacrifice it brought me
to tears. so be prepared to ride that emotional roller-coaster
 that only Kim can take you on. Sorry to see this end but 
what a wonderful wrap up at the end. I hope you enjoy this 
book I know  I did. If you do like this book, please consider 
leaving a review.The Authors really like it when you let them
 know, they value your opinions too.

**** Adult only BBW bear shifter romance. 18+ ***
Intended for adults only. 
Contains explicit love scenes and lots of dirty talk. 

~*~*~ A Note from the Author ~*~*~

This is the Last book of the Completed
 Smokejumper Werebear Series. 
No Cliffhanger. HEA. 
Please note: The previous books in the series 
should be read before this one for maximum enjoyment. 
BBW and bear shifter, Morgan, is being chased by the Shifter
 Enforcement Agency with a death sentence on her head. Things 
are complicated for her right now and they’re about to get even
 more so when two random bear shifters that she runs into both
 unexpectedly bond with her. She tries to ditch them but her bear
 has other plans. One of the sexy shifters has caught her bear’s eye.

Sander, the Hudson Crew’s chef, is stuck on an important and
 deadly mission with a shifter that he can’t stand. Their strained
 relationship goes off the rails when they both bond to the same
 woman, a mysterious redhead who is sexy as sin and can fight 
like Bruce Lee on steroids. Will they still be able to work together
 long enough to complete the mission that their Crews sent them on?

All three shifters will have to choose between their duty and their
 heart. But when one of them chooses poorly it will put the entire 
Hudson Crew in mortal danger. 
Will they be able to survive the ruthless SEA?

~*~*~ Kim Fox ~*~*~ 

 A hot, new paranormal romance writer who loves Werebears 
and the tough, BBW that can handle them.

Her latest series is Smokejumpers: Werebear (Bear Shifters
 of Flathead Forest) a cast of fun, lovable and sexy 
smokejumping shifters. Each book focuses on a different 
member of the clan and the women that they fall for.

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