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•٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠• Review For Hard Rock Sin (Darkest Days #3) By Athena Wright •٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠•

Hard Rock Sin

(Darkest Days #3)

By Athena Wright
316 pages

Independent Publishing  (May 2nd 2017)

We know there will be hell to pay. I'm his bandmate's 
little sister. But neither of us can fight it. This rock star 
god will do anything to keep me. 

Cameron Thorne has had a starring role in my fantasies for years.

But the sinfully hot rock star, known for his wild parties and 
lady killer reputation, is the bassist in my brother's band. And 
I know my brother. He'll kill Cameron if he looks at me twice.

Which means the two of us will never be more than friends.

Only... he keeps staring at me like he wants to throw me on 
his bed. He keeps licking his lips like he's thinking of tasting me.

Cameron wants me too.

We know there will be hell to pay. I'm his bandmate's little 
sister. But neither of us can fight it.

This rock star god will do anything to keep me.

— — —

Hard Rock Sin is a steamy New Adult Rock Star Romance.
 It is the third novel in the Darkest Days series, but can be 
read as a standalone with a HEA.

A note from the author: 

This book is complete and utter fangirl wish fulfillment. It is 
not realistic in the slightest. Then again, who reads rock star 
romances for realism, anyway? ;) 

Holy freaking hell that was some book! Athena
 Wright has a gift with words. The story is well 
thought out and written. Also totally engaging 
and a joy to read.

This is Cameron's story, the bass guitarist for
 Darkest Days. The lead singer has a younger 
sister Lilly. He has kept her hid away, trying to 
protect her the only way he could. But they all 
treat her like a kid that is except Cameron. He 
wants her so badly, but he cannot have her. Or
 Noah will kill him. But she has a problem she has
 panic attacks that steam from something that 
happened to her when she was younger. But with
 Cam she feels safe. I was so floored when she 
told Cameron what caused them. Maybe with 
some help she can concur them. But Cameron 
has secrets of his own. I could not believe the
 things he went through. And thank goodness for 
Lilly who was there to help him when he needed
 her. Now if they can only fix it all enough to get
 their happily ever after.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. 
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you
 do like this book, please consider leaving a 
review. The Authors really like it when you do; 
they value your opinions too


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Athena Wright is an author of New Adult Romance. She 
loves to write characters who are not always what they seem.

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