Monday, October 20, 2014

*******Runaway (Camryn Cruise #1) by Brina Courtney*******

Runaway (Camryn
Cruise #1) by Brina Courtney

~*~*~ My Review~*~*~

Brina Courtney sure knows how to write a phenominal story.
This book may be a quick read, but oh it was so dam good.
If your into zombie stories, you will love this. Now this is 
Not  typically a zombie story but it is very close. The exception
Is there may actually be a cure for it. There is even an origin 
for were the disease comes from, and a name for it. 
There is one mor twist to this story our heroin my not even 
be human. This is one frightening read, so I recommend not reading
it at bed time. Doing so did not make for sweet dreams.
 I'm so ready for book two.can hardly wait till it comes out. 



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  ~*~*~Description ~*~*~

Camryn Cruise is not
human. But she doesn’t know what she is. Not yet.

The world is falling
apart and her only escape is Camp Silverlake where she frequently stayed as a
child. But Camryn’s summers weren’t filled with crafting and swimming, they
were spent learning combat skills and how to protect herself from the outside

Now she must return
to Camp Silverlake to learn the truth, about who she is and she’ll discover the
secret hidden within her blood. A secret that could save them all.


The Cryptid
Chronicles Set!


Brina Courtney is a
young adult author obsessed with chocolate, crime shows, and fantasy movies.
She's spent the last few years as an elementary teacher and a high school
cheering coach. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and
two very loud, small dogs.



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