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** Review Of Smokejumpers Werebear Box set (Books 1-5) By Kim Fox ***

 Smokejumpers Werebear
 Box set (Books 1-5) 
By Kim Fox 

I love this whole series. 
I am literally addicted to these books and Dying for book 6
You do not know how lucky you are, to be able to get all five books at once.
I had to wait for each book to come out and it was torture.
Below are my reviews of each book. I hope you enjoy this set of books,
I did. If you do like these books too, please consider leaving
a review. The Authors really like it when you let them know,
they value your opinions too.

Part 1: Ellis and Alexi

Wow what a series this is going to be. I can see it and can not wait to
read book two. This book is about Elis and Alexi and what a match they
make. She makes his Bear purr and he may not get the girl if he dose not
learn to talk to her. then their is the crazy ex. and you will not believe
what he is. for a quick read this is one hot and sexy book with a little
violence but the guys that get beat up deserve it and have to love
they way these big burly smoke jumping bears take care of woman
I know a few who could learn from them
(Although min man already treats me like hi queen)
All women should treated this way.

Part 2: Beckett and Amanda

Man for a quick read this is one great little book. I fell in love
with book one and book two was even better. This story is
about Amanda and Beckett. Our tough Alpha has been raid
to believe that an Alpha cannot take a mate.
what a crock of .... Well you know what I mean. Mates can
make you stronger now Amanda just needs Beckett to believe
this. Their lives may even depend on it. I love the Character
Amanda how she is a little spitfire. And OMG when she takes
the plan up the things she says. Had me laughing. I love this
series and cannot wait till the next book comes out.

Part 3: Finch and Jessica

Wow I love this series, they just keep getting better with each
book. These books may be a fast read. But they are packed
full of action, suspense, Romance, and sexy were-bear's
who know how too treat a woman. This story is about Flint
and Jessica. I love finch, have from book one when used
Duct tape and string to fix the plan. But omg when finds
Jessica he is at a total loss as what to do. She is the evil
were-bear alpha's sister. and this could get them both killed.
You know there is one thing I love it is a good forbidden love
story. I wont say more as not to ruin the story for you but you
need to read this book. and the others for that matter.
get them all, they are worth the read.

Part 4: Matteo and Lani

Wow that was some book. I am so enjoying this series. 
Lani blows into the camp like a hurricane. and destruction follows her. The girl 
is freaking insane, When she told Alexi thank god she was pregnant and not 
just fat. I wanted to hit her.  And Poor Matteo, has been without his mate for 
ten years. it’s a wonder he has  not gone looney as well. I love the way the 
story continues through each book.  so if this is the first you are hearing of this 
series get them all.  They may be quick reads, but are so worth it.

Part 5: Keene and Chloe

Oh My God!! Can these books get any better? How is Kim
Fox Going to top this book? I am so captivated with this
series. I have to read the books straight through. Even though the
books are individual stories but in the background there is
another story happening. Keene is one of my favorite
werebears, him and his homemade wine.( which by the way
you learn what he puts n it. let’s say it's just not right) I truly
believe he is going to kill someone with that wine one day.
Oh and I so love Chloe she is sweet and loving the guys, but
she is a reporter, so they should not be talking to her. But
when you learn why she is so hell bent on getting the shifter
story. You will truly feel for her. And when her worst
nightmare returns to the camp that is when all hell breaks
loose. I wanted to scream at where the book ended I need
book six now. I need to know what is going to happen to all
our beloved werebears.

Adult only BBW bear shifter romance. 18+ 

Intended for adults only. 

Contains explicit love scenes and lots of dirty talk. 


  Books 1-5 of Kim Fox's Smokejumper series.
The hot, werebear, shifter series with over 100 five star reviews!

Part 1: Ellis and Alexi 

Rich BBW, Alexi, has run away from her abusive fiancée the day
 before her wedding. She ends up miserable, living in the Flathead 
National Forest in the middle of Montana working in a roadside 
diner and living in a rundown garage.

Ellis is a hot, adventurous, risk taking, smoke-jumping bear shifter.
 His inner bear has been desperate to find a mate and its tearing him apart. 
But all that changes when they meet
Passion heats up between them, but when Alexi's violent past 
catches up with her, she may put the whole clan of bear shifters in 
danger, and the two lovers may be torn apart forever.
 Part 2: Beckett and Amanda 

Amanda Pike, has taken a new job as a pilot in Montana for the 
Hudson Crew. She is shocked to find that not only are these big, 
burly, sexy smokejumpers a crew of werebears but the alpha of the 
crew has bonded to her.

Alpha of the Hudson Crew, Beckett Jacoby, is torn. Every shifter 
knows that an alpha can't take on a mate. It makes a bear soft, weak 
& careless. It can tear even the most cohesive crew apart. But when
 his bear bonds with the new pilot he can't seem to follow even his own rules.

Tensions rise around camp as the alpha begins neglecting his 
duties, choosing passion over responsibility. But when Beckett goes 
too far he not only risks losing his alpha position but his whole 
crew all together.
 Part 3: Finch and Jessica 

werebear, Jessica White's, life is a mess. She's the little sister of the
 sociopath, alpha of the Flint Crew named Kai. She has bonded to 
the mortal enemy of her brother, a man she has only seen once. 
Now Kai has her locked in the basement and her bear is driving her 
crazy, yearning for this man she knows so little about, not even his name.

Loyal member of the Hudson Crew, Finch Bender, is on a suicide 
mission. He knows that he can't win in a fight against the cruel 
alpha Kai, but that doesn't stop him from sneaking around his camp 
looking for Kai's gorgeous sister, who he has bonded with.

The two bonded werebears will risk anything to be together, 
including their lives. But when Kai discovers their forbidden 
relationship their lives may be the very thing they will be forced to give.
 Part 4: Matteo and Lani 

Lani Jacoby, has been gone for ten years. She is reckless, selfish, 
bitchy and the sister of the Hudson Crew alpha, Beckett, and, #2 
Ellis. She has returned to the life and home that she escaped from 
years ago and is causing chaos wherever she goes.

Werebear, Matteo Brown, has finally gotten his bear under control 
when Lani, the crazy woman that he bonded to a decade ago, 
returns to his camp. His emotions, and whole way of life, is thrown 
upside down as he has to deal with the heartache and desires that he 
successfully buried so long ago.

It turns out that Lani isn't just back to create trouble. She wants 
something from the man that bonded to her. Will Matteo stand 
strong and kick her to the curb where she belongs? Or will he let
 his bear have his way and give her everything?
 Part 5: Keene and Chloe 
~*~*~ A Note from the Author About Book 5 ~*~*~

Part five of the Smokejumpers: Werebear series. 

This bear shifter romance has a cliffhanger 

(I don’t normally do cliffhangers but I figured that if you’ve

 gotten this far - chances are you’re going to read the last 

two. Hope you don’t mind!).
journalist, Chloe Sparks, is about to break the biggest story of her 
life. She has found a source that has the ultimate scoop on shifters.
 Now if only she can get him to talk.

Joker and giant polar bear shifter, Keene Watts, is a little, shall we 
say…f#cked! It is against the Hudson Crew’s, and not too mention 
the vicious, SEA (Shifter Enforcement Agency), rules to reveal 
shifter secrets to reporters. And now he has brought one into his 
Crew’s camp with promises to reveal all of their secrets. He is torn
 between his loyalty to his Crew and to the new bond with his bear’s new mate.

But the turmoil that Chloe brings into the Crew of werebears will
 be nothing compared to what the SEA will bring when they 
discover that the Hudson Crew is housing a reporter…
~*~*~ Kim Fox ~*~*~ 

 A hot, new paranormal romance writer who loves Werebears 

and the tough, BBW that can handle them.

Her latest series is Smokejumpers: Werebear (Bear Shifters

 of Flathead Forest) a cast of fun, lovable and sexy 

smokejumping shifters. Each book focuses on a different 

member of the clan and the women that they fall for.



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