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Chosen Path 

By J. Whitney Williams 

Erotic Romance
Date Published: 4/28/2017

Yumiko Itsumoto wants it all. An accomplished artist and 
feared attorney, she gets what she wants, all else be 
damned. Now she wants love, even if it means charting 
a new course for her life, but changing course can be 
dangerous.  In mere moments, she tumbles from the 
dizzying pinnacle of success into a bottomless abyss of 
murder and treachery.  Yumiko will not live happily ever 
after—not this time—but can she at least find a way to stay alive?

Editor's review

Author J. Whitney Williams follows CARRIED AWAY—his
 surprisingly intelligent and deftly written debut—with a 
story that is even sexier, more thrilling and more enthralling than the first.

Again taking the reader on a trip across the world, meeting 
strange people in strange places via a prodigious 
narrator, CHOSEN PATH follows Yumi, a powerful and 
apparently dispassionate supporting character introduced 
in book one. But appearances deceive. Here, the reader is 
immersed in Yumi—into the very depths of her complex 
mind, her conflicted yet determined soul, her insatiable sex drive.

When Yumi encounters the woman who she presumes to 
be the fiancée of the love of her life—perhaps her only true 
love—she has every reason to seize the opportunity that 
presents itself to erase the woman from both of their lives 
forever. It’s no wonder Yumi is the prime suspect for the 
unfortunate woman’s swift and seemingly heartless murder. Unable to recall herself, Yumi assumes the worst, 
too. It wouldn’t be the first tragic fate to befall someone 
who stood in her way—or the last—and cameras don’t lie.

In CHOSEN PATH, Williams explores the very essence of 
what makes us human. The protagonist, a uniquely flawed 
yet extraordinarily likable woman of many talents and 
trades, demonstrates the jealousy and manipulation we 
see in ourselves and despise in others. At the same time, 
we’re drawn to Yumi. Geisha. Samurai. Assassin. Pseudo-
royalty. Nothing happens to her; she creates. If we all 
shaped our own circumstances, our destinies, as adroitly 
as she, what paths would we choose and where would they
 lead us?

Jun gave me a towel, with which I wrapped up my hair, and a yukata, one of his. Its sleeves hung well past my hands, but its hem did not drag the ground. I decided to go ahead and indulge. I’d had a difficult night. A little smear of grease on my back would do the trick. I worked as quickly as I could to remove the rest, but it still took me perhaps twenty or thirty minutes.
I emerged from the bathroom with a much-improved mood.
Jun lived in a modest flat, sparsely decorated in Japanese style: tatami flooring and rice-paper screens to separate (or not) a small bedroom from the tearoom. I liked it. He had put on a yukata as well and sat formally in the tearoom. I duly went to the first guest position and knelt.
“Do you have any citric acid?”
He blinked and asked, “Citric acid?” I had woken poor Jun from a sound sleep and it seemed he was still trying to gather his wits.
In my gentlest voice, I said, “Yes. I was unable to remove all of the grease from my skin. If I might further impose upon your hospitality, I would be grateful for your help with it. Citric acid, lemon juice if you have it, might break down the grease more readily than soap.”
He stood and walked toward his small kitchen. I turned my back to him and widened my stance to sit directly on the ground with my feet beside me, and I opened my yukata to drop it from my shoulders and expose my deliberate grease smear. Holding the yukata up with the crooks of my elbows, I crossed my arms over my chest and turned my head down. His steps halted when he saw me. His voice, when he spoke, bore more confidence than his approaching footfalls.
“I would be honored to provide you with whatever counsel I can, Itsumoto-san.”
“Thank you, Jun-san,” I said, “and please call me Yumi.”
“Will you tell me of the matter?”
I inhaled to fill the hollow in my chest and kept silent, tasting enjoyment in dabs of cold lemon juice against my back, softer than raindrops. I’d have all day to tell my tale before he finished, and part of me wanted to drag it out. The better part of me wanted to rip the band-aid off and be done with it.
“I was in the subway yesterday. There was a woman next to me. She was killed by a passing train. I believe I will be charged with her murder.”
“Why would you be charged?”
Another deep breath did nothing to fill my chest. It was hard enough admitting my mistake, a mistake made in the making of another mistake. I had to tell him the unconfessed secret of my heart. In a way, sitting half-naked in front of him made it easier to let go of my pride.
“I believe she was engaged to marry a man I previously dated—a past lover. I had gone to his home yesterday hoping I could reconcile myself to him. When I got there, someone, I believe it was this woman, was there with him. I left without announcing myself. It seems she left not long after I did and intended to catch the same train as me.
“After the incident, I ran. That was foolish. I was scared, shocked, and not thinking clearly. I have not been sleeping well. I had not slept for perhaps a week. This insomnia has affected my mental state. I did not intend to kill her, but I stood to benefit from her death. There were witnesses. I paid my PASMO with a credit card. The police will be able to determine who I am.”
Jun’s hands on my back remained timid, but his voice reassured. “Your situation may not be so dire as you believe it, Yumiko-san, but I can understand how it troubles you.”
The room filled with silence until I deemed it thick enough to call attention to my next statement.
“Jun,” I said, “when a woman takes off her clothes and kneels before you, it’s safe to assume you can drop the honorific.”
“I never assume facts not in evidence.”
I sighed and gave instructions. “I want you to call me Yumi. I want you to press hard against the stain on my back and scrub until I am clean.”
He did as I told him, taking my shoulder in one hand to steady me and grinding into the grease with his other. Sooner than I might have liked, a smear of cold water slid up my back, and the collar of my yukata patted me dry. I gave him further instructions.
“I also want you to fuck my brains out.”
His hands snapped back.
I waited him out, wandering my gaze along the weave of his tatami floor. Eventually he spoke.
“Will you not be needing them?”
I liked the innocence of his question, so I answered earnestly. “They have functioned poorly in recent times.” I waited again to hear his next quandary.
“I would think it a difficult thing to do to a woman of your considerable intellect.”
“Take your time.”
I waited while he tried to think through what was happening, seemingly as disturbed by his own unanticipated circumstances as I had been by mine the night before. Clammy fingertips, followed by their palm, touched down high on my back and slid haltingly up my shoulder and alongside my neck. I tilted my head up, yielding to the almost imperceptible push of his index finger under my jaw. He followed, and I continued until I craned my neck back as far as it would go.
When his fingertips drew gently against my throat, I went with them instead of letting them drag against my skin. I kept leaning, transferring my weight onto my toes, which pointed back along the floor by my sides.
Flipping over my toes to set my weight on my spine and straighten my knees from that position is always an awkward move. Jun was unprepared for how suddenly I fell backward when my weight transferred, but he caught me with a hand behind my neck before my head hit the floor. That was just as well because his abrupt catch knocked the towel free from my hair and just in time because I held my back still fully arched and would have driven my head hard into the mat.
I’d left my hands in my lap, straightening my elbows as he bent me backward, leaving my torso bare in front of him. My yukata, folded inward over my thighs, provided only a pretense of modesty. His eyes struggled not to wander while I stared up at him, so I closed mine to let his have their way. I’d told him to take his time, so I parted my lips and waited.
“Did you do it?”
My eyelids rocked open. “You ask your clients if they’re guilty?”
“I’m asking you.”
I closed my eyes again and rolled my spine downward, relaxing my back to the floor. “Nice dodge.”
“Likewise,” he volleyed. “Shall we play again?”
“I’d rather not.”
“Then answer my question.”
His hand behind my neck firmed and steadied and was soon joined by his other hand to cradle my head. Jun had no idea how to handle a woman, but he knew exactly what to do with a hostile witness.
I had to tell him, and he knew it. I was the one asking him for help. He could simply decline and be rid of me. Something inside him clamped down and turned to stone. He was awake now, and our little back-and-forth spanned the full width of his patience. It takes a hard man to set murderers free every day and still look at himself in the mirror.
I drew a slow breath to show him I would answer. I needed a hard man. I was a murderer.

·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠· J. Whitney Williams ·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠·

A mathematician by training and computer programmer by 
trade, J. Whitney Williams lives and works under the X in 
Texas, thinking too much and speaking too little.

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•٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠• Review, Giveaway & Audio Tour For Alpha Squad, Boot Camp by Lorelei Moone •٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠•


by Lorelei Moone
Alpha Squad #1
Publication Date: December 23, 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Bear Shifters



 It has only been a few months since humanity has found out 
about the shifters that live in their midst. When the New 
Alliance leadership asks Eric King to join Alpha Squad, a joint
 taskforce supposed to promote cooperation between the 
shifters and human authorities, his loyalty to the cause 
doesn’t give him any choice but to agree. But is the squad 
actually supposed to be relevant, or is it just an eyewash, set 
up by the new Secretary for Shifter Affairs to make himself 
look good? And how is he going to concentrate on his 
training, when his inner bear is insisting that the squad leader
 is his true mate?
Major Janine Williams is not at all pleased when she is 
ordered to set up Alpha Squad. The initiative is just a 
gimmick, meant to pacify the shifter community, plus none of
 her male colleagues had wanted the job. But when she 
starts getting to know her team, especially tough East 
London bear shifter, Eric, she starts to wonder if perhaps it 
will be possible to make this task force a success, so long as 
everyone works together. And so long as she can manage
 to keep her relationship with Eric strictly professional...

This review is for the book and the Audible

Wow if you think Lorelei Moone's books are great reads. You
are so going to love the Audible books even more. I think 
I have read all her books. But man this new series is great 
and the narrator for this was wonderful. Loved how she used
voice inflection to show depth was and how she gave each
character a voice. You could feel the conceding tone for
Captain Bentley the human spec ops guy, the tired sound to
Eric, or the excitement to his brother Adams voice. The steel
in Janine the tough as nails Major. And you could hear each
emotion the characters felt. Loved the Scottish accent added
for wolf shifter was amazing.

Now about the book.

Oh how I loved this new series by Lorelie Moone. I adored
her Scottish Werebear series and this one is even better.
This book is written so well that it flows nicely and seamlessly
from one page to the next. So much so I was at the end
before I knew it. I cannot wait to see what happens
with the alpha squad next.

This book is about Eric and Janine. She is the major in
charge of, well not wiping them into shape. She has orders
to make them fail. But she is determined to see them
succeeded. Even if doing so means disobeying orders and
could end her career. And Eric is the big burly bear shifter
that is assigned to her squad. Along with Eric he has his
brother, a wolf, and 2 humans. They have to learn how to
work together to make this work. And Eric is having a hard
time as he keeps hearing her thoughts. And he is hoping that
she can hear his, as for that may change everything. It is a
phenomenon that only occurs between mates. So if she can
hear him too? He would be so happy. But also as a leader in
his former job, could be a challenge to Janie.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book,
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
when you do; they value your opinions too.

"I'll be back shortly," she mumbled as she fumbled with the tent's opening and staggered out.
The sky was clear, which was unusual for this part of the world. Countless stars lit up the tent site and surrounding rocks and shrubbery. Janine would have to walk downhill a bit for cover.
She took a deep breath and wrapped her warm jacket around herself. It was only late September, but the nights were already chilly in these hills. With the help of the star and moon light, Janine found the most gradual path down into some larger shrubs about thirty or so feet away from the summit.
She did not waste time, and soon after started her climb back up. That was when it all went wrong. A loose rock escaped from underneath her foot and sent her sliding down the side of the hill. She let out a low whimper as her hip hit a sharp protrusion on the way, all the while flailing and reaching out for whatever vegetation she could find to stop her fall.
This seemed to go on forever, until finally, she stopped slipping. But it wasn't a small tree or shrub that had broken her momentum, it was a firm hand around her wrist.
Janine looked up and found a pair of familiar eyes staring down at her. Eric King.
How in the world had he come to her rescue so quickly? There had been no activity around the camp as far as Janine saw. Perhaps he had been out and about as well.
"Gotcha," he said. "Terrain's treacherous around these hills." He glanced up at the summit, which was a good hundred feet away now.
God, that voice. Janine did not say a word as he lifted her back onto her feet; she could not find the words. Of course, it was not just his voice, it was his whole being that had affected her so. After trying so hard to do the best job she could, no matter what the assignment, at this moment, she wanted nothing more than to throw it all away.
You're mine. The same low growl entered her mind. This was totally the wrong time for her overactive imagination to kick in.
Am I? Am I yours? she thought.
I knew that you were from the moment I first saw you.
Janine was frozen in place, communicating with whatever that voice was—a figment of her own imagination perhaps—when Eric's eyes began to glow in the dark. In this light, it should not have been possible to make out their color, but they had very clearly turned warm amber.
"How are you doing this?" she stammered.
"Wait, you can actually hear me?" he asked, looking about as shocked as she felt.
Janine opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again and frowned.
I don't understand. I have my orders. I have a job to do. Why are you in my head?
A smile broke through Eric's formerly serious expression. Because I am meant to be in your head. For whatever reason, we are meant to be in each other's lives.
Janine shook her head. That does not make any sense. And anyway, I never knew shifters could read minds.
We can't. Only when we find our true mate can we hear their thoughts, and they can hear ours.
That was too much. Janine freed her wrist from Eric's grasp and started to walk away, still shaking her head. She could not accept this.

"Thanks for saving me," she mumbled as she fought the pain resulting from her fall and marched back toward camp. "I need some time to think."


·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠· LORELEI MOONE ·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠·

Lorelei Moone

Lorelei Moone is an up-and-coming author of paranormal
 romance based in London. A lover of all things sweet, and 
caffeinated, when she’s not writing about sexy bear shifters 
and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can
 be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.