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..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.ஐ Review For Not Her Gargoyle (Not This #4) by Annie Nicholas ஐ..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.

Not Her Gargoyle 
(Not This #4) 
 by Annie Nicholas 

Published June 18, 2018

Ruby is done with jerks, dead-end jobs, and eviction notices.
 Everyone else she knows is finding ways out of this crappy
 neighborhood, so why can’t she? Since opportunities refuse 
to fall from the sky, Ruby makes her own. To hell with the 
little voice in her heart whispering about love. She never met 
a man she wanted to keep…then she met a gargoyle. Men 
were boring after all.

Nick was a con, a thief, and a rogue. He couldn’t keep a 
dime in his pocket even if it was glued. Then he met a ruby.
 Not one from the earth but one of flesh and blood. And ass.
 Let’s not forget the ass. Stealing her heart was now all he 

He has a plan that could make both their dreams come true.
 It only involves an itsy-bitsy risk. All they must do is rob a 
Oh, and avoid the dragons.  

Wow what an amazing book! This is such a wonderfully 
well-written and thought out story. I love shifter stories.
 This is the 4th in the set.

This is Nick and Ruby's story. We met nick in book 3 
and the Christmas story. He accidentally killed Trixie, 
well she was not gone long as she is with Viktor so if you
 read that book you know. But as punishment Eon 
chained him to the castle and there he stayed till his 
brothers rescued him. Now gargoyles do not have a 
human form and ruby is human and he wants to go 
straight so he can take care of her so they come up with
 a plan and it seeems to work till the witch comes after 
them. Now he is cursed and stuck in human form till they
 can find a way to fix it. But wait till you read that ending, 
it was awesome. But you will have to read to see what 
happens to Ruby in the rescue attempt.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope
 you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this
 book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors 
really like it when you do; they value your opinions too.

*..•.¸¸•´¯`• Annie Nicholas     •´¯`•.¸¸.*

Annie Nicholas hibernates in the rural, green mountains of Vermont where she
 dreams of different worlds, heroes, and heroines. When spring arrives the 
stories pour from her, in hopes to share them with the masses one day.

Mother, daughter, wife are some of the hats she happily wears while trudging 
after her cubs through the hills and dales. The four seasons an inspiration and 

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