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***** Review Of Dark Instincts By Suzanne Wright *****


(The Phoenix Pack Series, Book Four) 
Release Date April 7, 2015
  Well this bok was extremely entertaining, funny, hot and sexy and dare i say corny at times. But in a good way. If you have not read the First few books, You have not met one particular sifter, he is not even the main focus of the story but a pain in Marcuses ass. Dominic has these really corny pick up lines and he is always saying them to Roni, who is quick witted and says one just a s fast back to him. Which drive Dominic nuts. But they pickup lines also drive Marcus to the point of rage. Roni has a way if she wants to get someone to leave her alone Roni Just tell people some obscure fact that flabbergasted the person irritating her and they leave. then there is Marcus he wants Roni but not sure why, she's not like his normally conquest. She is dominate, smart, and has a vicious streak when ticked off. That totally turns Marcus on. Now if he can get past her brother alpha of the pack. He may have a chance with Roni.
 I hope you enjoy this book as Much as I did.
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"As Dominic cupped Roni’s elbow and tried to move her arm, she slapped at his hand. Dominic held his hands up. “I’m just trying to see what your T-shirt says. No need to get testy. It’s hard to tell, though. Can I read it in braille?”If Dante and Jaime hadn’t appeared at that moment and pulled Dominic back, Marcus would have knocked him clean out. Roni simply smiled at the pervert. “Your body is like a wonderland, Dominic . . . can I be Alice?”Jaime laughed. “Good one.”Dominic, however, wasn’t so amused. “Stop that!”he whined "

It happens whenever wolf shifter Roni Axton is near Marcus
 Fuller: a crackle of sexual awareness that’s intoxicating...and
 deeply annoying. Marcus is a pack enforcer who oozes 
power, but Roni is lethal in her own right—nothing like the
 flirty females who flock around him. Even still, his 
possessive gaze makes one thing clear. Marcus has singled
 her out for seduction, and he wants to make her sit up and beg.

No matter how aloof and unfazed Roni acts, Marcus can tell 
 she wants him. When a brutal attack by a jackal pack forces
 them to work together, it’s the perfect opportunity for Marcus
 to chip away at her defenses—until he falls into his own trap,
 completely unprepared for the intensity of their connection. 
Roni is the only one who’s ever seen past his shifter charm
 and discovered the man hiding beneath it. And for Marcus,
 claiming Roni once will mean needing her forever.

Opening your eyes to find that you’re upside down can’t be good, can it?

Through the cobwebs clouding her mind, Roni Axton realized
 that it wasn’t just she who was upside down. 
The car had toppled over.

Well that sucked. Clearly the fuck-up fairy had made an appearance.

Strangely, Roni felt no rush of panic, no fear. And despite that 
she was pretty sure her head was bleeding, there was no 
pain. There was only a feeling of weightlessness. Even the
 fact that her wolf was frantic didn’t disturb Roni in this dreamlike moment.

Her brain distantly registered that the car kept leaning 
sideways, as if something was repeatedly pulling at it. But it 
was the various sounds that penetrated her mental fog: low 
moans, a phone ringing, a child crying, and strange voices arguing.

Sensing that the ringtone and the moans were coming from
 her left, Roni turned her head to find a male wolf shifter in 
the driver’s seat, eyes closed. Tao. Huh. Odd that the 
Phoenix Pack’s Head Enforcer was with her. She rarely hung
 out with anyone outside her pack. In truth, 
Roni counted very few people as friends.

Sadly, she was very like her brother, Alpha of their recently 
formed Mercury Pack, in that she found social situations 
uncomfortable. In Nick’s case, it was because he didn’t like 
most people. In Roni’s case, it was because most people 
didn’t like her. Even when she was a kid, she’d found making 
friends difficult, especially at school. It was kind of hard to fit 
in when you were a tomboy with a higher IQ than that of your teachers.

It probably made things worse that she didn’t “get” her own 
gender. But she just didn’t see the appeal behind constantly
 gossiping, shopping endlessly, asking deep personal 
questions, or having different lotions for different body parts.

Roni was more comfortable around guys, particularly her two
 brothers and her Beta male, Derren. Men didn’t care that 
she wasn’t a people pleaser, or that she didn’t know how to 
satisfy social niceties, or that she preferred chocolate to living 

beings of any species. The only female she thought of as a
 friend was her Alpha female, Shaya, who—

A succession of memories suddenly hit Roni hard: Shaya 
singing to a toddler in the backseat, Tao playfully grumbling 
about the noise, the sound of tires screeching, an 
unexpected impact to the side of the vehicle, a blow to her
 head that made everything go black.

Grasping onto those threads of memory, Roni remembered 
how she had escorted Shaya—who was two months 
pregnant—on a daytrip to the zoo with Shaya’s godson, Kye, 
and his bodyguard, Tao. The Alpha female had wanted a 
break from Nick and his extreme overprotectiveness. It was 
during the drive back to Phoenix Pack territory when a car 
had slammed into theirs.

And then she’d gone and passed out like a girl. 
How embarrassing.

Blinking rapidly, she swiveled her head as much as she
 could. She might have winced at the sharp pain that lanced 
through her neck if she hadn’t been distracted by the fact that
 Shaya wasn’t in the backseat beside a still crying Kye. 
That was when Roni noticed the female body sprawled like a 
ragdoll on the grass a few feet away from the vehicle. Fuck.

The dreamy quality of the moment disappeared as reality 
crashed into Roni, and her wolf howled in fear and rage. One 
word dominated Roni’s thoughts: Out. She had to get out.

Forcing a reassuring smile for Kye, who was squirming in his 
safety seat and reaching for her, she crooned, “It’s okay, little 
man. Give me a second and I’ll—”

The car wobbled sideways again. “This crowbar is a piece of 
shit!” griped an unfamiliar voice.

“Hurry up!” ordered an equally unfamiliar voice. “We don’t 
have much time before someone shows up. Coleman and 
Axton will sense through their pack links that something’s 
wrong with their wolves.”

The stranger was right about that: she could sense Nick’s 
rage and anxiety. She could also sense Shaya through the 
pack link; she was alive, but unconscious.

“I can’t open the door, it’s jammed.”

A growl. “Move. I’ll do it.” The car swayed again. That was 
when Roni understood what was happening. Someone was 
yanking at one of the rear door handles, trying desperately to
 get inside . . . trying to get to . . . Kye. Oh the fuck no.

Roni awkwardly fought to unclip her seatbelt. It eventually 
snapped open, and she cried out at the sensation of falling 
onto a bed of glass. She shelved the pain as she righted 
herself and began to slide toward the backseat on her 
stomach. “Tao, wake up! Get to Shaya!” 
All she received was another moan.

“Shit! One of them is awake!” Rather than flee, the strangers 
redoubled their efforts to open the door.

Their efforts paid off.

Just as the top half of Roni’s body wriggled through the gap
 between the seats, the door was yanked open, 
and a tanned arm reached for Kye.

Roni unsheathed her claws and sliced at the limb, 
causing it to flinch away. Her wolf growled her approval. 
“I swear to God, if any part of your body tries to touch him 
again, you won’t get it back intact!”

“You bitch!” Two arms reached inside this time, both sporting 
claws of their own. One set of claws acted as a barricade 
between her and Kye while the other set cut through the belt
 that secured Kye’s safety seat to the car. In a lightning fast
 motion, the arms caught him before he and his seat could crash to the floor.

Roni stabbed her claws through one long, muscled arm, 
past bone, and all the way into the rear seat, pinning the arm 
in place. He howled in pain, hurling obscenities at her. Well,
 she had warned him; he’d chosen to ignore her, so there 
was really no need for that kind of language.

With her free hand, Roni worked Kye’s belt open. His little 
body toppled out of the safety seat and onto her outstretched
 arm. If her wolf could have sighed in relief, she would have. 
Curling her arm around him, Roni pulled him tight against her
 body. Only then did she release the would-be-kidnapper 
from the grip of her claws.

She was feeling a hint of victory when someone grabbed 
a fistful of her hair from behind. Turning her head as much as
 the strong grip would allow, she realized that the second 
male had come at her from the other side of the car. He held
 her in place by her hair while the other shifter frantically 
struggled to drag Kye from her grasp. The toddler was 
wailing and clinging tightly to her, absolutely terrified. When
 two large hands got a firm grip on his little waist, panic bit 
into her. No, no, she wouldn’t let—

Her hair was suddenly released, and a scream mingled with
 a familiar animal growl that meant Shaya had shifted into her
 wolf form. While Roni was relieved that she was conscious 
again, Roni did not want the pregnant female, ruthless or not,
 fighting a male shifter.

“Don’t shift!” the other male yelled. “A car’s coming!”

Footsteps thudded along the ground as the two males 
disappeared from view. Seconds later, there was the sound
 of a car speeding away, and a heavy sense of relief surged 
through Roni.

Hearing Shaya’s wolf pawing at the vehicle, whining, 
Roni assured her, “We’re fine.” But, really, Roni wasn’t fine.
 Her head was now throbbing, her body ached in several 
places, and her vision was starting to blur and darken. If she
 passed out again, she would be seriously unhappy. 
Dominant females did not pass out, dammit.

“Roni, how badly are you guys hurt?” 
Shaya asked, back in her human form.

Roni wanted to answer her Alpha female; wanted to ask
 Shaya how injured she was and reassure her that everything
 would be fine. But Roni’s mouth suddenly felt stuffed with 
cotton, her chest felt tight, and black spots were dancing 
before her eyes. Worse, there was a horrible ringing sound
 that made her head pound even more.

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. 
Her wolf began to panic once more as the ringing became
 deafening and a dark veil fell over Roni’s vision.

Then there was only blackness.

 ~*~*~ Suzanne Wright ~*~*~

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