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*** Review & Book Tour For Stone (A Time to Love 1) by Mardi Maxwell ***

Title: STONE 
Author: Mardi Maxwell   
Genre: New Adult Romance 
Release Date: 31 March 2016



God, how I love a good SIFI book. But add a great romance 
to that? And you have one hell of a book that I wish had not
 ended. I cannot wait till the next book comes out. This book 
stars Lt. Sunny Blake and Lt Jackson Stone. But he’s from
 over 100years in the past. And sunny has been in love with
 the idea of him since she was 16. So much so she called 
dibs on him. Who knew, that when she got older she would 
not only get to meet him, but go back in time to save his 
life. But you know what they say about bios? They are not 
always true, sometimes there worse. Stone is not 
interested in a forever with a woman. He is in the future with
 a lot of them. Just one problem they are all virgins. What is 
he to do? Man this was a hell of a ride. And I’d advise some 
tissues near the end. I love a writer who can pull on my 
emotions and man did Mardi do just that. I cried like a baby 
at one point, I could feel all the pain Stone was in. When 
a writer is able to do that to me. I will follow her books still 
she stops writing. Then reread them again. Now before 
I ruin this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you enjoy this
 book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please 
consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when 
you do; they value your opinions too.

She brought him to her world to save the human race. 

He intends to save her.

In 2230 Earth was invaded by an alien species. After years 
of war, the men are gone and the women are left to fight for 
the survival of the human race. When one of the aliens' time
 travel devices is discovered a task force is formed to bring 
some of Earth's most elite soldiers into the future.

Lieutenant Sunny Blake is ordered to travel back to 2125 and
 retrieve Lieutenant Jefferson W. Stone. Sunny can lead 
a squad of fighters and keep them alive, but she's never 
had to deal with a man like Stone. A man whose reputation
 on and off the battlefield has proceeded him into the 
twenty-third century.

Stone has two interests. High-risk missions and lust-filled 
nights of pleasure with the many ladies who pursue him. 
Finding himself thrust into the future, where the women 
know how to fight but don't know what to do with a lusty 
man, is the last place he'd ever want to be.

Watch for the following books in late Spring 2016:


A Time to Love 2


“Who are you sending to get these men?”
The General looked at Commander Mitchell. Sunny looked as well and found her staring back at her.
“We have four teams,” Commander Mitchell said. “Each team has been assigned a historian advisor and a medical team. You, Lieutenant Blake, are Alpha team. You’re going back for the first warrior in two days’ time. Your historian will give you the information you need to rescue him. Once you get him back here the medical team and the Council will take over. If he decides to stay he’ll be assigned to your squad. We expect the men we save to help us bring back more soldiers and supplies while we familiarize them with our world. Any other questions?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Sunny said. “Who am I retrieving?”
“Jefferson W. Stone,” Commander Mitchell said.
“The twenty-third? The one who died in 2125?” Sunny had to work hard to keep the excitement from her voice.
Commander Mitchell nodded. “We thought it was appropriate to choose him first since this is the twenty-third century.”
General Davis stood. “Lieutenant Blake, get some rest and report to your historian at zero six hundred. At this time, we’ve covered everything and you’re all dismissed.”
Sunny and the other lieutenants saluted then left the room. Once they were out of sight of the Council chambers the squad leaders surrounded Sunny and the ribbing began.
“Wow! Jefferson W. Stone the Twenty-third! Your all-time huge crush!” Kelby Barker said, then laughed.
Before Sunny could answer, Ginny Johnson piped up, “According to his biography you’re his type. Tall and curvy with big,” she held her hands at her chest then moved them out several inches and laughed.
“Maybe we should put her in a chastity belt. We might have one in storage somewhere,” Lieutenant Jo Miller said.
“There’s no need,” Sunny said.
“No need? He’s all you ever talked about after you saw his picture in his biography,” Lieutenant Dean said. “And, by the way, we know you tore his picture out of the book.”
“You can’t prove that.” Sunny laughed. “Remember I’ve read his biography—.”
“You mean you’ve practically memorized it,” Jo said.
“I prefer to say I’ve studied his book but either way I know his secrets. I think I can handle him.” The initial excitement she’d felt was sinking in and becoming a reality. What would it be like to stand next to him? To be able to reach out and touch him? A man from the past that she’d never dreamt she’d meet much less have a chance to get to know. Stone was a man’s man and he’d appeared in most of her dreams for the last eleven years.
“The book says a lot of women have handled him,” Lieutenant Douglas said then winked and added, “Or rather he handled them.”
“They say when he died, the women he made love to grieved for him for the rest of their lives,” Lieutenant Dean said with an envious heartfelt sigh.
“Bull crap,” Sunny said. “They probably said good riddance, got married, and never gave him another thought.”
Ginny laughed. “Well, just in case we get lucky, and he’s as horny and energetic as his biography says, I’m going to the clinic to see if they have any kind of contraceptives.”
“I’ll come with you,” Kelby said.
“Me, too.” Jo said then looked at Sunny. “Coming?”
“No and all of you need to remember I called dibs on Stone ten years ago. So hands off, ladies.”
“That was just a game we played at your sixteenth birthday party,” Jo said.
“Too bad. Dibs are dibs,” Sunny said. “Jo, you claimed Calder Campbell. Ginny you claimed Blade Lawrence and Kelby you claimed Gideon Williams. I’m enforcing the claim on Stone.”
“Spoilsport,” Ginny said.
Sunny laughed and hurried away while inside one phrase repeated in her mind—hot damn, I’m going to meet Jefferson Wakefield Stone in the flesh!


Mardi Maxwell loves the quirky and the unique. She believes
 in UFOs, ghosts, and that we have a space station on the 
dark side of the moon. She likes books that put the reader 
"through the wringer" so expect a lot of drama and laughter 
in her books along with a happy ending.

She writes contemporary erotic romance and steamy sci-fi 
romance. When she isn't writing you can find her in her 
garden or spending time with family and friends. She loves 
cooking, traveling, movies and spontaneous trips to 
wherever the road takes her.>/a>

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