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*** Review of Press Legacy Series: Crushed and Little Red by Elissa Daye ***

 Press Legacy Seies: Crushed
  by Elissa Daye 
Published May 15th 2015 
 by World Castle Publishing, LLC 

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This is the first book I have read by Elissa Daye, but I can
 guarantee I will be reading more books by her. I absolutely
 loved this book. I love paranormal books, and even though
 Keria and Daniel are human in this book. There are plenty 
of the paranormals in this book. Her boss isa vampire and 
she is being harassed by werewolves. I love that even 
though Daniel and Keria have not seen each other since 
collage, they still love each other. they do have there us 
and downs. But there main problem is communication. If 
you do not talk truthfully to one another all kinds of thing 
can go wrong. Man I want to say more, but I don't want to 
ruin this for you. So I will leave off here.  I hope you enjoy 
this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please 
consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when 
you do, they value your opinions too.

Mending a broken heart is never easy. That was something 
Keira Johnson knew better than most people. After ending
a long term relationship with a self-absorbed masochist, 
Keira throws herself into her work as full time editor for 
Legacy, a publishing company representing the paranormal
To top that off, it was time for the annual alumni mixer which 
Keira has made it a point to skip each year, but her boss, 
Paranormal Romance author, Claudia Woods decides she 
would like Keira to attend with a hearty donation on her 
behalf. While Keira has a good working relationship with her 
boss, denying her requests isn’t something she is in the habit of doing.

So Keira travels to her alma mater, with the ghosts of her 
past to keep her company as she relives the life she thought 
she had left behind. Keira never imagined that Daniel might 
be there. The very sight of his face brings up memories

that she had thought were long buried.
Would her school girl crush turn into more than a fantasy?

Press Legacy Seies: Little Red
  by Elissa Daye 
Published October 1st 2015
 by World Castle Publishing



Man I love these books. I have found a new Author to follow. 
I love paranormal romance books. And these are amazing. 
I love Rowan and Ethan's story. How it was love at first site.
 He may have been there for the wrong reasons. But the way
 he loved her was wonderful u till he broke her heart. And 
I know he was trying to help his family, but he went about it 
all wrong. rowan was simply amazing at being Claudia. I 
love that crazy Vampire she is a hoot and loves her 
employees as if they are her family. You also get a update 
on Keria and Daniel from book one. Now before I ruin this 
for you I will leave off here.  I hope you enjoy this book as
 much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider 
leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do, 
 they value your opinions too.

She found his dark brown eyes and took in his wicked smile. 
“You must be the Big Bad Wolf.”

“At your service, Little Red.”

Twenty-eight year old actress Rowan Montgomery has the
 role of a lifetime: the public image of World-Renowned
 Paranormal Author, Publisher, and closet Vampire–Claudia
 Woods. Since Claudia can’t venture out during the daylight
 hours, Rowan’s spunk, good looks and knowledge of the 
vampire’s books makes her the perfect candidate to promote
 Claudia’s work to the world while keeping her undead status a secret.

Rowan’s imagination could never have conjured her current 
reality; Vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, eccentric butlers 
named Igor, and other fantastic creatures are around every
 corner. Like living in some kind of strange mystical dream,
 Rowan finds the new world she’s thrust into to be one of the
 most thrilling adventures possible. Attending author 
 conventions, book signings, and author interviews, Rowan
 attempts to create the right public image for her boss while
 struggling to keep her desire for mysterious and antagonistic
 Ethan Wilder at bay. Every inch of his body is covered in sex
 appeal, and he knows it. Unbeknownst to Rowan, he is 
hiding a family secret that should send her running for the 
hills. Instead, she finds herself pulled in deeper.

Everything about Ethan makes her lose her mind. Rowan 
wants nothing more than to hold him at arm’s length, but his 
mere presence makes all sensible thoughts flee. If she lets 
him get too close, he could discover the secrets she must 
keep hidden from the world, especially if she wants to keep 
her job and all the perks that come along with it.

After a short time in the spotlight, strange things begin to 
happen to Rowan, starting with the appearance of wolves, 
that seem to be nothing more than a coincidence. Before 
long, threats come rolling in for the stand-in Author, and it 
becomes clear that not all is fair in love and war when it 
comes to the Book Industry. Rowan is caught in the crossfire 
with traitors, spies and snarling fangs around every corner.

How long will Rowan survive in Claudia’s world before she 
loses herself completely?

~*~*~ Elissa Daye ~*~*~


Elissa Daye was born May 6, 1977.  She studied to be a 
teacher at Illinois State University and graduated in 1999 with
 a B.S. in Education.  Elissa taught for 7 years in a range of 
ages from Kindergarten to Middle School, but found that her 
passion to write was calling to her.  If she ever goes back to 
teaching she will search for a position that allows her to teach
 writing, as that is the subject she loved teaching the best.

In 2011 she finished writing her first book, 
Terrahtu: The Black Dove which is still in the editing 
process.  She took part in National Novel Writing Month in

November 2011 and completed her second book, 
The Shadows, which become part of  the Guardians of the 
Watch Tower Series.   

In the middle of December 2011, 
 Elissa started writing her third novel: 
In Flames (The Destined Series).  

She finished it by mid January of 2012 and started the 
second book: In Rapture, which she completed in April 2012. 

  Elissa submitted to World Castle Publishing and was 
thrilled when both books were accepted for publication.

Elissa is happily married and a stay at home mom.  When 
she is not taking care of her daughters, she is spending time 
with her writing.   Although the road was long, and often 
winding, each path she traveled has brought her here.

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