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*** Review & Giveaway For Sold To The Alpha: Complete Addition By Cara Wylde ***

 Sold To The Alpha:
Complete Addition
Cara Wylde

*****This book contains explicit language and sizzling hot
 scenes that might set your Kindle on fire. Intended for
 readers 18+.******

 This was an amazing set of books. The story for lack 
of a better word is Phenomenal. The Cara has a way with
 dragging you into the story, and keeping you held hostage 
till you finish the book. I got this series as the boxed set,
 I can not imagine if I had to wait for each book, I may have
 very well pulled my hair out waiting to see what happened.
 This series is a new take on how the our world and the
 shifter's have learned to co-exist after a long war. 
It was engaging, funny, sad at some spots,and sexy 
as Hades. I loved Avelyn she is a big girl by choice, 
She drove the boarding house she stayed in crazy. 
She did everything she could not to be bought. 
But that back fired on her. When Max first sees 
her in the garden he can not think of having anyone else. 
And did not care what anyone else thought. Max is one of
 those characters you cannot help but falling for him as he 
falls for Avelyn. And maybe she for him. Later in the series 
(as all good books do) something terible happens, And max 
will move heaven and earth to fix things. Lets just say I loved
 every minute of this book, and can not wait to read Amelia’s
 Story. Now I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. 
If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review.  
The Authors really like it when you do, they value your 
opinions too.

This complete edition contains all 6 books of Sold to the
 Alpha. It’s the full story of sexy, curvaceous Avelyn and 
her hot Alpha, Max Blackmane. No cliffhangers!

Avelyn is a shifter bride, which means she has been raised 

and educated to become the wife of a shape-shifter and 
bear his children. The problem is that she doesn’t want 
to accept this fate. She will do everything in her power 
to gain her freedom, and build a new life far away from 
shape-shifters and what society expects of her.

Alpha werewolf Max Blackmane is in search of a bride. 

When he comes to Alma Venus Boarding School, one 
of the best schools for shifter brides in the world, he is
 determined to buy a young woman who would bring 
him political advantages. 
However, when he sees Avelyn, 
his plans are turned upside down. 
He can’t imagine his life without her.

Avelyn uses every trick to convince Max 

to buy another bride. It doesn’t matter that his perfect body
 and smooth voice make her weak in the knees. She has 
a dream, and her dream does not include a wolf-shifter
 who thinks he can simply own her because the 
peace treaty between humans 
and shape-shifters says so.

The moment she stepped off the rock pavement which surrounded the school building, Avelyn took off her flip-flops and closed her eyes for a few seconds, shoes in hand, her face turned towards the sun, and enjoyed the feeling of slightly wet grass beneath her bare feet. As she was soaking in the warmth, breathing in the cool air and reveling in the soft brush of the morning breeze against her skin, Avelyn had the odd sensation that something was wrong. She stayed like that for a long minute, trying to prolong the feeling of peace and contentment, but the spell was broken. There was something there, in the air, in the shuffling of the tree branches, something that told her the moment didn’t belong to her alone. Her stomach twisted with the realization that she was being watched. Avelyn snapped her eyes open and turned her head to the left side of the school. Her instinct hadn’t failed her because there he was, a tall, handsome man with a strong physique. He was dressed casually, blue jeans and a checkered vest over a white shirt that fit perfectly over his broad chest. He was too far away for Avelyn to see his eyes, but she did notice how the faint wind was playing through his longish black hair. A neatly trimmed beard covered his strong, square jaw. At the sight of him, her heart started beating like the wings of a trapped dove, and when he took a small step towards her, Avelyn took a step back.
She tried to calm her breathing. “What’s wrong with you,” she thought. “There’s nothing to worry about. He’s just a guy exploring the grounds. They do that sometimes.” Except, they didn’t fix her with a penetrating gaze and gave her the impression that she was naked and vulnerable. He kept approaching, and she was soon able to study his posture, the confidence with which he walked, and then the sun reflected in his dark eyes and she saw the spark of green. “A wolf.” She exhaled softly, and her heart beats slowed down to a normal rate. She stood her ground, although she had no idea why she had been ready to bolt as if that could have helped in any way. She even managed to greet him with a smile.
The mysterious man smiled back. “I’m sorry I startled you.”
“Startled me?” Avelyn’s eyebrows rose in fake surprise. “Oh no, sir, you’re mistaken. I thought I heard a squirrel shuffling through the bushes and I wanted to catch a glimpse of it.”
He raised an accusatory finger at her, his other hand in his back pocket. “See now, you’re lying.”
Avelyn’s smile was frozen on her lips because the werewolf was now casually leaning towards her and she could smell his cologne, an arousing mix of musk and sandalwood with a fresh top note that she couldn’t quite identify. Mandarin? Grapefruit? She struggled to keep her mind clear.
“I think I interrupted your exploration of Alma Venus, and for that I apologize.”
With a small, respectful bow of her head, Avelyn turned and resumed walking towards the lounge chair that was waiting for her under an old lime tree. She left him there, standing awkwardly, unable to come up with anything clever to regain her attention. She loved the feeling of power this little game gave her. She made a show of ignoring his presence as she placed her flip-flops at the foot of her chair and then lay down, book in hand and box of sweets carefully balanced on one of her knees.
“You haven’t told me your name,” he raised his voice a notch to cover the distance between them.
“Don’t bother with my name, sir. I’m not the one you’re looking for.”
The harsh comment threw him off guard, and at that moment he had no idea what she meant by it.
“Well then, I guess I’ll have to browse the catalog for your beautiful eyes and unruly hair.”
“You won’t find me.”
Avelyn gave him a mischievous smile and returned to her book. She could feel his eyes on her, studying her profile, traveling down the length of her body. She couldn’t know what he was looking at, but that didn’t stop her from imagining that his gaze was first fixed on her lips (she bit them lightly), and then moved on to her neck, shoulders, and her hard nipples which were poking the thin dress covering them. She felt a strange tingling in her toes, and the sudden urge to raise her eyes back to his handsome face took her by surprise. Some moments before she had felt like a deer caught in the headlights, and she wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was that feeling that he had invaded her personal space by observing her while she was enjoying a moment of solitude. She cursed herself for not paying attention to her surroundings.
Despite her desire to look at him again, she held her impulse under control and turned a page in her book. After he had left, she would have to turn the page back and actually read it, but right now she had no intention of letting him know that she might be interested. Of all the shifters she could have ever felt attracted to, it had to be a wolf. These wild, powerful creatures were the faction that had the strongest desire to conquer and control. Avelyn would have never accepted to let herself dominated by such a brute, no matter how charming and harmless he seemed at first glance. She knew behind that display of grace and good manners, there was a well-hidden craving to break and control the weak and the helpless. The moment she had first seen him staring at her from across the yard, Avelyn had remembered Miss Potts’ words and she had been frightened that, indeed, these three months might still be enough to take her freedom away. Then, she saw his eyes and realized he was a werewolf. The chances that he would want her for an interview were close to none. For a second, that made her sad. Yes, she would do her best to blow the interview, but at least she would get to see him again from up close without betraying her unorthodox thoughts. “Damn me for having a soft spot for hot dark-haired men with sexy beards.”
“I guess we’ll live and see,” said the mysterious man.
Avelyn almost laughed at the controlling manner in which he spoke the words. Yes, the attitude certainly matched his looks.
“Sure,” she whispered to herself. “Live and see.”
When she was sure he had turned around to leave, Avelyn dared to raise her nose from the pages of her book and feast her eyes on the guy’s back and nicely-shaped ass. She bit the inside of her lips and sighed. “Too bad he is what he is.” When he disappeared from her view, she turned the pages back in “The Shadow of the Wind” and resumed reading.

The Hidden Alpha – A 3-part sequel to Sold to the Alpha, Amelia’s Story

Bearly Cursed: Bear-Shifter Romance (Fairy Tales with a Shift) –

Aimée and the Bear: BBW Bear-Shifter Romance (Fairy Tales with a Shift) -

~*~*~ Cara Wylde ~*~*~

Cara Wylde is a new paranormal romance author. Her
 characters are strong, feisty women and hot Alpha males.
 When she’s not writing, Cara is reading, planning her next 
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