Sunday, April 10, 2016

**** A Note from Kimmie Sue ****

Well it is with humble apologies that I write 
you today. I love my followers and do not like 
disappointing anyone. That being said, I am 
sorry but my blog will be down for... Well I do
 not know how long. I was admitted to the 
hospital on Sunday night and while there 
I thought at least I could read and catch up 
at a later date. Well on Monday my tablet
 mysteriously quit working and holding a 
charge. I called the manufacture and was 
told. Well you may have bought in January 
but it only had a 90 day warranty. I said okay
 I bought it on Jan 03 and it quit working on 
April 4th. One day after the warranty. They
 said I can send it in for review to see if it can 
be repaired. but not only do I have to pay to 
mail it to them with tracking #. I contacted Ups
 USPS an FEDEX and the cheapest option is 
$25. and with the Item I need to Include return
 mail payment of $12 ( yeah cheaper for them
 to mail me Soooo not Fair) but the will only 
 take a money order as payment. Great so it's
 a chance at $36 chance and they still may
 not repair it. Okay may just have to buy a 
new one. But I do not have the money for
 that. I have a hefty hospital bill to pay and
 now this problem. And I am still sick, I am 
home but with antibiotics and have several
 doc visits coming up as a result of this 
illness. So until I can get a new Tablet the site
 may be down a few months. If you have 
requested I review a book I will try and get to
 them but I will have to read from the 
computer and cannot take a computer to bed.
 As I am suppose to be on bed rest for awhile.
 I am truly sorry to let ya’ll down. As for any 
books I have finished reading, I will try and 
get those up ASAP.


Kim O’Daniel 

Of Kimmie Sue’s Book Review

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