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**** Review Giveaway & Tour For The Highlander Takes a Bride Scottish Highlander 3 By Lynsay Sands ***

The Highlander Takes a Bride
Scottish Highlander #3
By: Lynsay Sands
Releasing July 28, 2015 

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I had this vision of a slight Scottish spitfire of a woman that 
grew up with seven brothers so in a predominantly male 
household and as a consequence not only does she learn 
how to handle herself but she picks up a lot of their bad 
habits as well. That fact and her innocence in male/female 
relations makes her a surprisingly bold character.

A bold, seductive laird meets his passionate match in 
a scintillating Highland romance from New York 
Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands.

Sword fighting, swearing, and riding astride come naturally to
 Saidh Buchanan. Simpering and holding her tongue-definitely
 not. Raised alongside seven boisterous brothers, Saidh has 
little interest in saddling herself with a husband…until she 
glimpses the new Laird MacDonnell bathing naked in the 
loch. Though she’s far from a proper lady, the brawny 
Highlander makes Saidh feel every inch a woman.

She has an angel’s looks, a warrior’s temper, and seeks out 
his kisses with wanton eagerness. Little wonder that Greer is 
intrigued by his comely guest. When reckless desire 
overtakes them, he’s more than willing to make an honest 
woman of her. But Saidh is the target of a hidden enemy, 
Greer faces the battle of his life…to safeguard the woman he wants above all others.

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“Ye ride well.” He complimented her.

“I do,” she agreed. “I fight well too. Ye’ll be sorry fer yer 
challenge after we break our fast. I shall trounce ye.”

“I shall look forward to yer trying,” he said with a grin that 
made him ridiculously attractive.

Saidh scowled at the man, and then turned her face forward, 
determined to ignore him.

“Do ye like to dance?” he asked suddenly.

“Nay,” she said succinctly, but wondered why he’d ask such 
a fool question.

“Do ye sing like a canary?”

“A canary with a broken neck,” she responded.

“Can ye sew a stitch?”

“I sewed me brother up once, but then I was the one who cut 
him while we were practicing so it seemed only fair,” she 
informed him with a wolfish smile. The truth was she could 
sew. She didn’t even mind doing it. Sewing was a soothing 
activity, a good way to pass the time on a cold winter evening
 when ye were stuck inside with naught to do.

“Can ye …”

“Me laird,” Saidh interrupted dryly.


“I win,” she announced and urged her mare to a gallop to 
charge over the drawbridge and through the gate into the 
bailey first. She heard another burst of laughter from behind
 her as she steered her mare toward the stables, and found 
herself smiling at the sound. But then was distracted when
 the stable master approached her as she reached the stables.

You can read the prologue at the Author's website

~*~*~ Lynsay Sands ~*~*~

LYNSAY SANDS is the nationally bestselling author of the 
Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series, as well as 
numerous historicals and anthologies. She’s been writing 
stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly 
lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that 
readers can get away from their everyday stress through her 
stories, and if there’s occasional uncontrollable fits of \laughter, that’s just a big bonus. 

Please visit her on the web at

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