Saturday, August 15, 2015

*** Review & Release Day for ForBearAnce 3 by Claudia M Farwell ***

I love this series, but the ending of the last book shook  me If you 
have read it you know  that the rouge responsible for all this killed 
the fun loving Mason. And Mary did not take it well an the twins 
even more so. It has a sad start so keep the tissues handy, If you are 
the emotional type like me. We do get to meet this nasty bear and 
his intentions are not good. we can only hope Jackson can save 
mary in time. Oh and there is a whopper of a surprise at the end 
of the book I am not saying what it is, but you are going to love it
I know this the end of the series, but i wish it wasn't. I loved these books.
If you have not read book one  and two you need to get them first, 
or you will be totally lost.I hope you enjoy this book as Much as 
I did.If you do like this book, please consider  leaving a review.  
The Authors really like it when you do,they value your opinions too

Part 3 of a multipart serial. 
Mary’s life is on the brink of disaster. Her clan is under 
constant threat of death – and it’s all because of her!

A death on their watch has left Mary and Jackson with two 
new clan brothers, and a lot of grief. Worst of all, the outcast 
is still running free – and he won’t give Mary up without a fight!
Tensions mount as the outcast strikes again, putting the 
whole clan at risk. Will Mary put herself in danger to save her 
clan? Can Jackson rescue her before the outcast steals her 
away forever?

Warning! This book contains steamy romance scenes 
between a curvy woman and her protective, hunky bear 
shifter. It also contains scenes of violence



Claudia M. Farwell loves to write – especially sexy romance. 
  Her favorite writing pastimes include creating sweet, sexy 
  guys with a secret furry side, and the girls who adore them.
  She has a special preference for cats, but is willing to 
 out and explore all kinds of shifter styles. 
She loves reading paranormal books, as well! Her Kindle is 
her best friend. Claudia enjoys hot tea, watching the rain fall, 
and shopping for boots.


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