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*** Review Of For Bear or For Worse (Pure Blood #1) By Terra Wolf ***

For Bear or For Worse 

 (Pure Blood #1)

By Terra Wolf

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This was a great start to a serial. I love the chemistry between the characters, sometimes that is hard to convey in a book. But Terra Wolf has done a great job with it. She has you pulled in after the first few pages. Cloe has to find a mate, but he dose not want to. She must be a shifter to help continue the alpha line. he can not make up his mind he has been holding out for just the right woman. Then he meets Avery, she is everything he wants strong funny and smart. But he has one heck of a surprise coming. I wonder how he will deal with it. I am so ready for book two, I can hardly wait.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do, they value your opinions too.

Bear shifter Cole Maddox is used to getting everything he 
wants, especially when it comes to women. When members 
of sleuth start to have problems with their shifting abilities, 
the elders start to pressure him to find his mate to solidify his
 alpha line.

But when he meets Avery Rogers his attention shifts to the 
quiet new girl on the block. Only one problem, she's not 
a shifter and he doesn't know it. Yet. 

I approached the table where both girls looked up at me. Zoey smiled while her friend looked at me curiously.
“Well hello there Cole.” Although she smiled I could see that my arrival had surprised Zoey.
She looked pleased however that I had come to see her. Little did she know...
 “Zoey, you are looking great tonight. But you always look good, don't you?”
 “Why, thank you. You look pretty handsome yourself there.”
 “Thank you. Are you ladies having a good time?”
 “Of course, it's a busy night.” She said with a laugh.
 “That's good to hear. Who’s your friend?” I motioned towards the girl next to her.
Zoey arched an eyebrow and rolled her eyes slightly. “Sure Cole. This is Avery, we work together.
Avery, this is Cole, he's a friend of mine.”
Avery nodded and smiled up at me. She had a beautiful smile.
“Oh, it's nice to meet you Cole.”
I moved in close to Avery, ignoring Zoey and gently grasped her chin.
I looked deeply in her eyes and watched them widen in surprise.
“I could not keep my eyes off of you from across the room Avery, it’s nice to meet you.”
She blushed immediately and giggled looking down into her drink.
“Oh wow, thank you. I borrowed the dress from Zoey actually.
It was a last minute decision to come here.” She looked at Zoey and smiled. Zoey didn't smile back.
I could feel the tension rippling off of her. 
 “Oh was it now? Well you look incredible, that color suits you perfectly.”
Avery blushed, obviously surprised and unaccustomed to such attention.
I had to admit that I loved how Avery would blush and giggle from my compliments,
she was so unlike any of the other girls I ran into. Most girls,
especially shifters were ready to mount me on sight, they didn't even need the compliments,
they were all ready to go. This one however she basked in the glow of my compliments
and it made me want to smother her in them. She was indeed very special, where had she come from?
Zoey looked annoyed by our conversation and it made me wonder if she had
considered being my mate as well. It hadn't occurred to me however that
Zoey had plans of her own to be my mate. Was I complicating things by talking to Avery?
 “Hey Cole, why don't you buy us ladies a drink if you're just gonna stand there and offer up compliments.”
She had a glint in her eyes and I knew she wanted me to either back off from the table or at least back off from Avery.
By the look in her eyes, she was practically growling at me. It was actually kind of a turn-on
, her aggressiveness. She wasn't about to scare me away, I was the alpha after all.
“Maybe later Zoey.”
“Come on Cole, this is a ladies night. I was taking my friend out for a good time.”
I was starting to become increasingly frustrated by Zoey and almost silenced her with a growl.
I didn't care about ordering drinks or making mundane conversation with either of them.
All I wanted was to figure out how to get Avery alone and get her legs wrapped around my waist.


~*~*~ Terra Wolf ~*~*~

Terra Wolf is a bestselling paranormal romance author with 
a passion for writing about growly alpha shifters and the 
curvy girls who love them. Her books allow her to explore the 
fun and wild side of her imagination, making this less like
 a job and more like a fantasy come to life. Terra is in her
 mid-20s and lives in the U.S.

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