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★★★ Review For Murder (Sinful Secrets #2) By Ella James ★★★

Murder (Sinful Secrets #2)
By Ella James
Published May 31st 2016
by Barkley's Books

On Kindle

I actually finished this book 2 days before this post. I had to 
wait to write this review, Ella did it to me again I stayed up 
late till I fell asleep with the book in my lap. More than one
 time I might add. First off this is not her typical book; she 
usually writes serials which are short. Not this book it is a full
 novel, and Gods how I loved it. She put her whole heart and
 soul in this book. You could just feel it. She just pulled me in 
and held me hostage. But just a warning be prepared as this 
book is over 500 pages long. Hence me falling into a coma 
when I finished it, to recoup all the lost sleep. It is the curse 
of a phenomenal book; you just can’t stop reading them till 
the end. So make time to read it. This book is passionate, 
caring, tearful sad and happy ones (can’t stress this enough 
have the tissues ready. I think I used a whole box), and of 
course there is that hot sexy part as well.

And talking about our couples love life, these two Bear and 
Piglet (Gwen and Barrett) are more like bunnies when it 
comes down to it. I felt so bad for both of them. They have 
both had a traumatic event in their life that has led them to 
this moment. Gwen had a horrible accident that up ended 
her life. And Barrett an IED that hit him in the war.

Gwen has learned how to deal with her PTSD and now feels
 the need to help Bear with his, Even if she has to kick him in 
the head to get him to accept her help. But Bear is caring a 
Sinful secret. And it is eating him up inside. And now that he 
has found something truly wonderful. He decides he will 
never tell her, he will keep his secret and take it to his grave.
 He will do anything to protect his little Piglet. And I do mean 
anything. He’d kill for her, just don’t be surprised when you 
learn who. You will find yourself truly surprised when you 
find out who has been behind all that has happened to Gwen.

Gwen is still healing too, thanks to bear. After her accident 
she forgot everything that happened for 24 hours prior till 
when she woke up in the hospital. But as things progress and
 Gwen starts to remember things she forgot. And she talks in
 her sleep. Now Bear has to make a decision, what he has to
 do to protect her. He swore he would never hurt her again, 
she is his to protect, but he sees no way out. Now once it all 
comes to light, can they save each other again? 
Can Love save them yet again?

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you 
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too.

You can't choose who you love.
You can't fix fate.
And that's the problem...

Gwenna White's new neighbor is...distracting. He's a 

beautiful, tattooed, motorcycle-driving enigma. One she can't 
allow herself to think about. Since the accident that ruined 
her face and stole her career, Gwen, a former model, 
lives under the radar, seldom leaving the bear sanctuary she
runs in the Tennessee mountains. She's not reclusive, but 
that doesn't mean she's looking for a lover. Definitely not 
someone who looks like that.
Barrett Drake could use a friend: a tall order, since most of 

his are dead. His damaged hand may be the reason he's out 
of special ops, but it's not his only wound. Not by a long shot.
 All that's left between Bear and a new life is one last job. If 
he can hold on, get it done... He won't be here that long. 
Just long enough to ruin Gwen's life and make a speedy 
exit. That's the plan.
But things don't always go as planned.
You can't choose who you love.
You can't fix fate.
And that's the problem...

*Murder is a standalone romantic mystery novel. It's the 

second in the Sinful Secrets Series, in which each book 
is inspired by a sin and centered on a huge secret.

Let me tell you now: I kill her.

I love Gwenna White more than my life. 

And still – I'm her demise.


It should have been simple. Easy come, easy go, 

and in between: atonement.

She was not who I'd have chosen.

Gwen was delicate and lovely: a former model with a ruined

 life, living loudly in the quiet of the Smoky Mountains, 
healing injured bears.

When she laid her hands on me, she healed me too.

That's how it began. That's where it went wrong.

I knew she could never be mine. But I sinned.

I sinned.


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Ella's books have been listed on numerous Amazon 
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