Friday, June 12, 2015

**** Review & Sale Blitz For What the Queen Wills by AJ TIpton *****

 Free Dates: 6/12-6/16

Wow what a hot little Book. Looking for a hot sexy read? You can't go wrong 
with this book. It is one hot twisted(in a great way) story. Eliot is our Cnderfella
 of this story. And Amelia our Cinderella.  Elliot's cruel brothers have convinced 
him he has an affliction. And when you find out what is. You will know how 
cruel they can be. Elliott loves Amelia, but is afraid she will find him repugnant. 
When Amelia leaves it is were are story of our Queen comes into the fold. 
The Queen being our Prince Charming. And when I read how they address her 
I almost spewed the tea I was drinking. I am stopping here as to leave some 
for your discovery. But read this book it is hot.
I hope you enjoy this book I know I did.
If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review.
The Authors really like it when you let them know.
They value your opinions too.


In a magical kingdom far away, there lived cursed princes,
 warrior women, and powerful heroes. This is a sexy gender
 swapped retelling of a classic Cinderella fairy tale where the
 heroes have become heroines, the heroines have become 
heroes, and nothing is as it seems.

Eliot is sexy, sensitive, and smart. He is also tired of 
scrubbing floors for his bullying older brothers. While they 
scheme for more social power, Eliot dreams of attending 
Queen Cassandra's Gathering, an elite soiree for only the 
most sexually skilled, and meeting the woman of his dreams.

Perhaps he's already met her. Kind and lovely Amelia is 
Eliot's brothers' most overworked servant. But when her good
 intentions are rewarded with violence, she’s forced to flee 
and take a job at the palace under the eye of the gorgeous 
and powerful, Queen Cassandra.

As lust...and perhaps something more...begins to kindle 
between Amelia and the Queen, does Eliot still have 
a chance?

In this polyamorous tale of seduction, liberation, and 
intoxicating strangers, even the humblest of peasants has
 a shot with the Queen if she so wills.

NOTE - This novella contains FFM, group sex, sex toys, and light BDSM. 
~*~*~ AJ Tipton ~*~*~

AJ Tipton is the pseudonym of a writing team: 
Annie and Jess (Get it? "AJ." You get it). Corporate 
drones by day, we spend our evenings writing 
fantasies to astound, arouse, and amuse. 
Located in Brooklyn, we are total dorks and love it.

Our ideas for future books--everything from sex-robots 
to ghost brothels--will keep us busy for many years to come, 
so follow along for the fun and let us know what 
series you like best. We love to hear from readers. 

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