Wednesday, October 17, 2018

..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.ஐ Review & Blog Tour For Hell is the Tie That Binds Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn ஐ..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.

Paranormal Romance/Erotica
Date Published: October 5, 2018

All is not well in paradise...

Zoey cannot forgive Pack Alpha Ryan for a wrong that hits 
too close to home. They’ve kept secrets from one another,
 but it hasn’t kept Zoey from wanting Ryan with the same 
intensity as day one. The question is, does Ryan still want 

Ryan will keep his Pack safe above all else. He accepted the
 position of Alpha, and will now play his part. Even if keeping
 them safe means he has to get blood on his hands.

In a story of love and revenge, can two flames come together
 in a time of crisis and lead a Pack and a Coven to victory or
 will they burn so hot, they destroy everything they have 

I HATE CLIFFHANGERS! Ok now that I have 
that out of my system. This is an 
extraordinarily well written and thought out 
book. I found myself reading it straight through
 in one sitting. Only to get to the end and have 
to wait for the next book.

This is Zoey and Ryan's story. Hey have been
 having a fight and they are both a little 
frustrated because of it. And are pushing each
 other’s buttons. There is this greater evil that
 is after them Zoey in particular, Sean wants
 her for himself. Ryan sends his brother to
 check something out and is captured.
 Thinking his brother is dead they make a plan
 and part is for him to become alpha. Now just
 he and Zoey have to fight to claim one 
another. Even though they are married and
 mated. Let’s hope they can do it in time to 
save everyone they love.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off 
here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as
I did. If you do like this book, please consider
 leaving a review. The Authors really like it
 when you do; they value your opinions too.

“Right, there. Don’t move.” At least Zoey thought she said these things aloud. With one hand gripping her husband’s head and one in the sheets, she wasn’t sure of much else. Everything in her entire being revolved around what Ryan was doing to her. When she could breathe right, she would extol his talents again and again. For now, all that mattered is the way he flicked his tongue over her clit as she raised her hips to meet his mouth.
“Be still,” he growled against her inner thigh.
“More,” she begged but stopped squirming to grab hold of his head with both hands. Pressure. She just needed a little more in just the right--with his thumb buried inside her channel and his middle finger deep inside her ass, she was primed and ready.
Fuck yes. Shit that feels amazing. I swear to all the gods if you stop or pull back I will fucking rip your balls off and shove them up your ass.
As this was round number three or was it five this morning? She couldn’t help but be a little chafed in places from Ryan’s whiskers. Not that she gave a flying fuck at the moment. With each alternating stroke of his fingers and flick of his tongue, she grew closer and closer. Her stomach burned in need with every muscle straining to bring her to completion. Even her thighs quivered from gripping Ryan so tightly and then she just stopped. Just for a millisecond, though it seemed like forever. Inside of the freeze-frame she felt victorious over all things. Then she realized she’d stopped breathing, stopped moving, other than to keep his head right where she wanted it, she even stopped thinking.
In the time it takes a hummingbird to flap its wings, her world shifted. Blood and power rushed from the center of her body where it had been storing itself and whooshed out in waves of ecstasy as she came. Ryan didn’t have a choice but to ride the storm with her. She held onto each side his face even as tremors wracked her body. She wasn’t exactly a screamer, but the her mouth opened wide and some sort of noise escaped.
“You are amazing.” She managed to say, at some point, while watching him move purposefully, leaving tender kisses on his way northward, until his lips met hers.
The taste of herself on his teased and tantalized. It enticed her to be decadent. It was part of the reason they were still in bed after the claiming ceremony yesterday. Hell, she didn’t even know what time it was.
“Keep talkin’ like that and I’m never letting you out of this bed. Not until you’re fat with more of my babies and less sassy,” he smirked. She could feel the upturn of his whiskers against her skin, but for now, she was too sated to argue. Definitely a first. “Okay, forget that last part. I love you full of spirit, Cupcake.”

She laughed. “You love me because I said Alpha’s should get theirs first and gave you a blowjob.”

Hope Daniels:

International Best Selling Author Hope Daniels grew up in a 
small resort area in Michigan where she and her husband 
still live today. As the third child of four, she had an 
exhaustive imagination. From straddling the back-porch 
railing as a wild cowgirl, to saving the world as Wonder 
Woman complete with homemade bullet stopping bracelets. 
She was always taking what she read and making it as real
 as she could, now if she could just find the wolf shifter of her

Daniels loves to write in multiple genre which includes her
 short in the Amazon Bestselling Anthology Black Magic (A 
Women of Urban Fantasy Production), a Contemporary and 
YA short in the LDLInk Anthologies and a MM Gay Romance
 in the Encompass Ink’s All You Need Is Love Anthology, 
titled Always and Forever. She is also the co-author to the 
Magical Forces series books with Author Alicia Dawn.

Alicia Dawn:

Your average 9-5 workalcoholic that took care of every day 
business. After 10 long years of having no life, outside of 
home and work, she found Facebook as so many others had.
 Always having the passion, since she was in the fourth 
grade, to read and write, she got drawn into the Role Playing
 world. Living, via roleplay, a place where stories picked up 
and continued on even after the book was done. This was a 
whole new world.

Loving that the stories, she had devoured and loved to read
 were now never ending. She became captivated by all the 
tales that others with the same passion created, and Role 
Played out on Facebook. Getting drawn into something that
 she had never done before, but always in back of her mind
 wished she could do, Alicia started Role Playing on 
Facebook in 2010, meeting Nikita Jakz along the way, and
 many other fascinating people.

After a year, she decided to be an adventurist and create her
 own characters. Not unlike what all authors do, when 
creating those awesome books that she had coveted and 
devoured when they came out. Joining a group of 
independent writers. A lot of voices were yearning to be 
wrote and she got busy working on letting them out!

With four books self-published in paranormal and one in 
young adult, she is working on a new paranormal series with
 writing partner Hope Daniels.

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