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★★★ Review & Giveaway For Discovered by Em Taylor ★★★

 by Em Taylor
 353 pages
Published December 4th 2015 

Edinburgh is a city that's slow to change. Which is why in 
2061, Professor Lachlan Mackenzie still lives there. He hasn't
 changed in the 1000 years since he and his shipmates 
abandoned ship, forsaken by the Vampyras millions of light 
years away and left to fend for themselves, feeding off the 
blood of humans.

Lachlan is drawn to sexy psychologist Kate the moment he
 steps into her office. He wants to protect her and help her 
overcome her PTSD. Ignoring the warning signs of his 
growing attraction he agrees to be her cabin mate on the 
journey to the new colony on Mars. But when Kate discovers
 him feeding on bagged blood, all hell breaks loose. Has he 
been set up by the Vampyr council leader? Will Kate ever
 forgive his lies? And how does he explain what he is to his 
long lost daughter who he meets on their journey?

As Kate starts to trust, outside forces threaten to rip them 
apart. Will Lachlan lose the only woman he's ever truly 
bonded with? 

Oh how I love a good romance, but though in a SIFI twist 
and you have my attention. This was a phenomenal book. 
So well written, and flows so fluidly you lose all track of time.
 I was so immersed in this book when I looked up it was 7am
 and time to get up. Thank goodness had nowhere to be. 
This is the first book in the series and I cannot wait to get my
 hands on the next book. This story is about Professor 
Lachlan Mackenzie an aliean crashed here over a thousand
 years ago. And Dr Katie Maxwell a Psychologist picked to go
 in the mission to Mars. There is this immediate attraction 
between the two and they both try to fight it. But Meg the 
head of the mission is determined to place them together. 
So she places them in the same cabin. And all seems to be
 going well he is helping her with her PTSD from a crash she
 experienced as a kid where her dad died and she was 
trapped with his body for a log time. But something about 
Lachlan seems to calm her as he holds her through the 
shacking of take of and when an object collides with the ship.
 All was fine till Katie comes back unexpectedly to the cabin 
and catches him feeding on a blood bag. They are put into 
lockdown and not allowed to leave till she is no longer 
considered a risk to their race. Now it is up to Lachlan to 
convince Katie it will be fine and get her to see she still loves 
him and he loves her.
Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too.

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Planet Earth – Duran Duran
Human – The Killers
Suburbia – The Pet Shop Boys
We Danced – Brad Paisley
Can’t Fight the Moonlight – Leanne Rimes
Skye – Runrig
Right Side of Wrong – Bon Jovi
Fields of the Young – Donnie Munro
Grace and Pride – Capercaillie
Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

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Blood spurted everywhere. Kate squealed as it hit her face and dripped onto her chest, arms, and hands. It ruined her dress, but she had no time to think about that now. His eyes had turned a dark silver color, almost like sparkling granite.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Kate.” His voice was a deep growl, and his teeth were covered in blood—his fangs still visible as he grinned wolfishly at her. Lachlan placed the half full bag into an empty coffee mug and surveyed the damage. “I’m a Vampyr. You know I can’t just let you wash blood down the drain. It’s almost sacrilegious.”

He lifted the hand which she had used to squeeze the bag and surveyed it, licking his lips before he sucked her index finger slowly into his mouth. She held her breath as the sensation pulled at her core. His rough tongue worked around the digit, and his eyes sparked with pleasure before he closed them and moaned. She squirmed on her seat atop his lap. When he opened his mouth extending his tongue between her other fingers and licking, her breath hitched.

“Lachlan.” Her voice was just a whisper.

The Vampyr pulled her finger out of his mouth and stroked his tongue up a large dark red globule which ran from her ring finger almost to her wrist.


R Rated

He forced himself to move his lips across her cheek, peppering light pecks down her jawline as she tangled her fingers in his hair and whispered his name.

Suddenly she started to struggle. “Lachlan, your teeth.”

“What about them?” he asked, pinning her back to the bed and tugging at the shoulder of her white tennis dress. It moved down to her elbow easily, and he revealed the cup of a white lacy bra. His cock jerked and his heart beat speeded up. Soon, very soon his lips would be around the dusky areola he could see just beneath the material.

“Are they in or out?”

He lifted himself slightly off Kate pulling the other side of the dress down, unconcerned with whatever was bothering her.

“My canines are in for now. Why?” Another perfectly-shaped and perfectly-sized breast. “Lift your hips.” She did as she was bid, and he slipped the sexy little tennis dress off, reminding himself he needed to ask Meg to send some hydrogen peroxide.

“I still have blood on me.”

Lachlan leaned on his elbow and surveyed her, cocking an eyebrow. “You do indeed.”

There was a line of dried blood running from just below her collarbone, under the cup of her bra, and probably pooling just under her breast. He touched it lightly with an index finger, tracing it as far as the edge if her bra. “That…my darling Kate, is every male Vampyr’s wet dream."

He pressed his tongue to the edge of the lace, and Kate sighed, her eyelids fluttering closed.

“What if your teeth pop out again and you bite me by accident?” she asked as she arched her back, reaching for the touch of his tongue. He chuckled against her breast.

“Did your mother never teach you it’s rude to disturb a man when he’s eating, Katie?

·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠· Em Taylor ·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠·

Em Taylor lives in a small cottage in a small village in 
Scotland near to a small castle. You'd think she was visited 
daily by handsome men in kilts but sadly it's only spiders 
than seem to invade her home. When she's not writing about 
sexy dukes, vampires and cowboys, she's knitting, going to
 sci fi conventions and generally getting up to mischief.

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