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•٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠• Review For Fury of Surrender (Dragonfury #6) by Coreene Callahan •٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠•

Fury of Surrender 
Author: Coreene Callahan
Series: The Dragonfury Series, Book 6
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Year: July 11, 2017

In the sixth installment of Coreene Callahan’s bestselling 
Dragonfury series, a tormented dragon shifter finds solace in 
the healing powers of a woman—one who needs her own salvation.

Dragon warrior Forge has been sentenced to death by the

 Dragonkind elite. Recalling the memories of his family’s 
murders could drive him to the edge of insanity, but it’s the 
only way to remove the target on his back. Fiercely 
determined to protect his pack and his newborn son, Forge
 agrees to undergo harrowing treatments to help him 
remember the trauma buried deep inside his heart and mind.
 When nothing works, a woman of unprecedented power is 
brought in to help.

Young, bright, and haunted by her own demons, 

hypnotherapist Hope Cunningham helps patients recover 
from their darkest memories. But each time she liberates a 
wayward soul, Hope’s personal pain digs deeper—until one
 patient ignites an unforgettable passion.

Forge’s healing journey is not without risk. Unwittingly, he 

has put Hope in the middle of a dangerous war, one that 
could shatter their eternal bond. Will the curative power 
of love be enough to save them? 

What a story. This is the six books in the series. But the first 
one I read. The story was amazing and extremely well-
written, so much so I plan to read the other books. They are 
a really new take on Dragon shifters. I so loved this book.

This is Hope and Froge's story he is the Scott of the pack. 
And oh how I love a Scottish brogue. And when a writer puts 
it in. it is just magic for me. But Forge needs help. He has a 
chunk of his past missing. And Hope may be his only way to 
get those memories back. But when they meet it is explosive
 to say the least. They are drawn to each other. And have 
this instant need for each other. But before they can do 
anything about it Mack is hit with this energy ball and lands 
him in a coma. While they all try to find a way to save him 
and his mate before it is too late. And then there is still the 
threat to come. An evil dragons set out to destroy the night 
furies pack. And they are not aware of what is coming.  
I need the next book now to see what happens. But have 
to wait. In the mean time I plan to read the other books in the

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
 when you do; they value your opinions too

The whine of machinery shattered the moment. The garage door opener activated. Heavy chains clanked. Lights at the far end came on, expelling the dark, as one of the heavy industrial doors opened. “Find me later, lad. I’ll tell you all about it,” Forge said, focus split between Osgard and the slow rise of the garage door. Osgard nodded. “Good deal,” Gage murmured, slapping Forge on the shoulder. The love tap spoke of approval. The sick feeling in the pit of his stomach receded. Forge exhaled, the breath slow and measured. Shite, that felt good. Talking about mind regression might suck, but gaining the lad’s trust would be worth it. Was far more important than his continued comfort, and as the black SUV rolled in, headlights flashing, oversize tires squeaking on the concrete floor, Forge let the shame of his failure go. He couldn’t change it now. Or ever. Time to move on. Tomorrow would be soon enough to worry about the next step and reclaim his memories. Right now, he had a different mystery to solve. Namely? Why the hell Angela sat behind the wheel of the Denali. Wiping his hands on a rag, Forge stepped away from the table and turned toward the SUV. Intense aquamarine eyes met his through the windshield. He scowled at his apprentice. Planted in the passenger seat, Mac raised a brow in challenge. Forge growled under his breath. Damned fool. What did the male think he was doing? He might be new to Dragonkind, but Mac knew better than to take a female out of the lair after dark. It was unsafe. A total jackass move and— His sonar pinged. Sensation burned across the nape of his neck. The flap of multiple wings thumped through the quiet. Dust kicked up in the driveway beyond the garage door. White scales flashed, glowing in the gloom as Rikar landed outside. Dragon claws ground against gravel. Rubber squealed as Angela
hit the brakes inside the garage. Engine rumbling, she put the truck into reverse and backed the SUV into its designated spot. Forge frowned in confusion. What the hell was going on? Rikar flying in support could only mean one thing—the warrior had been on board with his mate leaving the lair . . . at night. At fucking night. The shift in procedure signaled trouble. What kind and for how long? Forge curled his hands into fists. Shite. Excellent question. One in need of answering, and fast. Particularly with Gage’s and Mac’s gazes locked on him, as though waiting for a reaction. His instincts screamed in warning. Something was up. Something was off. Something nasty with his name written all over it. Muscles locked, Forge met Mac’s gaze, glanced at Gage, then turned his attention to the driveway. Bastian landed next to Rikar, midnight-blue scales in stark contrast to the Nightfury’s first in command. Rikar shifted into human form. B followed, rolling his shoulders, adjusting his leather trench coat, stomping his feet into his boots as Haider, Sloan, and Venom touched down behind him. Bringing up the rear, Wick dropped out of the sky. Black amber-tipped scales rattled in the wind rush. His huge paws slammed into the ground. A brutal cacophony of sound echoed, rumbling through the garage. Tools jumped on the workbench, steel clanging against steel, as Forge sidestepped Gage and headed for his apprentice. Popping the door open, Mac slid out of the Denali. The truck door slammed behind him. A shimmer in his ocean-blue eyes, he hammered Forge with a be-reasonable look. “You’re going to listen to me before you lose it.” The statement of fact rubbed Forge the wrong way. His eyes narrowed. “You think?” A muscle ticked along Mac’s jaw. “I know.”
 “What the fuck did you do?” he asked, soft tone full of all kinds of lethal. “I brought you what you need.” Unease slithered down his spine. Glancing at his partner, Mac tipped his chin. Already out of the truck, Angela gripped the rear handle. The back door of the SUV opened. A dark blindfold covering her eyes, a female stepped out and— Forge lost his ability to breathe for a moment. “Bloody hell.” “I’m sorry,” Mac said, switching to mind-speak. Hands raised, palms up and out to the side, Mac approached on silent feet. “I didn’t know she was high energy until I got there. It’s not ideal, but she’s the best at what she does. You need her and . . .” Mac kept talking. The words didn’t register. Forge couldn’t hear a thing. His ability to focus on anything other than the female vanished. Nothing penetrated the thick fog of attraction. Fuck. Even with the blindfold covering half her face, she was beautiful. Red-gold hair tied in a ponytail. Gorgeous mouth made for kissing. Pearl-white skin with the faintest smattering of freckles. Brilliant aura glowing like a supernova. Lust clawed through his veins, hardening him so fast it was painful. His dragon half snarled. The sound echoed inside his head. The noisy rush made his heart throb. One beat pounded into another. His mouth went dry. His skin grew more sensitive, sending a clear message: get closer. Speed would close the distance. A few strides. A quick touch. A faster taste—his mouth on hers—and he’d know. Would draw on her power, assuage ravenous need, learn what raw energy felt like against his skin and how well she would feed him. Footsteps sounded behind him. A chuckle drifted over his shoulder.
 “Well, now. I wasn’t expecting that,” Gage said, laughter in his voice. “Things just got a whole lot more interesting.” Forge snarled at the bastard. Idiot male. Gage needed a serious attitude adjustment. One helped along by Forge’s fist slamming into his face. He needed to pound on someone. Right now. Mac was his first choice—the meddlesome arsehole—but Gage would do, ’cause sure as shite, interesting didn’t begin to describe the situation. Dangerous seemed a better word. A safer bet too considering his reaction to the female now shoving the blindfold off her head. Big green eyes blinked in the bright light. Her ponytail swung as she pivoted, small booted feet rasping against the floor, and met his gaze. Her soft inhalation of surprise battered him. Forge’s stomach clenched. Bloody hell. Trouble—he was in serious fucking trouble. In uncharted territory with a female he shouldn’t get anywhere near. Mac’s fault. Forge stifled a growl. All Mac’s fault. Which left him with two options. Scare the hell out of the female by letting lust out of its cage. Or beat the shite out of the male responsible for bringing her into his sphere.
Forge was going to kill him. Mac knew it. He’d resigned himself to the inevitable on the ride home. The entire reason he hadn’t argued when Angela insisted on driving. A good thing too. His mind hadn’t been on the road. It had been at Black Diamond, on his best friend. After getting a look at Hope—and seeing her through Dragonkind eyes—he’d known what kind of shit storm he planned to bring into the lair. Another highenergy female on the hook, about to walk into Nightfury central and upset the balance of the entire pack. But then, hindsight was twenty-twenty. Knowing then what he did now, he might’ve altered the plan. Waited a day for his friend to recover. Brought Forge along for the ride. Had him knock on her front door. Or at the very least, told him what he intended and how Hope figured into the scheme, but well . . . shit. No way he could’ve predicted she’d be high energy. Or guessed how Forge would react to her. With inferno-like heat that bled into the air around him, scorching everything it touched. Proof positive on the rising danger scale? The way Gage inched away, foot by cautious foot, shielding Osgard, shoving the youngling behind him as he retreated toward the workbench.
 “Here if you need me,” Gage murmured, his attention jumping from Forge to him. Serious bronze eyes collided with his. “Careful, Irish.” Mac nodded, taking the warning to heart as he skirted the Denali’s front bumper and walked toward his best friend. Slow and steady. No sudden movements. His approach needed to be perfect. Like a zookeeper nearing a wild animal with bared teeth, otherwise . . . Hell. Shit storm was a polite way of putting it. Forge was more than on edge. The male was set to go off. Ka-boom. Ker-slam. Serious injury dialed up to DEFCON 5. Jesus. Mac could actually feel the violence shimmering around him. Like a living, breathing thing . . . expanding by the second as he held his mentor’s gaze. Surprise whispered through him. He’d never seen Forge so amped up. Or upset. Until now, the male had been the poster boy for calm, cool, and collected. Mac clenched his teeth. Motherfuck. He should’ve expected Forge to balk and fight back. No one enjoyed being ambushed. Especially a male as strong minded as his friend. Sudden changes outside of battle never felt safe to a Dragonkind male. Status quo equaled stable, a pleasing kind of predictable. No surprises. No need to go on the alert or move to the offensive. And as he watched Forge shift, widening his stance, fisting his hands, preparing to kick his ass, Mac understood the reaction. And acknowledged his mistake. “I fucked up,” he said, tone quiet, but contrite. Eyes glued to Forge’s face, he moved left, using his body to shield Angela and Hope. An excellent strategy. A necessary one given Forge’s primal reaction. One false move. Less than an instant and goodbye secrecy. Hello to a warrior in dragon form and a shitload of screaming from Hope. “I should’ve warned you, buddy, but you still need to hear me out.” Forge bared his teeth.

Mac took another step sideways, blocking his friend’s view of Hope. “Ange?” “Yeah?” “Probably best if you get Hope into the house now.” “Gotcha.” Boot soles scraped against the concrete floor. “Let’s go.” “Wait,” Hope said, a little out of breath. A pause. The sounds of a scuffle behind him. “Hang on a sec. Is he the one I’m supposed to be—let go, Ange. Let me—” “Later,” Angela said, a hard note in her voice. “But—” “Argue if you want, but move it, sister.” A huffy sound. “Fine.” “Use the front door, angel,” Rikar said, moving into view with Bastian at his back, ensuring the females’ safe retreat out of the garage into the driveway.

Publication Year: Aug 28, 2017

Publication Year: September 25, 2017

Coreene Callahan is the bestselling author of the Dragonfury 
Novels and Circle of Seven Series, in which she combines 
her love of romance and adventure with her passion for 
history. After graduating with honors in psychology and taking
 a detour to work in interior design, Coreene finally returned 
to her first love: writing. Her debut novel, Fury of Fire was 
a finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf
 Contest in two categories: Best First Book and Best 
Paranormal. She lives in Canada with her family, a spirited 
Great Pyrenees mix, and her wild imaginary world.

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