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**** Review of My Heart Laid Bear (Blue Moon Junction, #4) By Georgette St. Clair *****


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 Well what can I say that has not already been said. 
Georgette is an amazing writer, her stories are so go you can
 literally picture what is happening in your mind. She draws 
you in on that first page and then she has you, and you can 
not put down the book till the end. And even then your 
wanting it to not have ended. I love that feeling like I am in 
the story right with the characters and she dose just that to 
you. so much so you don't want to leave it. and your ready 
for the next book. Clover has to be my favorite Character 
right now. What a name her parents gave her Clover 
Lulabelle Movie Star Windwalker Jones. (Seriously what are
 parents who name their kids names like that. heck I went to 
school with Sterling Silver poor kid was always picked on
( I kid you not). But Clover is a strong proud curvy gal and not 
afraid to take on the big bad bear shifter Scott who wont let 
her sister marry his brother. Oh and when you find out why 
you will be just as ticked of as Clover was. not to ruin this but 
you have to lover her siblings and the criminal tendencies. 
I loved how turned those tendencies over for the good and not the bad.

I hope you enjoy this book as Much as I did.
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Bear shifter Clover is steaming mad and ready to be fitted with a new pair of bear skin boots. How dare the sexy head of security for the McCoy clan forbid her younger sister from marrying his brother? His brother knocked the girl up and he’s going to do right by her, or her name isn’t Clover Lulabelle Movie Star Windwalker Jones – which, unfortunately, it is. (Her parents were hippies.)
His. Clover is hotheaded, impulsive, demanding – and she’s his. Sam McCoy knows it the second he lays eyes on her. Sure, he’s arrested most of the members of her family at one time or another, and now she’s blaming him for ruining her younger sister’s life – details, right? Sam has a secret weapon – he gets her a marketing job at his family’s jelly and jam factory, which will help her retain custody of her brother and sisters. Late nights at the office and some sexy honey samplings lead to even sexier times, and the possibility of a future – until Clover’s past comes back to haunt her and threatens to tear apart the family she’s fought to save.

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Georgette St. Clair

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