Sunday, April 17, 2016

*** A note from Kimmie Sue (I have Great News) ***

I have great news. Saw doctor on Friday and got clean bill of
 health. Well as far as the current hospital visit. When I got
 home, my hubby had a surprise for me. He said he was not 
going to give it to me till mother’s day. But since my was 
gone he was giving it to me know. He had it for awhile, but 
since I was sick he did not want me to do anything but rest 
till I got well. So since the doctor said I could get out of bed 
and start doing things again, I could now have the tablet. 
Oh what a sneaky man he is, but god do I love him. He had
 bought me a LG G Pad tablet I have it charged and all apps
 instated and read to blog. This thing is awesome. 
it can even do dual screen like a PC.


Now I know this Review is late, but it is so worth it. I 
Promise. You have to get this book. I plan to play catch up 
for the next few posts. And get all the reviews I had set up 
before life through me a curve ball. So stay tuned for my 
reviews. I normally only make, one blog post per day. So for 
the next month or two, you may see one in the morning and 
a catch up post in the evening. I am starting with Stuck up 
Suit. See my review tomorrow evening flowing My Morning 
post. My morning post is usually at 9am, 
my evening post will be at 6pm. 

I am so happy to be back reading 
and Blogging my reviews again. 

Kimmie Sue.

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