Wednesday, June 3, 2015

*****Review Of Bridenapped (The Alpha Chronicles, #1) by Georgette St. Clair ****

This was an absolutely mesmerizing book. But I would not expect anything less from Georgette. She just has a way spellbinding you till the end of the book. I loved this story, Bridenapping  who would of thought to do that. Kristofer knew she was his the moment he met her, but Caitlin hates him he took her family farm. Now he has to prove to her he wants her and fix things between them. and rhere is someone who dose not want this to happen. And poor Catlin's mom is so sick You will be so shocked when you find out why. I love this new series and can not wait to read more.

I hope you enjoy this book I know I did.

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Bridenapping? That old tradition where the Alpha grabs the 
bride of his choice and takes her back to his pack’s property
 to submit to his lustful demands? That’s so 19th century.
Unfortunately, the law is still on the books, and quite 
enforceable. And even worse, the sexy new Alpha of the 
 Verhold Pack has the nerve to stake his claim – on the one 
human in Lakeville who has reason to loathe him the most. 
Caitlin Bellefont blames Kristofer for taking her family’s lands, 
but if she refuses him, it means financial ruin for her entire town.
Now Caitlin’s only hope of escape is to resist the scorchingly
 sexy man who is determined to show her the pleasures of
 submitting to an Alpha. Not only that, the whole world is 
watching – and not all of the eyes on Caitlin are friendly. 
While TV shows beg for interviews, and social media sites
 are blowing up with rumors and news leaks, it seems that
 someone very dangerous will stop at nothing to prevent this
 wedding. Can Caitlin sort out her tangled feelings for 
Kristofer, and resolve her family’s bitter feud? She’s got until 
the next full moon to find out.

Georgette St. Clair

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