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**** Review of Taken By The Alpha (Timber Valley Pack) by Georgette St. Clair *****

~*~*~My Review ~*~*~

This is a great book. I enjoyed it, I got lost in the book. And before
 I knew it the sun was rising and I had gone all night without sleep.
 I love books by Georgette, for just that alone. she draws you in and it is like your living
 in the book with these amazing creatures. 
And hot sexy alpha men, wishing you could find one for yourself. 
This book although is not in the timber valley pack is still set in 
their world. Oh there is this little side story in the book, with a 
feisty shifter who is mad as hell about the abduction of our heroine. 
and at the end we may just get to see what happens to her next. 
I am so ready for the next book
I hope you enjoy this book as Much as I did.
If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review.
The Authors really like it when you do, they value your opinions too.

~*~*~Description ~*~*~
One minute wolf shifter Katrina Hagan is shoe shopping with her best friend Joy, the next
minute she’s being carried off by the Alpha of the Killingworth pack.  Now she’s a hostage, a pawn in the
negotiations between two rival packs – so why can’t she act like it? Her kidnapper, Maddox “Mad Dog”
Killingworth, has a reputation as a ruthless killer – she should be petrified.
Instead, within days of being taken prisoner, the sassy she-wolf has Maddox’s pack eating out of
her hand and she’s making Maddox’s inner wolf howl with need every time she saunters by.  Too bad
their packs have been mortal enemies for generations, and she’s fighting tooth and claw to resist her
burning desire for Maddox.
Just when it seems like Maddox might finally be breaking down her barriers, it turns out that
Katrina’s family hasn’t been playing fair, and a shocking betrayal threatens to wipe out Maddox’s entire
bloodline.  How can Maddox choose between the love of his life…and the life of his pack?  
This book is intended for readers 18 and older only, as it contains adult content and
several smokin’ hot sex scenes.  It is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations in
this book are products of the feverish imagination of the author, a tarnished Southern
belle with a very dirty mind.


~*~*~ Excerpt ~*~*~

“Sorry, buddy.” Katrina glanced down at the unconscious body of Jayden, her guard for the day.  
    Jayden had made the mistake of turning his back on her while she and he were out for a walk in the woods.  All she’d had to do was tell him she needed to pee and she’d appreciate some damn privacy already.
He’d underestimated her. Sure, he could hear her if she tried to run off – but she wasn’t an idiot. She’d never try that. Instead, she gave him a quick karate chop to the neck at exactly the right pressure point, and he crumbled to the ground, unconscious.  She might be small, and female, but she had taken self-defense classes. Her daddy had taught her well.
    She quickly shed her clothes and rolled them up, grabbed them with her mouth, and shot through the woods like an arrow. She didn’t have much time before someone came looking for her and Jayden.
    To her enormous relief, she made it all the way off pack property, and she headed towards town.  Her pack was about five miles on the other side of Greenville; once she was in town, she could call someone to come get her.
    She was hoping against hope that when she got back, she could get her mother and stepfather together and see if they could come up with an alternative to the death challenge. There must be a way that Mordhause and the Killingworth pack could work together and be allies. They’d be an incredibly strong pack.
    She’d pitch it to Roman that if he won the death challenge, a good portion of the Killingworth pack – possibly all of them – would just pack up and leave, now that the Elders had made that an option.
    They’d rather give up their lands and all their possession than serve under the Killingworth pack.  They’d go somewhere else, find an unclaimed area of land, and rebuild from scratch.
If, on the other hand, the Killingworth pack made an alliance with the Mordhaus pack, there would be two strong packs together. They’d dominate the whole region.  Nobody would go up against them.
She also needed to talk to Roman about how the townspeople were reacting to everyone lately.  She would put it diplomatically, of course; she’d explain it in business terms. It was all public relations and marketing. If he could make people like him, they’d be more likely to side with him during conflict, and more likely to do business with him.
When she got the edge of town, she paused, turned, and walked in to the one place she was sure wouldn’t turn her away – Morgensterns, the art store on the edge of town.  Her friend Frances, a puma shifter, worked there; her mother owned the place. She and Frances had been really close in high school, and Frances was the nicest, sweetest girl she knew.
Except Frances went stiff when she walked in, and her expression was not friendly.
“Frances, quick, I need to use your phone,” she said.  She was sure that the Killingworth pack were hot her trail already. They’d be here in minutes.
Frances winced and  shook her head. “Not without permission from Maddox or one of his officers. I can make a call and ask him.”
“What? Seriously, Frances?”
Frances didn’t answer, just stood there with her hands on the counter.
“Frances, what is going on here? This is crazy. Why is it that my own friends won’t even talk to me?”
Frances raised an eyebrow. “I’m friends with Stacy too.”
“So am I. Remember that pajama party where we raided Stacy’s parents liquor cabinet? And what does being friends with Stacy have to do with anything?”
“Why don’t you ask the gophers?” Frances blurted out. Then she went pale. “Forget I said that. Please, don’t say anything to your stepfather.”
“I won’t.” Katrina was puzzled. “Frances, I don’t understand why you’re treating me like this. If you’re upset with something that my stepfather has done, that’s fine, but do you think I’ve suddenly changed in to a terrible person?”
Frances looked her right in the eye. “You live on pack property. You, of all people, must know what goes on there.”
“Why me of all people?”
“You’re a Sensitive. You pick up on emotions when people that you’ve met are in pain for frightened.”
“If they’re physically close enough to me, yeah. But what…” she trailed off. “There’s a large portion of our property that’s off limits right now, because my uncle is building some new buildings for a furniture factory and stuff like that. Like miles and miles of it. Are you suggesting that something is going on there?”
    “Maybe you should do a little exploring.” Frances was still wary, but her belligerent tone had turned uncertain. “If Roman will let you,” she added, raising an eyebrow.
    The front door jingled, and swung open.  Katrina turned around – to face Jaden and Maddox.  She wanted to scream with frustration. This was unbelievable – she’d been so close, and Frances had probably seen her coming and called the Killingworth pack before she walked in the door.  Still – they’d gotten her more quickly than she would have expected.
    Frances shrugged apologetically and walked away, into the back section of the store.
    “Well, if it isn’t Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.” She looked at Jaden. “That was fast.”
    “Yeah, you need to work on your technique a little bit, princess.” Maddox flashed a feral grin. “I figured you might try something like this. Told Jaden to just play along if you did. I was curious as to what you’d do. I drove to town, and I had my men following you far enough behind that you couldn’t scent them.”
    She just stared at him, silently thinking of all the things she could do with a wolf skin pelt. Matching jacket and boots. A fur vest.
    “I think this is the part where you start screaming, throwing things, and questioning my manhood.” Maddox was striding towards her. Him and his ridiculous t-shirts which showed off his huge biceps and molded to his washboard abs. Big, stupid, show-off.
    “You’d have to be in possession of some manhood in order for me to question it.” She bit the words out.
    “There we go.” He flashed his white teeth in an infuriating smile. “Had me worried there for a second. Now, which way are we going to do it this time? Am I going to carry you, or are you going to walk? Either way’s good with me.”
    “I. will. Walk.” She strode angrily towards the door, and the two of them followed right on her heels, steering her towards a pickup truck.


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