Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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~*~*~ About Me ~*~*~

Kimmie Sue's Book Review 

I review books for fun, lets face it, they are a good escape. 
 I'm in my mid Forty's and unfortunately no longer working for health reasons. But I do not let that get me down. I love to Read, and it keeps the mind sharp. I am a mother of a wonderful Young man. who when I first got sick put his life on hold to help take care of me. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. I have a wonderful hubby who told me in not uncertain terms "I do not want you lifting a finger to do anything. I will Cook, Clean, Do the laundry, and take care of You.  All I want you to do is concentrate on your health and getting better. You are the love Of my life and I refuse to let you go. You are stuck with me in this life and the next."
So now With this he bought me a reader and Dragon software so I could put my reviews up. so I am truly blessed with the two wonderful men in my life. And I am thankful for that every day they are in my life.
As for My blog there is a little I want you to know.
I'm known to be brutality honest in my reviews. 
If I do not like the book I will tell you why. I go all out for the books I love
If you want to have me review a book send me an e-mail or message though here or Facebook with a synopsis of the book. I will email you my decision. If I the book interest me, I will ask for what I need for my Blog such as If I can use an excerpt from the book, permission to add information on the Author and any social links I can use. And finally anything You would like me to add to the blog. 

I read Young Adult, Romance (Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal(my favorite) & Erotic If I do review your book per your request all I ask for is an ARC at least 2 weeks prior to release date. So I have time to read and review it and get a Great Post ready for my blog so I can post it on your release date. Or if it is out already I will need 2 weeks to get the book read and reviewed and a great Post for my blog made.

I read books for Netgally, Mark My Words Publications, a well as a few other Authors. My Links To Contact me and Follow me  are below

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