Saturday, July 2, 2016

**** 2nd Update on me *** Temporarily. down for 2 to 4 weeks to heal ***


I'm Home YAY!!!!! Home sweet Home.

They preformed my surgery on Thursday to get rid of the 
Abscess  that was siting between my sinuses ans tear duct 
Lacrimal  sac that drain tears thought the sinus when you cry.
it is what cause you to get a runny nose, but mine had this 
mass and had to be removed as it was MRSA. the last cloture
 they took shows i beat that Big Bad Bug. They did have to 
break my nose to get up in there with the tools. Upside to 
having an ENT who is also a plastic surgeon. I have a new 
nose in a since as while he was in there he noticed 
deterioration of the cartilage in my nose so relapsed it. I have
 stitches in nose, and feels like it is stuffed up. But I can 
actually breath better. I can not believe it I can sleep without
 the C-Pap and still breath. last night i got a full 6 hours sleep. 
I have not done that in a long time.

Now as for the blog I hope to be fully recovered by The 11th of
 July. And have written reviews for all the books I read while in 
hospital.  I hope to have them up in the next week. But as I am 
still recovering there may only be a post 3 times a week as 
apposed to my every weekday posts. I read around 10 book 
while in there for over a week.

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