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*** Review of Wants of an Incubus & Needs of an Incubus Ashley Ehlers ****

Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1) 
by Ashley Ehlers
Publication Date: November 19th, 2014
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Erotic
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This a quick but great read. It is a little twist from the 
ordinary paranormal erotic story. This is a nightmare, and 
all because one person was very selfish. and did not care 
about the consequences. When Annabelle wakes and feels 
like a dream a wonderful one, but she has a glow to her she
 dose not want and I felt so bad for her. Now as this a short 
story and not to spoil it, I will let you go here. Just a word of 
advice get both books at the same time. You will want to see
 how it ends. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. 
If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review.  
The Authors really like it when you do, they value your
 opinions too.
Nineteen year old Annabelle hasn’t seen her boyfriend 
in months, let alone heard his own voice. One night her 
emotions take over and she can’t help but think of him. 
When sleep comes, so does her boyfriend. But it’s only 
a dream, right? 

Deep down, she knows that this one night stand with the 
love of her life is but a dream. However the next morning 
she’s in for a shock.

Those nagging feelings she had while with her dream Henry 
may have been real, telling her that that dream might
actually have been a nightmare after all. A nightmare where 
she may have bonded her soul to a creature that goes bump 
in the night.

With the help of her mother, who’s a witch by the way and in 
more ways than one, her talking cat and her unwanted 
desires towards the nightmare that looks like her Henry, 
Annabelle will have to defeat the demon that has now crept 
into her life. 

***** Readers 18+ for sexual content ****

They all go quiet. I freeze. Lifting my view away from the 
platters of food, I glance over my shoulder slowly as 
a tingling sweeps along the back of my neck. 

They gasp as our eyes meet. I'm taken back from their
 reaction. Squinting my eyes I squeeze my eyebrows 
together in confusion.


One of the ladies turns to my mother. In a hiss she says, 
"I thought you said she was a virgin?"

My eyes fly to my mother. She's glaring deeply, distress
 is in her eyes. Without turning to that lady she says in 
a semi low voice, "She is."

"Obviously she's not," the lady continues.

“Virgin? What’s going on mom?” I ask, my eyes 
bouncing between her and the lady.

The lady is sitting on the edge of her seat, clutching her 
book. The white gloves she’s wearing are straining.

Ignoring me, my eyes jump towards another woman as 
she chimes in, fuming, "You said out of all our children, 
she had the most likelihood of still being one..."

Mom throws up her hand, stopping the woman from 
finishing. Mother shoots up from her spot, moving 
towards me at a speed that blurred her. 

"M-mom," I choke. "W-what's going on?"

Her muddled figure gets in front of me, grabbing a hold 
of my hand. 

"M-mom what are you....ouch! Mother fudge, what was 
that for?" I squeal after she’s just pricked my finger.

On the tip of my right index finger is a small red bubble
of blood. I stare at it, shocked. Pain shoots around the
wound when I touch my thumb to it, causing more 
blood to spill. It flows down my finger before 
I put it into my mouth.She lifts up the thing she pricked 
me with, to eye level. A white pick that looks to be bone.
She examines my blood that’s staining it.

Needs of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #2) 
by Ashley Ehlers
Publication Date: August 14th, 2015
Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance

What a great little book, this the continuation of Annabelle's 
story. Her Henry is back, and what a surprise he has for her. 
But just when she thinks things can't get any worse they do.
 And she is so afraid to tell Henry because he will thinks she
 crazy. But once again he proves to her how much loves him.
 Now just to fix her problem so she can have her happily 
ever after, and ends this nightmare. And finds help in the 
most unlikely of places. Now go get both books as they 
may be short but they are really good reads. I hope you 
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like 
it when you do, they value your opinions too.

Henry is back and Annabelle couldn’t be happier, especially 
since it’s her chance to get away from her witch of a mother.
 But it isn’t long before the nightmares begin again. This time 
it’s more real than the first time, causing her to have 
no choice but to tell Henry everything that’s happened before
 he got there.

Awakening from her latest nightmare she finds yet another 
branding on her forehead. But this time it’s different, it’s 
green. The need to find out more leads them to a mental 
hospital for women where she finds someone that resembles 
closely to her, to her parent’s house where she finds out 
more than she wants to, and to an old woman that might 
actually be able to help them.

However, before she can end this nightmare she gets 
kidnapped by a group of women that only want one thing- 
their sister back. And the only person who can give them 
what they want is her mom- her real mother.

Annabelle’s nightmare isn’t over just yet and with the help of 
her boyfriend maybe, just maybe she’ll be able to finally 
move forward from this.

  ***** Readers 18+ for sexual content ****

“Henry,” reaching out to shake him awake but my hand 
lands on top of the sheets. “Henry!” 
I say, looking around the room.

The face cocks his head, the paper around his eyes 
pinches together. Blood pulsing, the man crawls onto the
 bed. His head wrapped in paper, words etching it, and 
nausea swirls in the pit of my stomach. 

“Not again,” I rasp. Fisting my hands in the sheets, he
 slinks closer. “No.” 

Leaning over me, pressing my back to the bed, he 
breathes in deeply against my neck. The incubus moves
 his hand down my curves, resting it on my hip. Pressing
 down, a pain flares in the area and the remembrance 
of hitting my hip against the counter this morning comes 
forth. A small groan escapes me. 

Trailing my hand to my thigh, I dig my nails in till I break 
skin. Wake up, I think as I squeeze my eyes shut. 
His breath tickles my collarbone, down to my breasts.
 Wake up, I scream as blood trickles from my open wounds. 

~*~*~ Ashley Ehlers ~*~*~

Newly married Ashley Ehlers now resides in San Diego with
her husband who is currently stationed there. There in their
cozy two bedroom apartment she finds the peace she’s
been  looking for. As they settle into the new chapters of their
lives Ashley’s Muses are growing stronger than ever as
inspiration  is around every corner in her latest adventure.


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