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*** Review For Offered, Taken, & Claimed by the Werewolves By Crystal l Shaw ****

Offered, Taken, & Claimed by the Werewolves 
 (Shifters of Shadow Falls)
By Crystal l Shaw

I am writing this review for my blog on all three books in the 
series. But if you go to my Amazon or Goodreads page you 
can see my individual reviews. If you want but all is here to see.

Unlike some books that focus on one set of characters, 
Crystal Shaw has all three couples over three books. So you 
see the whole picture at once. Book one starts with Ariana 
(Ari) and Lizie they are on their way to the offering. Every 
year all women between 19 and 23 have to offer themselves
 to the wolves that protect their town. They have not taken 
anyone in a few years but this year that all changes. The
Alpha Devin and two of his pack Betas Caleb and Dom,have
found their mates, Ari and Lizzie. But Betas Caleb and Dom 
are in for a big surprise when they get Lizzie home. Now all 
the wolves have to do is convince their woman they are their 
mates. Normally things go smoothly at the offering but boy 
was everyone in for a surprise. 

In book two we meet our third couple Veronica and Vince. 
Veronica is not a human but Vince is drawn to her all the 
same. And oh he in for a surprise his hot little mate is a 
vampire. And she is a bad-ass as well. She is truly a 
wonderful surprise for Vince, but she has her issues too. 
Things happened to her in the past that were horrible. Now 
she just needs to let Vince help to make her whole again. 
The last book is the conclusion of the issue that was a 
problem since book one. Veronica was sent to Devin to ask
 permission to open a blood bank for her kind, but as the
 story progresses something is going wrong with the blood 
there are being given. As it is against the law to drink directly
 from the vein. 

In book three the story continues. There is going to be a war
 and you will never believe who is behind it all.  The rouge 
pack and crazy vampires all out to kill off every other 
vampire. Man what a crazy Waco they have on their hands. 
 But they all underestimate the high and powerful wizard, that
 trys to keep the world under control. Never tick someone 
that powerful off. I loved these books so much I read them 
twice. I cannot wait for the next book. Near the end of book 
three Devin sent his most trusted wolf Jude to hunt down the
 rouge pack. I cannot wait to read their story. Now before 
I ruin this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you enjoy this
 book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please 
consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when 
you do; they value your opinions too.


Shifters of Shadow Falls Book 1 - contains Parts I-V 
of Offered to the Werewolves

Every year Shadow Falls offers its young women to the 
werewolf shifters in exchange for the town's protection -- 
there’s no refusal.

Offered - The Complete Collection

Ariana and Lizie grew up relying only on each other, finding 
their confidence and happiness in one another. Today of all 
days, they’re relying on each other for strength. Today they 
are being presented to the Shadow Falls werewolf pack. It’s 
law; Ariana and Lizzie have no choice. The werewolves 
haven't taken anyone in decades and the pair were sure 
this year would be no different. But as the day dawns, Ariana
 can't shake the uneasy feeling that something isn't right.

Devin, the Alpha, may keep his emotions in check when it 
comes to his pack, but he can’t help the grin pulling at his 
lips when he sees his mate. His confident, strong-willed
 mate, Ariana, doesn’t bow to anyone, but he’s determined 
to win her over.

Betas Caleb and Dom have an even harder battle to fight
 with their shared mate. Lizie may seem wild and feisty, but
 she’s terrified and for good reason. They have no idea that
 their mate has a secret she’s been hiding for years. A secret
 so dark, she’s never told a soul. But there’s nothing she 
can hide from her mates.

Offered to the Werewolves (Parts I-V) is the complete 
collection of the Offered to the Werewolves series. All 
the individual episodes are available in kindle unlimited. 


Shifters of Shadow Falls Book 2 - 
contains Parts I-III of Taken by the Werewolves
Every year Shadow Falls offers its young women to the 
werewolf shifters in exchange for the town's protection -- 
there’s no refusal.
Ariana is a beautiful, stubborn spitfire and the mate to the 
most powerful alpha, Devin, on this side of the nation. He 
took Ari without her consent and bulldozed his way through 
her calm, hard-earned life. Now that the claiming day is here,
 she continues to struggle with her new identity which is 
simply to be his mate and be happy with it. She’s never let 
a man dictate her life, why should she start now?
Lizie, the sweet yet hurting latent wolf, is finally starting to
 see her worth, as Dom and Caleb, her two mates, show her 
how perfect she is, with or without her wolf. She’s hidden her 
emotions and buried her desire to be seen as the strong wolf 
she’s always wanted to be, but her mates won’t let her hide 
anything from them.
Veronica has thrived with control and aggression. The 
badass vampire keeps everyone at a distance – for good 
reason. Yet her mate seems to think it’s all a game and that 
her past isn’t dictating Veronica’s behavior. She has to give 
up control to let him claim her, but how will Vince, her sweet, 
obedient pup (who’s really a barely-tamed, massive, hulking 
beast) react when he discovers her control has been a guise
 for her pain?
Taken by the Werewolves (Parts I-III) is the complete 
collection of the Taken by the Werewolves series. All the 
individual episodes are available in kindle unlimited. 


Shifters of Shadow Falls Book 3 - contains Parts I-III of 
Claimed by the Werewolves and tells the tale of three love 
stories woven together in the Shifters of Shadow Falls pack.

Every year Shadow Falls offers its young women to the 
werewolf shifters in exchange for the town's protection -- 
there’s no refusal.

Lizie is a gorgeous, spirited, latent wolf radiating light and 
 happiness, but her mates, the sexy, muscular Betas of the
 Shadows Fall pack, know she's suffering inside with the pain
 from her past. Her mates are opposite in many ways. One 
hard and savage, the other a skilled hunter with deadly sex 
appeal, but they share one thing in common, their love for 
her and their need to heal her agony. Tortured and broken as
 a youth, she learned to live in denial to become the sweet 
and loving latent wolf they've claimed. She can't get passed 
the truth they've forced her to face. Will she learn to accept 
that her wolf may never surface? Or will she hold onto her 
pain and never be able to give her heart to her mates?

As a hot, bad ass vampire in leather, Veronica never needed
 anything from anyone, but she's the mate to Vince, a beast 
of a werewolf covered in sex appeal and lust. She's 
everything he needs. She's willing to mate the mutt, after all,
 she feels the same pull as he does, but when the claiming 
gets rough, Veronica's reminded of a past that turned her into
 the cold, hard killer she is today. Can he earn her trust and 
truly claim his wounded mate? Or will Veronica put the pup 
in the past, right where those feelings of her's belong?

Shadow Falls has a problem with the corruption running 
rampant through the Authority. As Alpha to the most powerful
 pack on this side of the nation, he's determined to protect  
his pack and make sure those at fault receive swift and 
severe consequences for their actions. With his beautiful, 
strong-willed mate back at home, debating on whether or 
 not she'll give him pups, he should be focused on getting
 revenge, but all he can think about is her.

Claimed by the Werewolves (Parts I-III) is the complete
 collection of the Claimed by the Werewolves series. All the 
individual episodes are available in kindle unlimited.

I love fantasizing about sexy alphas who conquer 
without mercy and take risks without fear. There are
 always obstacles in life and love ranging from 
tempting vices to scarred pasts, and I enjoy exploring 
those struggles in my writing. Above all else, my 
strong heroines will prevail and love will conquer all. 

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