Monday, June 27, 2016

*** Temporarily. down for 2 to 4 week while helling ***

 Thank you to all who follow my blog. You may have noticed 
there has not been a post on my blog in a few days I am 
currently experiencing some health concerns and have 
been at the hospital since Thursday of last week. I have 
developed a rare infection called dacryocystitis. I will find 
out tomorrow if I'm well enough for surgery, because 
surgery is imminent and as I don't know how long it will take 
to heal after that. I will not be posting anything for the next 
two to possibly 4 weeks. I actually for some reason 
unbeknownst to me haven't really scheduled anything for 
the next few weeks, if I do have you down for a review and 
I can possibly do it. I will at least post to Amazon and good 
reads for those books that I have read and have a follow-up 
post on my blog once I'm able to do that. As I'm doing this 
through my tablet there's no fancy fonts pictures or 
graphics. This will just simply be any word documentation. 
Since I am doing this from my tablet. On the Wi-Fi at the hospital.

Now for those who know me personally and  want to get in 
touch with me my email is still active I'm currently at 
Lakeland Regional Hospital for those family members and 
friends who want to get in touch with me thetr.  If you know 
me personally you'll know where this is or have my number 
to get more information. I'll keep this updated as much as
 I can.

I will contact all Publishers for future postings when I'm 
able to. If you have any questions feel free to leave 
comments below and I'll respond as I can.

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