Saturday, September 16, 2017

●▬▬๑★๑▬▬● Hurricane Irma kicked our butts ●▬▬๑★๑▬▬●

I live in the area of Florida that was hit by hurricane Irma. 
We were without power for several days one of which was 
my birthday. Hot and sweaty and not in a good way. This was
 not how I wanted to spend my birthday. Thank goodness 
I had set my blog up to auto post or I would be even further
 behind than I am. Good thing blogger lets me set post to 
auto post I try to set this up every Saturday. So I am free for 
family time on Sunday. The only problem this week as I did 
not get done before the power went out and now I am playing
 catch up. so if you see multiple posts that is me  getting 
caught up.

We were lucky and only lost a few shingles and the power.
 But I did lose all the stuff in my freezer. So we are still 
waiting for the stores to restock as they lost power and food 
to. But At least we were prepared the best was Ice cream for
 breakfast. Hey it had to be eaten didn't it?
But we have power now and I am currently getting things 
caught up. And this is the best distraction to all that is going on.

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