Thursday, May 31, 2018

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The Virgin and The Bull
by Erato

Noir Romance, Suspense Thriller

Suicide, rape, murder — Love is a serpent more subtle than
 any of the field.

Twenty-three year old Charles Macgregor had everything 
going for him, so why did he choose to take his own life? As 
the Sheriff-Depute of Edinburgh reads through his collected 
letters, he uncovers a breathtaking story of femmes fatales,
 jealous rivals, and love gone violently awry.

An artful and intellectual thriller told with a noir style, The
Virgin and the Bull shocks and startles with tense plot, lurid 
sex and vivid characters amidst a seductive and scary vision
 of Old England and Scotland. The frisson is out of this world
 when the fiery anatomist Macgregor risks life and limb to 
fulfill his desperate desire for the dangerously beautiful 
Constance Fawkes, pitted against her mad father and the 
more-than-meets-the-eye “virgin” priest, Francis 

“Erato did a superb job… the pace is right on point… highly 
intriguing… It blows your mind.” - 
T. Renee, author of Hearts On Fire.

Be taken to another ERA with ERATO.

Erato is a hispanic American author of historical fiction. Her 
stories are often set in the Georgian/Regency period, taking
 the characters past the traditional bonnets and balls into 
gritty cities, forced marriages and painful love affairs.

The name Erato belonged to one of the nine muses
of Greek mythology: that who ruled love stories. No, it's not 
the same word as erOtic; literally Erato is "the Lovely," 
from Greek erastos "loved, beloved; lovely, charming." The
author's own given name being that of a different muse, the 

Erato was chosen as the nomme de plume that seemed 
especially fit for writing historical stories with a romantic 
theme, though she also writes historical novels without 
strong romantic elements. Her works are normally highly 
researched, subversive, and can tend toward humorous even
 when telling of tragedy.

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