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•٠•● ((d[-_-]b)) ●•٠• Review For Modelones UV LED Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit •٠•● ((d[-_-]b)) ●•٠•


Volume: Six 7 ml bottle of Gel Nail Polish
1 No wipe top coat & 1 base coat 10ml

lasting for above 14days

and low smell

our base coat and top coat,allows the gel polish to
 keep a gloss surface
and long time lasting.


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Sold by Lucasi Beauty 
and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.


1x Nail Lamp

1x User Manual

1x USB Line

Tips: The power adapter does not include in accessory list.

Package Contents:

Nail Polish x 6 Color name:8053(ivory) 8051(khaki)
8055(green) 8035(grey) 8036(granny grey)
Coat x 1

Top Coat x 1

6W LED lamp x 1

Cuticle Pusher Double-sides x 1

Sanding File x 1

Nail Clippers x 1

Nail Separators x 2

Cuticle Fork x 1

Nail Brush x 1

Cuticle Oil x 1

Cutting pliers x 1

Nail Stickers x 1

Nail Remover x 50

Buffer Block x 1

Professional usage:

Step 1.

Clean nails then trim nail surface. (Important)

Step 2.

Fully shake up the polish bottle.

Step 3.

Apply base coat first, cure with UV(1 minutes)/LED nail dryer 
lamp(30 seconds). Help for the long lasting.??

Step 4.

Apply gel polish directly, cure with UV
(2-3 minutes)/LED nail dryer
lamp(60 seconds); Repeat again after dry. 
(Normally 2-3 apply is better)

Step 5.

Apply top coat, cure with UV
(2-3 minutes)/LED nail dryer lamp
(60seconds). Help for the high glossy.

Step 6.

Remove the tacky surface with cotton soaked with cleanser. 
(If the baseand top coat is non-wipe style, ignore this step.)

I received this in the mail and had to open and use 
immediately. I purchased it off of As you can 
see it comes in a cute little carry case. It says incognito on 
the case. It's made of a durable plastic with a nice 
zipper closure.

This product comes from Modelones. This is there UV gel 
 kit. Now that I have it open I'll show you everything that is in 
it. As you can see everything inside is wrapped quite well.
 To  keep the items from being broken during shipping the


is wrapped together in 3 separate bubble wrap bags. and
 the bottles are plastic so even if you drop them they won’t break.

It comes with six 7 ml bottle of Gel Nail Polish. it also 
comes with one no wipe top coat and one base coat both are
 10 milliliters. Mini UV LED nail lamp is fold-able so that it fits
  compact in this little carrying case. This would

be perfect for  if you're going out of town and you want to 
make sure you  take something with you too have just in 
case you need to do your nails while you're out of town. And 
it even comes with  removal pads already permeated with 

Gel remover. 

So you  have all you need to do your manicure a buffing file a
 file a  cuticle pusher cuticle oil everything you need to do 
your nails on the go. All-in-one compact little kit. I really like 
the looks  of it. Now I'm going to take off my current gel 
manicure using  this product and see how things go. 
The remover did not  work as quickly as acetone and had to 
use two to get off all  the gel. But it smelled pleasant. 
Unlike Acetone.

Uv lamp

Wow this is so cute it comes with a long cord and the folder 
LED lamp it does not come with a power adapter but it will fit 
 any USB power adapter port such as what you would plug 
 your cell phone into. And wow look my favorite color is pink.
  It has fold up flat for storage. So you can stand it up or 
leave  it folded and holding your hand. And use it both ways.


The six colors are 8012(light pink) 8051(khaki) 8054(pink) 
8055(green) 8035(grey) 8036(granny grey). As they did not
  come with color on top of the lid. I decided to paint and cure
  the Polish on top of each lid with a topcoat. That way I could
  see what color is in each bottle. And so I could also show 
 you all the colors that came with it. I'm going to paint all my 
nails with 8012(light pink). Take a picture of that. Then
I'm going to do some nail art on top. And show you a picture
 of that. I hope you like the design they make and I hope you 
enjoy this product as much as I have. I cannot wait to buy 
more of the Modelones products.

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