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Unleash the Darkness 
Eternally Mated, #5
by Valerie Twombly
Paranormal Romance
Self published
August 11, 2017

Sometimes the only choice you have is to surrender.

Cade is a fallen angel who still endeavors to follow the right path.
 That is until the angels’ new ruling body decide the warrior is the 
perfect match to carry out their new assignment. Schooling the 
young, snobbish Abagail in the art of demon fighting is a challenge
 he could do without.

When Abagail is summoned by the Tribunal, she is beyond eager to
 finally take her place among the angels. She already has her eye on
 an elite warrior for her mate. But when the nephilim is thrust into 
mission with a fallen angel, she goes from thrilled to mortified. 

Like oil and water, the two are constantly at odds with each other,
 but Cade can’t deny the attraction building for the aloof nephilim.
 As their mission draws to a close, Cade realizes Abby will walk 
out of his life and into the arms of another, unless he can convince
 her to surrender to one night of passion. 

That was one hell of a book! The book is extremely well 
written and such a joy to read. Well the whole series is to be
 honest. You can read these books out of order but I would 
suggest you read them in order. So you understand what has
 happened so far. 

This is the fourth book in the series if you have not read the 
other books I suggest you do before you read this one.

. Also stop reading the review right here if you have not read
 the first few books.

This story is about Cade and Abby. Cade is one of the 
Fallen. He fell in the previous books to help Zander save 
Alana. And now he has been tasked with training Abby and 
you Nephilim how to protect her. But I know Ashley and her 
friend’s cheese setting him up. There is one other vying for 
Abby and you learn in this book, you cannot judge a book by 
its cover or an angle by his wings. He is in an elite angel but 
he is carrying a dark secret. And wait till you find out what he
 is really like. But even though Cade is a fallen angel he just 
may be the better man. But I'll let you decide for yourself. Oh 
and When Abby becomes the angel she's destined to be, you
 are in for one hell of a surprise. I do have to admit when she
 gets even with the bad guy at the end of the book I loved it. 
I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I am addicted to
 the series.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too

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Award winning and bestselling author, Valerie Twombly grew 
up watching Dark Shadows over her mother's shoulder, and 
from there her love of the fanged creatures blossomed. 
Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side 
and put it to paper. When she is not busy creating a world 
full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she 
juggles her time between a full-time job, hubby, and her two 
German Shepherd dogs, in Northern IL. Valerie is a member 
of Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic and 
Paranormal Romance Writers. She is also the founder of 
Sexy Scribblers, a group of romance writers who bring 
readers new and fresh stories every month.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I am thrilled you are loving this series. I really do enjoy writing in this world!