Tuesday, September 1, 2015

*** An update On Kimmie Sue and her Blog ***

~*~*~ A Note from Kimmie Sue's Friend ~*~*~

Kim is not going to be available for awhile.  She has some 
medical Issues she has to take care of. She has left 

her blog in my Hands while she gets better.
I hope I do justice to her blog. She has written her reviews for
 books she has read, and I will post them for her as best I can.

Kim has not felt well for sometime. 
And lets all keep her in our thoughts.

Here is what she told me today to pass along. So here is the note she e-mailed to me to pass on.

~*~*~ A Note from Kimmie Sue ~*~*~

Hi everyone, first thanks to all mu followers. I want to stress 
that I am going to be okay, but it is going to take some time.
I saw the doctor the first time last month. he put me on 
medication and sent me on my way come back if you don't 
feel better. Well guess what I did not get better. so back to 
doc. He ran some test, and used a scope to look in my 
sinuses. (I wont say much about that but it was awful). He did 
not like what he saw so sent me to get a cat scan. And today 
I got the results, I have acute sinusitis, and an fluid in the 
fluid in the mastoid air cells. (in case you don't know that is 
the tubes conecting to the ears) and now I have to go on 
even more meds and if this dose not work I may have to 
have surgery. I am not looking forward to it. I have my friend 
Elissa taking care of my blog. I have read a lot of books and 
provided the reviews in a PDF so she can post them 
accordingly. So If i miss a post let me know by e-mail or 
leave a message at my Facebook page. Links are below. 
All I ask is give Elissa some slack she is new to blogging, 
but graciously volunteered to help. I will try to send update 
to everyone. If i have signed up to review books just know 
I will be reading as much as I can. As i wont have much else 
to do over the next month or so.

Sincerely Yours
Kimmie Sue

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  1. Hope you get well REALLY soon Kim!! Lots of prayers coming your way!