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Hansel by Ella James
(Hansel #1)
Publication date: October 22nd 2014
Genres: Adult, Erotica, 

~*~*~My Review~*~*~

Well Ella James has done it again. She has a way with the written word.
And her little Twisted fairytales, are extremely provocative. This story
has a darkside, but without it the story would not make sense. While are
two leads were yong when they met, they seem to have fallen in love.
 But when things change and they escape the hell they were in. They are
separated, and it seems still looking for each other. But now that 10 years 
have pased. When they do find one another, will they recognize each other. 
One can only hope they do, as love like that is just ment to be.
Now as you know Ella every story has a cliffhanger, and this one is no 
exception. Now keep that in mind, because unlike most authors who make you
Wait a long time between books Ella dose not. So you won't have to wait long 
for book two. There is even a preoder link in the back of the book.
So happy reading I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

My name is Gretel. I’m the dish-washer. The kitchen girl. I’m not
 one of Mother’s pets. I’m just a storybook girl no one sees. Until
 that night. When I find him again, and all my dreams come to life.
He’s mine—the one called Hansel. I’ve come here to claim him.

I’m Hansel, a crazy woman’s toy. It’s taken years, but I’ve finally 
forgotten everything outside my life here in The House. I live for 
sex and nothing more. Until I see her. Gretel.
I remember her. I need her. She is mine.

~*~*~AUTHOR’S NOTE~*~*~

This story is not panty-melting. Your panties 
won’t have time to melt, because they will fuc*ing evaporate. Poof!
 But let me level with you: It is crazy. It is dark. You have to trust 
me. You will find both Gretel and Hansel to be completely fuc- 
lovable. You have my word.

P.S. It’s not fantasy. It’s contemporary erotica.
P.S.S. No one in this fairy tale is related.


I should have called this shit off a long damn time ago.

When I arrived in Vegas seven years ago, I didn’t know any 
better than what I was. Than what I did. I needed things I haven’t 
needed in a fucking long time now. Dominating women…it was the air in my lungs.

Now it’s goddamned boring.

I’ve cut back—way back; maybe two or three times a year, like tonight, when we have
 investors in the house, and my submissives are Luna Trois and French Kitten, a famous 
porn star and a celebutant bitch who, combined with me, draw a pretty decent crowd.

But this shit is all for show. We don’t do real-time domination at The Forest. Not when 
my submissives are so notable, and there’s a crowd ten bodies thick behind the Plexiglas
 wall. Luna and Frenchy had to sign off on the cat I’m palming. On the thick plugs in their 
puckered holes. On the tight cuffs around their wrists, and the spreaders I’ll use when both 
their asses are good and welted.

They were happy to agree to the nipple clamps I like to use: the metal ones that can 
do real damage if left on too long—though, of course, they won’t be.

Neither woman objected to the dual blow job they’ll give me after I spread them wide 
and use my fist on them, where Luna will deep-throat me and Frenchy will tea-bag my 
balls. Luna is thrilled that, after she stuffs her throat full of my cock, she’ll spread her legs for Luna’s tongue while Luna lets me fuck her from behind. I’ve got a nine-inch cock, and 
she told me before the show, she’s shallow, but Luna likes the pain. They all do.

I can’t lie: I like to give it.

I made my name dominating sick showgirls.

A lot of it is my body and my face, my pretty cock and the absurd length of time that I 
can wield it. But it’s the showmanship, too.

The rough, whispered words the mics can always pick up on.

The heavy-handed spanking—also okay’d by them, although it looks and sounds spontaneous.

The way I give it to them, invading mouth, pussy, and ass, often in quick succession.

People like to think of me as some sort of grand fucking conquestor.



In the six months after I left Colorado and hitchhiked my way to Vegas, where my 
miserable life began, I made such a name for myself as “Edgar,” my shows at Vixxx 
would sometimes draw a bigger crowd than the Saturday night fights at the Mirage.

With a pedigree like mine, it wasn’t difficult to sweet-talk investors into fronting a club. 
I’m good with money—good at betting, I guess—so they were happy to invest again 
and again, each time lowering my interest rates and increasing the amount of dollars. 
Now that The Forest is what it is, even the most prudish among them are pleased to 
have their names up on the donors’ wall inside my primary location on The Strip.

In the last five years, I’ve opened four locations. Financed one sixth of a casino. 
Built five apartment buildings, invested in one planned gated community, and bought 
out three luxury car lots.

I’m interviewed regularly by the Nevada Business Times, consulted occasionally
 by Hollywood, still sporadically beset by huge financial offers from porn studios, 
discreetly phoned by Wall Street deviants interested in “the lifestyle.”

They all know me as Edgar.

Not my birth name, Lucas Lenore, nor any other name I’ve had.

I’ve made a new life. Become almost famous for my stamina and temper, for 
my keen eye for submissives and my talent with a crop.

I stay hard all the way through every show, no matter how long. It’s not Viagra. 
Just my lust.

And no one ever guesses my secret.

At what my private submissives’ gag orders keep hidden.

That after every show, there must be blood.


Because I’m not a sadist—not just.

I’m still Hansel. And Hansel is a masochist.


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Ella James is a Colorado author who writes teen and adult romance.
 She is happily married to a man who knows how to wield a red 
pen, and together they are raising a feisty two-year-old who will 
probably grow up believing everyone's parents go to war over the 
placement of a comma.

Ella's books have been listed on numerous Amazon bestseller lists, 
including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 100; two
 were listed among Amazon's 
Top 100 Young Adult Ebooks of 2012.

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