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★★★ Review & Release Blast For WINNING THE BILLIONAIRE by JM Stewart ★★★

In the tradition of E.L. James and Sylvia Day 
comes a sultry new series 
starring women who want 
to live out their wildest dreams . . . 

Seattle Bachelors #2
JM Stewart
Releasing June 14th, 2016
Forever Yours

Whew that was on hot story. Now that I have me under control,
 let me tell you  about this book. Other than you need to read 
this. A friend suggested this book and thank you for that. I did 
not read book one, but I plan to. Especially if its anywhere as 
good as this one.

This book is about a playboy and playgirl who have literally 
known each other their entire life. They grew up to gather Baz 
being her brother’s best friend. And to Tina he is a totally 
unattainable fantasy. Baz is a ass, he never had a kind thing to
say or he plane all and out ignored her. Or so she thought, he 
actually loves her and has never done anything about it, for 
the fear of losing his two friends.

But all that changes when Tina finds Baz in a funk and learns
 why. She immediately starts taking care of him. Wither he 
wants her to or not. Baz thinks she is a pain at first. But in the 
heat of a moment he kisses her and then everything changes. 
And as he examines his whole life and what he needs to move
 forward, as no matter what he does he can’t get her out of his mind.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here.  I hope you 
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too.


In the tradition of E.L. James and Sylvia Day comes a 
sultry new series starring women who want to live out 
their wildest dreams . . . 

When it comes to love, this billionaire is all business . . . 

Software mogul Christina McKenzie has loved billionaire 
Sebastian Blake since they were kids. So when Seattle's most
 famous bachelor-and perennial playboy-finally asks Christina 
out, her fantasies kick into overdrive. Things become hot and 
heavy . . . but what's she supposed to do when she starts 
to fall for him?

Sebastian's never been one to settle down, and Christina 
knows she's just another notch in his bedpost. Sebastian 
knows that smart, kind Christina deserves better than him. 
But after the mind-blowing night they just shared, he's ready 
to turn a sexy fling into the real deal. Keeping his freedom is 
one thing, yet keeping Christina in his bed-and in his life-is 
all Sebastian can think about . . .

“Damn it, Christina.” He pivoted and stalked across the space between them, backed her against the counter behind her, and set his hands on either side of her. His eyes narrowed, his gaze hot and confrontational. “Go. Home.”
More than a little surprised by his sudden nearness, she swallowed hard, her heart hammering a mile a minute. He was so close, his every breath whispered over her lips, warm, with a slight hint of mint that made her yearn to discover the flavor on his tongue. She ignored the intense desire to close the remaining inches between them and held her ground. This wasn’t about her desire. He needed her, whether he wanted to admit it or not.
She angled her chin higher. “Or what? I’m not afraid of you. You can’t boss me around.”
If he wanted a fight, though, she’d give him one, because she knew him enough to know he would attempt to intimidate her. No doubt in order to get her to leave him alone to his misery. If a subject had anything to do with emotion, he avoided it as if it were a highly contagious disease. She’d never let the tactic work before, and she wouldn’t now.
This time, though, he didn’t do what she expected him to. Rather, his right hand slid into her hair, and before she could blink, he pulled her mouth to his. He didn’t give her a chance to back away, to approve or deny his assault. His kiss wasn’t fleeting, either, or soft and seductive, the way she’d always envisioned. His lips plied hers, tugging and demanding. His tongue stroked the seam of her mouth, a hot slide that had her gasping and opening for him. He took full advantage and swept in, his tongue restless in her mouth.
She whimpered. What she needed to do was push him away. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He was lost in grief. Her body, however, didn’t seem to be listening. His mouth was warm and luscious, and her arms wound themselves around his neck. How many times over the years had she imagined this moment? How many times had she stroked herself to orgasm fantasizing about his hands and his mouth on her body? Yet the reality far exceeded the fantasy, and God help her, she didn’t have the strength to deny him.
Unfortunately, the fantasy didn’t last long. As abruptly as he’d grabbed her, he released her. His breaths came harsh and shallow, his chest heaving in time with the fierce pounding of her heart.
“That’s what. It’s been a shitty day, Tina, and I’m feeling very ornery and very needy.” As if to prove his point, he set his hands on the counter on either side of her and leaned into her, rocking his hips against hers.
The full press of his lean body against her had any thought of protest flitting away like wisps on a breeze. Sebastian was aroused, and his erection pressed into the softness of her stomach. He didn’t feel like a small boy, either. She itched to reach down and stroke the length of his cock. She longed to put an end to the wondering and finally discover exactly how big he really was, yearned to know the soft, intimate heat of his skin.
The intensity of his stare held her trapped. Sapphires. He had eyes the colors of deep, brilliant sapphires. They were usually intense and focused. Right then, they were in full seduction mode. Never in a million years would she have thought to find herself on the receiving end of that captivating stare. She’d never been the kind of girl who went all tongue-tied over a man, who giggled and sighed. She was a woman in a male-dominated industry; she could hold her own with most men. But right then? God help her, she wanted to do exactly that: giggle like a giddy schoolgirl and beg him to fuck her senseless.

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J.M. Stewart is a coffee and chocolate addict who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two sons and two very spoiled dogs. She's a hopeless romantic who believes everybody should have their happily ever after and has been devouring romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her obsession.

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