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*✿༻..•.¸¸•´¯`• Review For Your Sound (Sherbrooke Station #3) by Katia Rose •´¯`•.¸¸.༺✿*

Your Sound
(Sherbrooke Station #3) 
by Katia Rose

Molly Myers is just your average groupie next door.


The rock star whose posters cover her bedroom wall is 
banging her roommate right on the other side of it. Even for
 Molly, reigning queen of embarrassing moments, the 
situation is epically awkward. Every thump of the headboard
 is just one more reminder that the lead singers of famous 
bands don’t date bumbling shy girls too anxious to leave their
 own rooms.

JP Bouchard-Guindon wasn’t looking for Molly’s room when 
he accidentally burst through the door, but the wild-haired girl
 lying there in her underwear was certainly worth the detour.

As the keyboardist for Montreal’s latest indie rock sensation, 
JP has met his fair share of fangirls. He’s always ready to 
throw up some finger guns for a photo. What he’s not ready 
for is the way skittish, wide-eyed Molly Myers gets stuck 
inside his head.

A practical joker and a social recluse are the last people
 anyone expects a connection between. She’s silence aching
 for a voice, and he’s sound with a craving for quiet. Their 
differences will either pull them together, or fracture their 
worlds when they push them apart.

Your Sound is part of the Sherbrooke Station Quartet, a 
series of steamy rock star standalones
 from author Katia Rose.

That was awesome! Man what a book! This is an 
extraordinary story. It is so completely well written and 
thought through. I could not put it down. I found myself 
reading it straight through in one sitting. This is the 3rd book 
in the series if you have not read the first 2 books do not 
worry these books can be read as a standalone. But this 
review may give away some spoilers as there is a back story 
in the book. And it mentions others from the first few books. 
I so cannot wait to read the next book

 This is JP and Molly’s story. Molly is Stephanie’s friends from
 the last book. JP Watson and Molly while trying to find the 
restroom after a night out with Ace and Stephanie. Is a 
matter of a few moments so he’s able to bring more out of 
the shy girl that anyone else has ever been able to. One 
night after party when he discovers her artwork he is floored
 by the design she has come up with. And he shows it to the 
record label in hopes of hiring her. It seems progressed and 
they become close it seems like everything’s going to be fine
 seriously seems to be able to draw the shy girl out of her 
cocoon. But unfortunately JP is hiding a secret and it is a 
secret that eventually throws things all cattywampus. JP has 
problem that he has been hiding all of his life, he’s been 
taught to hide it did it just may be the thing that ruins what he 
and Molly have. I just hope he figures out in time how to see 
the relationship he has with Molly.

 Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
 when you do; they value your opinions too.

*¨¨*•♪♪*•.¸ ¸¸.•*¨¨*•♪♪*•*¨¨☼•♪
♪-P-L-A-Y░ ░ L-I-S-T-♪
♪*•.¸ ¸¸.•*¨¨*•♪♪*•**•♪

 I really have to piss.
“Ace!” I shout, to where he’s walking ahead of me with his arm around Stéphanie. “I really have to piss!”
He looks back over his shoulder, tilting his head down so he can glare at me over the top of his Ray-Bans. I too am wearing Ray-Bans, only Ace’s came from the Ray-Ban store, and I got mine out of a bargain bin at a thrift shop. That’s also where I got the muscle shirt I’m wearing, which has a picture of some eight pack abs printed on the front.
When I walked into the park today, Ace said I was an embarrassment to the human race. I, on the other hand, like to think that the human race is lucky to have me, and this stylish and hilarious shirt is just one of the many reasons why.
Perspective, my friends. It’s all in the perspective.
“How is that relevant to my life right now?” Ace calls back to me.
I stop and think about that for a moment, then shout, “Stéphanie! I really have to piss!”
She stops walking, forcing Ace to stop too. When she turns around, she’s laughing and shaking her head. I have that effect on most women.
“Is that relevant to my life, JP?” she asks, beaming at me.
She beams at most things. She’s like a human flashlight, this girl. The last person any of us expected Ace to get it on with was a smiley blonde ballet teacher with a thing for meditation, but almost a year has passed now, and the moody son of a bitch is still prancing around after her like she’s the reason the sun shines.
Ouais,” I answer her. “Est-ce que je peux utiliser votre toilette, Madame?”
Stéphanie is Québécois like me, but even though Ace can understand us perfectly—fuck, his French grammar is better than mine—she still answers my request to use her bathroom in English. We’re only a block away from her apartment building now.
“Of course. Just don’t break anything, okay?”
I put a hand to my chest. “Madame! Are you saying you don’t trust me?”

Ace throws me some more shade over his sunglasses. “You broke Youssef’s showerhead at his birthday party last week, when you decided to present him with the gift of a ‘sexy shower show’ at two in the morning.” He looks at Stéphanie and whispers, “Don’t let him in.”

Katia Rose is not much of a Pina Colada person, but she 
does like getting caught in the rain. She prefers her romance
 served steamy with a side of smart, and is a sucker for 
quirky characters. A habit of jetting off to distant countries 
means she’s rarely in one place for very long, but she calls 
the frigid northland that is Canada home.

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*✿༻..•.¸¸•´¯`• Review, Giveaway & Book Tour For Return of the Lycan King: Book 3 Darren and Cassandra•´¯`•.¸¸.༺✿*

About Return of the Lycan King: Book 3 Darren and Cassandra:

Title: Return of the Lycan King: Book 3 Darren and Cassandra
Author: Candace Blackburn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 11, 2018
Publisher: Candace Blackburn
Series: Return of the Lycan King #3
Format: Digital eBook
Digital ISBN: 1-7328151-0-0

Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |

The biggest fight for the new Lycan King is convincing his
 Queen that he is committed to her forever. Darren has 
already fought to convince Cass to give him a chance, but a
 new Monarchy is just the beginning of the changes to the 
Lycan Kingdom. But as secrets and challenges to Darren's
 crown emerge, his inner circle must close ranks to protect 
their Kingdom, and to make sure the newly-returned Lycan 
King keeps his crown. Candace Blackburn returns to the 
world of the Lycan King in this epic, edge of your seat third 

Darren chases Cass to Ireland, determined to make up for 
his mistakes. When they return to North Carolina to build 
their lives together, nothing is the same. Darren has already
 fought to convince Cass to give him a chance, but a new 
Monarchy is just the beginning of the changes to the Lycan 
Kingdom. Secrets and challenges to Darren's crown 
emerge, and his inner circle closes ranks, to protect their 
Kingdom, and to make sure the newly-returned Lycan King 
keeps his crown.

Oh My God what a book! This is an extraordinarily well written story. It is so completely thought through and such a joy to read. It had this wonderful flow to it and I had a hard time putting it down. This is the 3rd book in the series if you have not read the first few books do not worry these books can be read as a standalone. But this review may give away some spoilers as there is a back story in the book. And it mentions others from the first few books. I so cannot wait to read the next I need it now. So if you've been reading the series when I say who book it is you will want it to as it is Danta’s book.
This book is Darren and Cassandra's story. Thank God he finally got his head out of his rump. He literally floods her to Ireland to ring her back. It is surplus to be in and out but it’s not. But once he has his queen he is finally seeing things straight. In this book we learn a lot. For one who the kings assassin is. How old Dante rally is. And how the first pecans were on the Arch. And case even finds a relative. But as usual someone is after the king again. And his queen is having none of it. She will fight by his side, not hide. Oh and the family is just getting bigger. Lots of little ones. Some getting here by not so normal means. I am so ready for the next book. I can hardly wait.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too.

Chapter One

Liam's completion of flight training had rather fortuitous timing. Liam was one of the members of Lex's security team before Darren moved in. Darren snagged the other Lycan on the way to the airport with the subtle threat to "move your ass and don't breathe a word to anyone." Darren looked out the window of the Konstantine jet and didn't see ocean, but he didn't know how close they were to Dublin Airport.
Reading Liam's thoughts would have been easy enough, if Darren hadn't happily discovered that he could block that ability. So, he hadn't been subjected to the "have you lost your fucking mind" lecture that Liam likely received from Lex. Or the "you let anything happen to him, I'll kill you, myself" that undoubtedly followed said lecture.
Darren spent the entirety of the flight thinking of his mate. The pain in her voice, on her face, and the tears in her eyes, all as a result of Darren not claiming her. Pain, he had his own. Not claiming her was a physical, mental hell--it was pain from head to toe. But, he had reasoned that he'd rather live with that pain, than put Cass through one second of his impressive--or not--collection of screw-ups. Not to mention, all the bullshit that came with being King.
I'd rather cut off my own head than cause her pain like I saw that day.
Which is why they were over European airspace, because Cass was in Ireland. She left to escape him.
Because seeing me hurt her.
"Darren, we're ten minutes out from Dublin."
Liam's voice cleared his guilt-filled thoughts. He ran his hands through his hair and realized he needed to go splash some water on his face. "Thanks."
"No problem."
A minute later, he stood in front of the mirror and frowned. One of his buddies in college looked like he was in a perpetual hangover. Darren's roommate used to tease the guy, telling him that he looked like he'd been ridden hard and put away wet. That saying pretty much summed up the reflection in the mirror.
Maybe I should stop off and get a haircut, buy a new shirt and jeans.
He probably would do that, if it didn't take much time. His primary objective was to find Cass and get them back to the plane as soon as possible. Hell, he might as well tell Liam to file a return flight plan for, what, five hours from now? Yeah, that should do it. He hated the thought of claiming his mate in the bedroom on the plane, but damned if he was going to wait to get back to Raleigh. And, they wouldn't be in Ireland for very long. Oh no. In and out, that was his plan. They'd be back in no time.


Liam kept up with Darren's footsteps, barely.
"Still don't understand why you wouldn't want another beer. That may have been the best I've ever had. We should take a European beer tasting trip, just for comparison, though. German ales are pretty damned good." They'd only gone in the last bar because Darren caught Cass's scent.
"Not interested." Glancing around the crowded Temple Bar section of Dublin, Darren wondered why Cass would be there. She was private, definitely not the type to hang out in tourist spots.
"Or we could just stay here and sample whiskey. All the whiskey."
Technically, that didn't sound like too bad of a plan, if he weren't searching for his missing mate. "You should get on your knees and thank God that you can't get cirrhosis."
Liam snorted just as Darren thought he'd, again, picked up on Cass's scent. He froze mid stride and almost took out a group of people. Peering inside the closest bar, he inhaled deeply and looked for her glossy black hair. Nada.
Darren turned, making a complete circle so he could visualize everything around him. His frustration was growing. Cass was so close, and he needed to see her. Feel her. Wrap her in his arms. Drop to his knees and apologize for being a colossal ass. Spend the next century begging her forgiveness. Then spend the rest of his life making her happy.
The sounds of barf splattering the pavement shook him out of his thoughts.
"This"--he pointed down at the moaning human in front of him--"is what all the whiskey gets you."
Liam glanced down with disdain as they stepped around the human. "Not me." He waved a negligent hand. "Higher tolerance and all that."
"Mmm hmm." Looking around, again, Darren barely restrained a growl. Cass's scent grew fainter, and he was no damned closer to finding her.
Going to lose my motherfucking mind.
Material brushed his arm, and Darren snarled as his head snapped around. "Hey, do you mind holding my jacket while I tie my shoe?"
What the fuck? Darren snatched the jacket and Liam bent, after casting a pointed glare toward Darren's hands. Claws had already punched through the tips, and if he were a betting person, he'd put money on his eyes glowing. Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, he slipped on his polarized Ray Bans, covered both fists with the jacket and willed himself to calm.
"No problem."
Biggest white lie ever. If Darren spent two more seconds out there without Liam's assistance, he'd likely have shifted and torn a bloody path through the Temple Bar district.
They needed to get out of public, check into a room and Darren needed to sleep off any jet lag. Then come sunrise, he'd try again.
Liam stood and cast a worried glance at Darren. "Okay?"
Not in the slightest. "Fine. Let's get something to eat, go find a room, and search again tomorrow."
Liam almost seemed to slouch in relief. "Sounds good. We'll hit the roads in the morning."

He confirmed that with a small nod. And I'll spend another sleepless night without her.

Other Books in the Return of the Lycan King Trilogy:

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Kristen O'Connor is a recovering addict, with some major trust issues. By not letting anyone get close, she won't get hurt. Yet after one meetiing with Nicholas, her walls are crumbling, and she wants more with this man.

But Nicholas reveals his Lycan side, and hers as well. In addition, ghosts from both of their pasts come back to haunt them. Will they face everything together, or will Kristen's fears be stronger than her love?

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Return of the Lycan King: Book 2 Lex and Elizabeth

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his mate. But between her getting used to life as a Lycan, 
threats from dangerous elements looming over their heads 
and very odd changes in the Lycan kingdom happening all 
around them, nothing will be easy. Lex and Elizabeth's love 
has to be the strength to pull them through.

Available at:  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Goodreads

Candace makes her home in North Carolina with her high 
school sweetheart husband and their two sons.  She's an 
indie author who has published two previous romances 
(with a bit of fantasy in each), Tristan's Redemption and 
Nate's Forgiveness.  Her current works are all paranormal 
romance (her favorite genre to read!) and are set in her 
home state.  She loves coffee, cold weather, the Boston 
Red Sox, the Carolina Panthers, and hearing from fans.

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon

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