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The Sisterhood Book 2
by Alison Clarke
Genre: YA Fantasy

In a world divided by fear, hate, and prejudice, Racine 
embarks on a journey to discover who she really is. After a 
life time of alienation and rejection because of the colour of 
her skin and her Black heritage, she discovers the ultimate 
truth of good is wrapped up in the magic of the Story. Stories 
have the power to change the world, but first, the stories 
need unlocking.

In this thought-provoking, profoundly moving call-to-arms 
fantasy story, Alison Clarke tells the story of Racine's self-
discovery and coming of age through her exploration of the 
'Story' throughout time and ages. As Racine travels from the
Library of Congress through time and space to lands both 
magical and real, she unlocks the mysteries of her own 
heritage and comes to understand that there are more things
that join us than divide us. 

Winner of Canada's Diversity Magazine Award 'Writer Of 
The Year Award 2017' Alison Clarke writes inspirational, 
magical stories with a powerful message about being the 
change in the world we would like to see. For readers of all 

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood Book 1
by Alison Clarke

Authored by Award Winning Author Alison Clarke 
'Writer of The Year 2017'

(Diversity Magazine. Canada.)

A story full of magic, positivity, and a call to arms for women 
of all ages and from all backgrounds, to be the change we
 want to see in the world. 

When Oppie and Aurie are faced with a terrible battle 
between good and evil, they discover that friendship and 
sisterhood are the most precious things in the world. 

In a realm where magic and legend still exist, it's easy to 
think that when you're just an ordinary girl, you'll never get 
the chance to be written into the history books. But when 
Oppie, and her dragon friend Aurie, find themselves on a 
mission to defeat the evil, oppressive forces of darkness, 
in the form of the dragon, Royzendeus, they discover that 
history is never made alone. As they travel, their army of light
 grows, and Aurie discovers that as a girl, she is blessed with
 an entire sisterhood she never realised existed.

Alison Clarke is a writer who delves into different fields. She
 is a children's author, but is now joining the world of young 
adult literature. Her latest book, The Sisterhood, chronicles 
her latest journey in this odyssey. A tale filled with Celtic, 
Greek, and Ghanaian mythology, The Sisterhood will delight 
all audiences. Kids, ten and up, as well as adults will be 
entranced with the story of Oppie and Aurie. Oppie is the 
daughter of a sorceress, and Aurie, her best friend, is a 
dragon. In the first book of this trilogy, they go on a journey to
 save the universe. Alison Clarke's passion for the Arthurian
 tales, as well as medieval literature like Chaucer, also fuels
 her writing. Her first degree is in Sociology with a double 
minor in French and English. She is now working on a 
Master's degree in Children's literature. Storytelling is her 
calling, and whether she is writing, painting, or drawing, story
 is key. Reading is another passion, and many different 
genres interest her, including biography, fantasy, poetry, art 
books, and so on. Alison believes that the word is a powerful 
thing, and this is evident in many different literary forms. She 
also believes that art, whether it's literary or visual can 
change the world, can make the world a better place.

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